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Is The module Dragons Demand legal for PFS? If so when will the chronicles be available?

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It will be legal, and the chronicles have been promised by the end of the month.

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oh well may be next month then

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*waiting until tomorrow (after today's holiday) before I get antsy.

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John Compton should have these after he returns from DragonCon. So this week is pretty likely.

Any ideas on how long each part will take to run? I am thinking of scheduling it for a con later this year or very early next year.

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I ran The Collapsed Tower for a group of friends this weekend. I would say that it alone took about as much time as a typical PFS scenario. If that holds true for the rest of the adventure, you are probably looking at running it over 6 slots of a convention.

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I've done the Collapsed tower and Kobold Caves.. (got ONE LITTLE bit left of the caves) and I would say that if we hadn't gotten distracted these would have been a session each.

Still not TOO sure where the rest of these will split up. I imagine that we'll be through to the end of the month at the earliest.

Awesome. Sounds like it is even doable at a typical games day in this area. Thanks a lot.

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any news when the Chronicle sheets are available?

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John Compton posted the following in the Product Discussion threat last week:

John Compton wrote:
So no matter what happens, you should be in good shape to continue your game. Worst case scenario, we'll have the official sheets ready for you early next week.

So, hopefully, in the next couple of days :-)

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