list of object I can craft with the spell i know?

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Is there a list somewhere that list the objects I can craft with a spell. The list of object indicate which spell I have to knwo to make the object but I would like the inverse

Shadow Lodge

Spells will tell you the general kind of object they can create.

For example, Fabricate turns raw materials (like iron) into finished materials (like a sword).

Minor Creation makes objects of nonliving vegetable matter, up to 1 cubic ft / caster level. It could make thinks like a bucket, a ladder, cotton or linen clothing, or a quarterstaff. It couldn't make a sword, since that's a metal object.

Major Creation can make minerals and metals, including jewelry or adamantine weapons (though these don't last long).

You aren't going to get a full list because that would be very long, but you can look through the mundane objects in your rulebook and see what items fall into each category.

I mean spell like , magic mouth that is a requirement for a Bottle of Messages. To know which object I can make with a magic mouth spell I need to look at every objects.

I can't imagine anyone bothering to make or maintain such a list. Are you in the unique situation that time and money are of no concern, but getting access to spells or taking a +5 DC are a great problem?

Anyway, go to, use the search function, click magic items, done.

Silver Crusade

Don't bother with spell requirements for crafting magic items.

If you don't have the required spell, all it does is increase the DC to craft the item by 5.

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