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I trying to come up with a list of poles that can be used as plot devices for a future campaign.
I think in the lines of:
Good vs. Evil
Law vs Chaos
But also poles that aren't exactly opposites such as:
Fire vs Earth vs Water vs air
The seven deadly sins

Now these seem a bit cliché, so du you have any other?

Human and male, other than that no


I'm looking for not one, but two portraits for my cleric.
He will be progressing from good to evil over the turn of a campaign and I need a picture for both his time as good and evil.

The more the two portraits are alike the better. Think jedi to sith changes. Any ideas?

Hello there,

My group just finished book two, but after having free the professor, one of the players decided to push him to his death because of the blasphemous acts he had committed. At the same time they have decided that the judge is "up to something" and "too good to be true".

Now they know that the cultist have headed into Shudderwood, but they do not feel like they have the incentive to follow them. Yes, the cult is evil, but so is many others; the Shudderwood is dangerous and in terms of treasure, there are easier pickings.

Please help me come of with some hooks that might get them there.

The party consists of:
A dwarven monk with a buddhist Live-is-suffering syndrom who is a father figure to the others.
A war veteran cleric who has left the army to escape his pat.
A bard fighter who is becoming increasingly paranoid
A ex-sailor abjurer who is taking it all very lightly


Some interesting ideas.
I don't think my pcs can handle a colony of doppelgangers and elementals don't really strike me as horrific. Balor may be too much of a cliché. I should have included that the mine/halls are without any sign of the dwarves.

As part of my horror campaign I have a side quest in an abandoned mine/hall of a dwarven clan. I know that all the dwarves suddenly disappeared, but i haven't decide what caused this.
What do you think would be the scariest reason for 250 dwarves suddenly disappearing?

Interesting, but i think the 1d3 negative levels seems a bit to good for just 1 constitution, i mean you can one shot a lot of enemies at the price of a lesser restoration.

What effect is worth taking 1 con damage to get?

Heya, I'm designing two items, each with a drawback. I have decided the drawback of one of them, but not the bonus, it should be worth the drawback. The other one only has fluff.

Item 1
A child's teacup, stained with blood
Effect: ??
Drawback: to use the cup you must draw your own blood dealing 1 con damage.

Item 2
A set of silverware used a kings last meal.
Effect: ?
Drawback: ?

Please give me some ideas.

Heya, I am running a campaign where the pcs recently looted a great sword with a surprise. Everytime the sword was used and the wielder rolled a natural 1 the sword would cast a fireball (cl5) on the wielder. This was not revealed until it happened.

I'm looking for similar items that trigger a special effect when certain conditions are met. These can be positive, negative or both/neither.

Any ideas both for conditions and effects?

Hello my brain trust,

My players are venturing into an old temple to a god of madness. Now after poking around a bit, one of them will meet a shade of the god himself. He will offer them to convert to him and grant a boon. And this is where i draw blank...

I want the boon to be madness themed, be a substantial advantage, but have an equally substantial drawback.

Any concrete or abstract ideas are more than welcome.

d to the o to the t

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The Bane of Sorrow is not an item.

The Bane of Sorrow is death. The fey are destined to search in vain for it, but when they find it, their quest ends. Stories among fey speak of the Bane of Sorrow as being just out of reach, and yet always slipping between their fingers.

The ageless fey hunt for this close encounter with death because it gives them a thrill to test the bounds of their immortality. Some of them know that the Bane is just a metaphors, but others hunt it as if it was the holy grail.


43. One or several of the pcs' horses suddenly turn carnivorous, refusing to eat anything but raw meat.

32. Spiders (or some other innocuous vermin) are attracted to a particular PC; they act like overfond pets who nestle into his clothing, attempt to share his bed, bring him tiny gifts of food (web-wrapped living flies), and the like.

Heroes of horror

29. As you brush your hand through your hair, a large turf of hair effortless pulls free from your head. Soon more follows and you feel the strains of hair slipping through the sponge like flesh of you scalp.


Btw, if you use events from other media (games, movies, books), please make a reference. Nothing ruins horror like a player being too familiar with the events.

15. Your throats are parched after a long fight, but as you put your water skin to your lips, the sweet coppery taste of blood fills your mouths.

