Osirion Faction Status Report - Year of the Demon


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Arodus, 4713

Faithful Servant of the Past,

Returning to Osirion was a bittersweet experience, for as much as I appreciated the sweatless warmth of the desert sands, I am also the bearer of dire news.

When I walked into the royal apartments where the Ruby Prince reclined, I could see that at least one of my cures had halted the ongoing decay of our monarch’s arm, but the damage was hardly undone. To say that he was impatient to be rid of this affliction would be akin to calling a boot-trodden asp mildly irritated; every other breath was accompanied by a curse disparaging our tireless work. Although I assured him that this cure would take a few days to work, he furiously reprimanded everyone present before calling upon his own power to crush the infection himself. In a flash of light, he banished the Thassilonian affliction but at great cost to his own health. It pained me to see him taxed so heavily by the spellcasting, but it pained me even more when he dismissed me from his service.

You and I are no longer servants of the Ruby Prince in anything but spirit. We have not been exiled, but neither are we welcome and honored. I spent three days humbly requesting that you not share my fate, but our prince’s counselors were unwilling to hear me; however, do not despair—especially those who might have returned to life as a Risen Guard.

I still have my title of the Sapphire Sage, for it was not granted to me by the reigning dynasty. In fact, it is not a self-proclaimed title but one that I inherited a rather long time ago when I became a Jeweled Sage. These sages have long existed in Osirion to protect the kingdom’s historical integrity, guide its rulers, and guard the secrets of the past. The Ruby Prince may have released me from his service, but in truth he has allowed us the opportunity to extend our protection to far more than just Osirion.

I long acted with the understanding that I was the only remaining sage, but several years ago I communicated with a venerable man named Zuberi who promised me information about one of the other sages should I assist him. Someone interrupted the ritual he needed, and the trail died with him.

Assist the Pathfinder Society, and I shall work to reestablish our network of contacts. Ensure that you keep alert for any signs of the Jeweled Sages, learn what you can, and report back to me. Do not, however, pester everyone you meet. If any other sage is alive and has not made himself known, I do not doubt he would frown on tactless, indiscriminant inquiries.

Together we shall persevere,
Amenopheus, the Sapphire Sage

Dark Archive

I will seek this information you request.

My price will be negotiated in due time.

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I can't speak for anyone else, boss, but I'm you know I'm on board. As long as I get to raid some tombs and kick some ass, I'm game for anything.

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Honored Sapphire Sage,

It is with some measure of alarm that I read about our hopefully not final interaction with the Ruby Prince.

In my travels of the former Thassilonian Empire I decided to start studying the lore of that once powerful empire. Adopting what the locals refer to as 'Bloat' magic I have progressed someway down that Path. It is a most interesting form of magic, one that is not at all present in any other culture I have seen.

Now that our path has changed, I will continue to serve the Ruby Prince in secret as well as Spirit and will assist you in tracking down the remnants of the Jeweled Sages.

Perhaps there are some records of them in my own libraries back in Rahadoum and I am sure there must be something on these sages in the little information I have gleaned while researching the Jitska Imperium.

I am unsure of our .. status now within Osirion. Will we face our brothers in Osirion now that we have not the grace of the Ruby Prince? This will make researching there difficult.

Sage of Rahadoum
Son of Azir

Scarab Sages

It will be a shame to see you go, Amenopheus, but the Ruby Price is justified in his wrath. I shall continue to serve him in the Risen Guard.

Fare you well,
Osiric the Constant

Liberty's Edge

I will do my best to seek out this Sage. Do we know which Jeweled Sage we seek ... Emerald? Topaz? As always any knowledge and wisdom I gain along the way I will gladly share with you.

Fellow seeker of Knowledge
Akk-Akk Hotemp

The Exchange

Hopefully your Prince has sired an heir or two. If his spellcasting taxed him that much, perhaps the ingrate will simply expire...

Sovereign Court

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Mark Dorrough wrote:

I will do my best to seek out this Sage. Do we know which Jeweled Sage we seek ... Emerald? Topaz? As always any knowledge and wisdom I gain along the way I will gladly share with you.

