Customising the rogue class



I thought about allowing player in my campaign to customise their character to suit their needs.

First idea that came to my mind was to allow a rogue to forgo one dice of sneak attack in exchange of an extra rogue talent.

Let say the rogue wants to concentrate on a spy or trapper path and he does'nt care about sneak attack.
So each time he gains an extra sneak attack dice he could either take it OR instead take an extra talent.

What you guys think?

Liberty's Edge

Rogue Talents are pretty much universally weaker than Sneak these characters will be even weaker than Rogues are already. I'd advise against it, personally. They can already burn Feats on Rogue Talents if they like, after all.

Grand Lodge

You use the Talented Rogue.


TriOmegaZero wrote:
You use the Talented Rogue.

Thank you, i'll take a look at it!

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