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In the celebration of the new Horror Adventures, this thread seems appropriate since a lot of us will likely soon be running full scale horror themed adventures.

For those you are not familiar with this kinda of thread, it works as follows. Together we compile a list of random events that are somehow horrific. In general it is not the idea that the events necessarily has any real impact, but they are used as a way to intensify the atmosphere of horror. At some point Mark Hoover shows up and takes the thread to a new level, and if we are really good, Broken Zenith immortalizes our work.

If you are still in doubt check out 150 Campsite Events

I'll kick off

1. Beyond the light of your campfire a white mist creeps along the forest floor muffling the sounds of night. From time to time long wispy tendrils stretches towards you camp, only to retract from the fire. You still have a few logs left, but this is the first watch.

2. Looking to the mirror your reflection suddenly flashes a ugly leer. It raises a piece of glass to its throat and slashes a long red gash. Reflexively you reach for your throat, but finds no pierced skin. The blood running down your shirt, however, is very real.

Sorry for referring to my own post (Disappointed for no one else doing it), but check out this thread from a few years back. It was design for this purpose specifically.

Campsite events

Hi there lads and lasses,

For my next session, I need to give a big inspirational speech before a large battle. Our town is surrounded by enemies (Orcs, giants and dragons), and the city i brimming with war refugees.

My character is a young commander who hopefully can rally the troops for one last stand.

I thought you might help me with the speech. I've already read a ton of speeches (churchill etc.), but if you have any themes or phrases that can help me please share them.
Thanks in advance

Appreciate the links, and i get the point about the delivery being more important than the choice of words, however it is words I lack and not the timing :)

I would like to see both medieval words and simply combinations of words that might inspire me. Etc. "You troll loving son of a hill giant"
Thanks again

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In the next campaign I'm to play a grizzled ranger down on his luck and for that I intend to be swearing a lot. However in real life I never really found the need for profanities which makes this role extra challenging. Therefore I ask you to supply me with best/worst in game swear words and curses. My goal is to bring a list to the table so please keep them coming. The setting isn't complete fixed yet so try to avoid the deity specifics unless they are easily changed to other gods as well.

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I feel your loss brother, the same happened to me a year ago.

This is what I did: I broke my world

The fact is that i like you wouldn't have been able to recreate the world as it had been simply because it was to complex. Some of it was created through long nights of thinking while other parts were played out together with my players.

When it happened my players were on an adventure to stop a minor BBEG whom had committed some minor crime of stealing an artifact from a museum. I Changed the story and decided that this seemingly powerless artifact actually held the power to break the world. This was unknown to both the Pcs and the BBEG. I designed the combat to focus around using the artifact, but no matter who held it in the end, it would unleash its power destroying the world.

Breaking of worlds are need tools - See warcraft cataclysm, dragon lance cataclysm, wheel of time the breaking, forgotten realms times of trouble and spell plague etc.
It allows you to rethink everything. Nothing needs to be as it was. City might have been destroyed or sacked by someone seizing the moment. Seas have dried out and mountains have crumbled. In short it allows you to recreate your world from what you and you players remembers.

If you players remember Sandpoint their nice a quite city, have it change. Maybe it was swallowed by the sea, maybe it was conquered by a local warlord who rose when the nearby capitals city guard was killed in an earthquake.

By now I hope you get the idea. Get a general idea of what might have happened, but don't try to write it all down. Instead focus on the things that has taken up a lot of your games and the things that you PCs pays interest.

A last suggestion is to make you breaking a comment on your loss. I lost my notes in a flood and decided to flood my world, if yours etc were impounded by the government have your ingame government be the course of the breaking.

Sorry for a very long post

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I'm currently designing a home brew capital, but I'm drawing blanks on ideas for city districts. Basically I'm looking for inspiration to what might distinguish such districts. I'll need a lot, so don't hold back ;-)
I'm thinking something alike:

The slums: the poorest district that the city guard has abandoned and where law and order is governed by the gangs. A good place to keep a low profile, but also the place to have your throat cut for a couple of coppers.

Help me out;-)


I'm running a evil campaign inspired by way of the wicked and will soon arrive at the point where the Pcs will spend several months in their own dungeon.