Fellow seeker of Knowledge
Akk-Akk Hotemp

Cubic zirconia?

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I will do all, with the aid of Spike, that is within my power to seek those lost sages on my journey!!

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(posting as Drel, halfling shadowcaster, since Venture-Officers can't post under aliases)


As my debt to you transcends mere national affiliation, I will of course continue to collaborate with you. Knowing that there are other "jewelled sages" intrigues me, and I wonder both what knowledge they keep, and why they have remained hidden for so long. You can count on my support.

For myself, being free of the shackles of a national interest appears to be a blessing in disguise. Much of our effort over the past year have been focused on what amounts to a personal errand for a political figure, and not true exploration. Being free to follow where discovery leads and share our knowledge without political interference will surely lead us to greater knowledge.

I wish you well in your quest, and I hope to see you again when the Society sends me once more to the sands of Osirion.

Scarab Sages

On dried and crumpled parchment, a crudely scribed note is delivered.

Oh, sad days!

Sarrats homeless and wandering once again! Shall Sarrat never have a place to call his own? What will he do?

Oh, but Sarrat has friends. The Ruby Prince may have abandoned Sarrat, but he is not lost. Not Sarrat, he has Amenopheus and he will take care of Sarrat.

Sarrat will find your desires, great Sapphire Sage. Quietly I will go, help the Pathfinders and keep my crafty eyes open for others of your ilk.


Scarab Sages

This is troubling news indeed my old friend. The Ruby Prince's reaction is disappointing, but perhaps not unexpected.

Having recently been granted Seeker status within the Society, I will use this new found autonomy to pursue the knowledge that you seek. Also I will ask my contacts among the society field agents who are loyal to our cause to do the same.

Ru-Sateph, the Risen
Devotee of the Lady

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Are you telling me that shriveled old Whacker gave us the boot? Why I got a right mind to barge in and give him a right good lash of the old plate licker.

Right, well there goes me plan of gett'n a nice tomb of me own, but me and Simah have got your back all the same old mate.

You say we need to find Sages, no worries I'm your stickybeak. I'll fossick up some sage-like fellows before you can say goodonya!

O, and sorry about that whole mess with Simah eating that bloke's camel... I promise he had it comin'


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A hooded cleric donning black and gray robes enters.
Greetings, Sapphire Sage. You honor me with your presence. I shall keep a vigilant eye for the other Jeweled sages. I have heard tales of a Diamond Sage and his last known location. May Lady Fate be on our side...in Pharasma's name.

Grand Lodge

"I may have just recently joined the interests of Osirion, but I will do what I can to help." The white-haired pistolero stutters out.

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Kito Pegason wrote:
I will do all, with the aid of Spike, that is within my power to seek those lost sages on my journey!!

In my search for knowledge, I shall be ever vigilant for word of any of the other sages you seek.

Edit: Original post correction (right faction, wrong character, lol)

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Friend Amenopheus,

I shaw honor your request and head to Azir to find this diamond.


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such a shame and here i was expecting a heroes welcome foolish i know but one day it might happen for a change

Envoy's Alliance

Spits on the Ground. "That arrogant ungrateful whelp of a prince!.. Gjorn sighs. It's for the best I quess. I was tired of hearing of my kinsmen being sent on tasks of a politician's 'needs'. If you ask me, you should have left that little -DERRO- to waste away."

Gjorn stands from the ground and pulls his greataxe up onto his shoulder. "I agree with the Halfling! And I will search for these sages over all of Avistan... by the blood of my father I shall stand with you Sapphire Sage!"

The Ragged Ulfen man nodded and walked out at a brisk pace.

Scarab Sages

The weatherbeaten, moulting Tengu cleric sitting in the corner caws in anger, fingering the brass bell he carries. "The Ulfen speaks for me too!" he caws. "Gammon, ha ha! I owe the Sapphire Sage everything - he helped me become a Pathfinder, when I could no longer preach after that...*&#!-ridden orca ruined my first prayer meeting. And I serve Osirion - the land of my hatching - with all my heart. And I shall continue to serve the land, whether its ruler may wish my service or not. Spinach, ha ha!" He raises his bell. "And to all those who disagree, I have but one thing to say." With a mighty arm, he begins ringing the bell. "REPENT! REPENT!"

