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Good morning all!

Had a couple things that came up, I thought were wrong, but kept my mouth shut. after cicil discussion I thought I'd post here for clarification.

Does a glitterdusted critter still gain concealment from invisibility? Due to die rolls it didn't change the outcome of the scenario, but I was thinking they don't.

I did confirm the PRD states "For purposes of this spell, an attack includes any spell targeting a foe or whose area or effect includes a foe." SO I am enlightened there. :-)

Always played that glitterdust cancels invisibility, i.e. no concealment roll. Your quote is breaking invisibility as the guy being invisible, i.e. if you cat glitterdust yourself and getting it cast on you while being invisible.

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That last line is related to the other 'couple of things' i.e. casting a non-damaging spell on a foe.

That's how I've played it too. (invis vs glitter)

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I've always played that glitterdust cancels the benefits of invisibility. The creature involved is, after all, visibly outlined. That pretty much removes any chance of missing due to concealment since his attackers can directly target him.

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