I want to exploit the reversed view on being in a dungeon. I already have hero wannabes trying to loot the dungeon, betrayal, a bulette trashing the place and goblins coursing havoc.

I would however love to hear your take on the problems that might rise for a bad guy stuck in a dungeon.

Thank you very much

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Hi there,

Im about to starter WotW and haven't seen any threads like this one. Basically what i seek is the things that you changed to make AP work better as well as thing you in retrospect should have changed.

Thanks for your input

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Hi all,

I'm creating a setting of which large parts will take part amongst the Nobility of the world. My world is fairly undefined, but in my experience few settings focus on what I'm looking for and therefore i found it appropriate to gather ideas here, much in the manner of threads such as "150 campsite events" etc.

What I specifically am looking for is what makes nobles appear noble in a fantasy setting and this comes in two parts.

Customs and Tradition and Character-bound expressions of nobility

The following may serve as examples.

1. Amongst the nobility it is common practice that young gentlemen who wishes to court a young lady must steal the first kiss while the lady is asleep. This leads to several window climbing accidents, but also to the practice of fathers leaving ladders outside windows of especially homebound ladies.

2. Lord Penendra comes from a colder climate and has had hard a time with the many layered noble outfits and hot ballrooms. He is quick to change into his birthday suit as soon as he is without other nobles, not finding any embarrassment in letting the commoners see him - as he says, they bathe him every week anyways.

If you have any ideas like these please share them for all to use. If you used any published material please add the source

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Hi again, wow that was a lot of replies to read through, thank you all, i really appreciate it.
I shall try and reply to the questions raised.

- Those saying "don't post, just talk to gm". As stated i just wanted to have a second or 47th opinion on the topic before i started whining.

-I completely agree with the idea that enemies evolve and therefore doesn't complain about every foe having improved iron will. However, i also agree with Mathew Downie's comment

"Then our course of action is clear! We must all turn into a homebrew race who are immune to enchantment spells!"

-As some of you seem to have missed, I knew very well that playing a one-trick-pony would leave me useless in many combats, and therefore i took precautions towards this. When fighting the "normal" immune to mind affection i use scrolls such as halt undead and holy water and bolts of bane undead/constucts etc.

-Being a pure enchanter means very few defensive spells and therefore i use quite a lot of time lying on the ground.

-I know exactly how to make a min/max character, and how to make a character that can handle every situation. I deliberately did not want that. I have been extremely resourceful in golem/undead combats and that has not been a problem.

-I am not by any means the most dominating member in our group. I have my good days but other members shine far more. Usually i crowd control small portions of the battlefield while the rest of the gang kills other parts.

-This homebrew race was designed ability-wise only recently with the sole purpose of negating my character. The reason why i think there will be more is that a portal to their world was just opened and closing it is the main objective.

-A last note: We already have a house rule stating that any boss can reroll any condition on his turn instead of acting which greatly nerfs my spells against bosses.

I will talk to him next time


If the title of this thread annoyed you due to its abundance on this forum, feel free to leave the thread head shaking and cursing ;-)

If you want to help me i could use a second opinion on a topic

I have an issue with my GM. I'm playing an enchanter in his homebrew campaign and have deliberately chosen nothing, but Enchantment spells. I discussed this with him before we started and agreed that it would be entertaining to do something other than stereotype Sorcerer.

This has obviously led to the fact that i'm less effective against certain encounters: undeads, constructs, elementals and outsiders with SR.

All that was foreseen and i have done my best to make up for that with scrolls, bane arrows and spell penetration.

Recently however, and this is where the fuzz begins, he has introduced a new foe. A homebrew outsider type who, you guessed it, is also immune to mindeffecting spells. This basically means that in spite of the preparations i have made i stand completely useless in combat. I guess what i'm wondering is why he has this need to completely exclude me from combat. (As a bonus: these outsiders seems to be the main evil of the game)

I can understand high will saves and monsters who generically is immune to my spells, but making up yet another to twart me just seems out of line to me. Im not the most powerfull character in the game by far.

I can talk to this guy, so its not that kind of advice i'm looking for. Instead i would like to hear your take on the situation.

Do you think its out of line or should i just soak it up?