Scarab Sages

Hmm, Curiouser and Curiouser~

-twirls a lock while tapping lip-

If history has taught us nothing, it is that mighty leaders have their will usurped by nefarious influences.

The two most obvious reasons for the Ruby Prince to abort his ties with our most esteemed Sapphire Sage and devoted Osirion Lodge are as follows:

1. Whoever initially afflicted our prince allowed him to use every last tool at his disposal, only to fall short. It is only at this time that this insidious being/cult/organization knew that the Prince was more aware of his mortality than ever before. Knowing our Prince's desire for life, he was approached with an ultimatum. To become their puppet or perish. Rather than have us suffer his fate, he released us without banishment, knowing full well the resourcefulness of his most honored Sapphire Sage and beloved Lodge.

2. These conspirators have completely usurped our princes will, divorcing him from us to use the prince's abilities and influence without having to answer to the Pathfinder Society.

As a diligent subject, I for one, will be keeping my ears to the ground for if mirages have taught us nothing else, it is never to trust our eyes.

Scarab Sages


I have been following the illness of the Ruby Prince since he first fell victim to the relic from Varisia. With what you know now, can you doubt that it was not a test of the Pathfinder Societies power and influence?

The Ruby Prince knew at any time he could cure himself yet injured himself yes, so that the Society might benefit by curing him itself. The fact that we could not because of either inaction by some Pathfinders or other reasons, meant that we failed this test and thus diminished the Ruby Prince's view of the society. We could regain this in the future possibly but an old age remains the same. It is easier to find what one has lost then have to purchase another.

I think sadly over the past few years, we have seen an increase in members of the society who are quick to blame others for their misfortunes and those that are utterly unprepared for what they might find in ancient lairs and locations. Further, some newer members do not even know what Osirion stands for or what the Society itself stands for, happy to dwell in the blood of their enemies as they simply kill, then sleep then kill again.

I was in a situation recently negotiating a settlement with an equal when one of my team went... feral. Like a Wild snapping desert Hyena he launched into action because... and I will quote 'We were not going to succeed'. It took every ounce of my wisdom to not simply turn him over to our then enemies.

Whilst this in indeed a shame, it does mean that we now work somewhat beyond the 'official' gaze of the Ruby Prince. Do I believe he does not know we still work for the interests of Osirion? Of course not. The Ruby Prince is probably reading this letter even now. The Sapphire Sage I believe in my heart most deep works too for Osirion.

Son of Rahadoum
Scroll of the Society.

Scarab Sages


To follow your course would be to follow a course of inaction and blind acceptance that we are indeed forsaken.

I am aware of some of the Ruby Princes earlier stirrings within the Society and not all were honorable, but they were all for a cause that was not made clear until he wished us to know it.

This is our Prince's hallmark. The Osirion Faction is strong. We understand that in order to meet the invading hordes of demons and encroaching influences of devils, we must look to the magics and knowledge that allowed Golorian as a whole to subdue them.

I say there is more to this than meets the eye. As a Risin I have done all that was asked of me and more. I know not what game the Prince plays now, but I will not forsake him nor the mandates set by him for the Osirion Lodge.

Do and think as you will, as will I.

Liberty's Edge


Scarab Sages

Great Sage and friends alike,

The Sapphire Sage is correct, while we no longer have to report to the Ruby Prince, we have more time to focus on what is needed to fulfill our oaths. Less bureaucracy in the terms of over head and more direction towards the goal... the dismissal could be viewed as a slap in the face. I do not see it that way, instead... we have more work to do.

The Curse remains, as is the path laid before us.

Silver Crusade

I will use my claws and daggers...

with a demonic smile and a flash of fang under human flesh permanently stained the color of a splotchy bruise

and brand new Hell's Gavel to further the goals set forth by the Ruby Prince when I deem it necessary and worthy.

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