Alright, this is a slightly weird subject, but here goes.

I'm making a bard who, from time to time, will speak out lyrics from popular songs. The idea is that he will do it midconversation in a meaningful way. This way it will take some time before the other Pcs and the game master notices that he is quoting. Let me exemplify:

Fighter: "I'm tired of being ambushed and imprisoned (by bbegs minions)"

Bard: "No matter what they call us, however they attack and no matter where they take us
we'll find our own way back

(In heroic voice)
I can not deny what I believe!
I can not be what I'm not!

(Last part i sang)
I know our love's forever
I know no matter what

Im sure you get the point, but what i need from you is more songs that would be ideal for speaking out without getting caught right away. Any suggestions?

Its not exactly what you are looking for, but probably the closest you will get

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/gamemastering/combat/space-reach-threatened-area-te mplates



I have long been wanting to make a fight with something truly huge (actually a lot bigger than huge). Playing on grid however doesn't really support the bigger categories of monsters. I therefore thought of making an event inspired by the game Shadow of the Colossus, though i have actually never played it.

As i understand it, combat basically happens in several stages. You must first climb to the colossus back then onto an arm and fight that off before continuing on. Eventually you will take the colossus down step by step. As mentioned i haven't played the game but i like the concept.

Mig "colossus" will be a dragon, and i would like to hear your ideas as to how i can make this encounter work.???

I once ran an entire city of undeads though slightly different than what you are seeking, you may however be inspired. This might work if the undead city is supposed to have existed or a while.

The city was created by a lich, redeemed by the adventuring group. He in turn attracted other undeads who sought redemption. This among others included a vampire and some ghouls as well as a few raised zombies.

Basically the first issues of the town wasn't what it would be in a normal town. The inhabitant didn't eat and time wasn't an issue since they had the eight hours the rest of the population used for sleeping.

The main problem however was the general population in the country as well as adventurers and clergy who didn't like having an undead mayor as neighbours.

Thus the lich came up with a plan to ensure their PR profile. It came in several parts:

-All the intelligent inhabitants became crafting items, since time were not an issues, their speed gained them some renown. Especially in the higher social layers where speed was valued. The basically undermined the market price to ensure business but without completely ruining competition. They really had no need for money since they didn't eat but didn't want to attract the ire of the commoners.

-The mindless started doing hard labour. Working in quarries, pulling cart instead of horses etc. They didn't need to sleep and fatigue wasn't a problem.

-The capable handled dangerous assignments such as cleaning sewers, treating disease in quarantine areas and gathering flotsam and jetsam.

Most of this they did for free,either via mindless zombies or simply to fill there sleepless existence. There was however one toll. The lich was pay in the corpses of the unknown, dead orphans, homeless or people who couldn't pay for a funeral. Thus they never lacked minions or feed for ghouls. Before long this nation relied almost solely on undead power

When the adventurers visited they were astonished by how accepted undead were and surprised to find undeads caring for each other. I think i had a ghoul in the process of sewing a body part back on a friend, whilst joking, when they arrived.

Any way, i know its a bit off from what you want, but someone might want to use it.

Both the dwarves and the templars were later additions to try and level out the power. However now whoever we side with becomes the stronger one.

The wedding scheme could per chance could perchance work, but i find myself lacking daughters as well as time to produce any.

Chemlak's idea of complete confusion could work though i fear simply telling them might not be enough. Our Gm plays very realistic when it comes to our enemies intelligence so double crossing should always be considered.

Issac I can give you a short introduction to each faction.

Us: mainly traders and in possession of one of the most active harbours cities in the country. Our "army" consists of a few hundred elite templars and a few hundred dwarven warriors.

A: Has a racktag army of approximately 7.000 soldiers. These are not very well armed or trained but has strength in numbers. They wish to restore an ancient empire which they believe to be the decedents from. They have monarchy though their ruler remains anonymous.

B: Has a smaller army than A, but has superior equipment, including gunpowder weapons. They lay claim to the same ancient empire but i ruled by a few noble houses. They have expressed that they wish to eradicate C, but the wish for dominance is well known.

C: Used to be the royal house that gathered the land under one banner, but since the death of the king it has been lead by his counsellors who to our knowledge was in fact behind his murder. These guys are the true evil, but at the same time no direct threat to Us.

If it help you please feel free to add your ideas. Nothing is too crazy or silly, even growing a beard is being considered.

Not bad suggestions, however, allying with both A and B is not an option since they are arch enemies. Joining one of the sides complete will cost all integrity and political mobility. Taking them over from the inside is a lengthy process and while we would be scheming the population would be utilised by either A or B.

What i'm looking for is some how to play the two against each other since C is no real threat to our town.

My character is supposed to be the diplomat with both high int, wis and cha, but i have yet to figure this one out and hope that someone on this forum can think of some (crazy) plan.

Hi there,

Im current playing a kingmaker-like campaign and have gotten my group and our city into a pickle.

Our city and its farmlands are located between two large nations, lets call them A and B. The entire country is torn by war and as our city is rather small and more or less defenceless we are in dire need of allies. Currently we have been forced into signing an alliance with A which is less than favorable to us. A and B are at war with each other, but also with a third nation, C.

Our only weapon is to manipulate the three forces, diplomatically or otherwise, to weaken themselves so much that they no longer have the resources to be a threat to us.

I know its complex, but this is where you and your brilliant minds come in. Help my city not ending up as a toy of others.

Bring your ideas, anything goes!?

Oh, scroll of halt undead is such a powerful scroll against mindless undead


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Im creating a murder mystery and am highly inspired by gothic London. I want to create a Jack the Ripper inspired setting full of mist, darkness and madness. It is forgotten realms in a major city with lots of canals and mist.

What i seek here is ideas as how to create this scary/uncanny feeling? Any advice is very welcome.

Hey there,

This tread is dedicated to all the small tricks that you use to surprise your dm in combat. Im currently playing a pure enchanter and obviously I'm rather useless in many combats.
Therefore I've specialised in small tricks that surprise my dm but possibly turns the tide of combat. I would like to hear if you have any ideas that might fall under this category.

Examples so far has been:

Scroll of benign transportation - To run through difficult terrain (fey bloodline) and then switch places with the slow moving tank.

Scroll of Explosive runes - Cast on paper then handed to bandits as papers worth seeing before they attack.

Scroll of obscuring mist - High initiative save the party surrounded by bandits with bows

there must be tons of fairly cheap tricks that will turn the tide of combat, so please don't hold back.

Hi there,

Im currently playing two campaigns simultaneously. In one i play a neutral good Reach cleric in the other a Lawful good Paladin. Both campaigns are good vs. evil.

My issue is that the two characters feel too much alike in terms of handling evil and suffering of the commoners.

I therefore seek your advice as to how i can differentiate between the two characters. Any advice will be taken thankfully.

29. White fog slowly creep up on the castle. Word stops arriving from the outside world.

30. Royal decree is sent that taxes must be raised and a tenth must be send to the crown

31. Band of adventurers comes seeking work

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Hi there,

Many of you guys always know the drill, but the sake of newcomers this thread attempts to build a database of random encounters (that may or may not carry further implications). The idea is that you can use this database to spice up downtime with some randoms events that makes your world seem more alive.

This episode regards the Pcs base of operation, be it a ruin, a city house or a new build castle. For the simplicity of it I shall refer to it as a castle, but don not let that restriction on your creativity.

1. A messenger come to the castle with an invitation to a ball. A local lord has taken notice of your growing power.

2. A wall explodes in the kitchen; A bulette comes bursting through the rubble.

3. A local farmer is asking for a loan after a failed harvest

I agree with you on the both the devils and Asmodeus part, however as Asmodeus is a deity in forgotten realms aswell and will be present in my campaign i would want to distinguise the two of them.

Hi there,

Im during a campaign focused around conquering the world in the name of Bane the black lord (Forgotten realms).
I know that this might not be the obvious place to ask questions, but you are however my favorite forum therefore:

I was wondering if any one knew (or can create) anything interesting regarding the black hand. Imm especially interested in knowing about what kind of non humanoid servants he might use. Any reference on which kind of outsiders might be bound to him?

Thanks in advance.

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The Judge - Have it yell "I Am - The law" everytime it Crits

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