Osirion Faction Goals Status Report


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Faithful Servant of the Past,

I would be remiss not to open this correspondence with an account of the Ruby Prince’s condition, for as you likely know, he has been afflicted with a terrible curse from ancient Thassilon. I cannot say in truth that our beloved ruler is cured, but with your help and the efforts of Pathfinders like yourself, we have made headway in fending off the worst of the curse that plagues him.

Despite the outpouring of aid from Pathfinders throughout the world—and especially Varisia—I am still being personally blamed for the Ruby Prince’s condition. I admit that it was my hand that directed a Pathfinder to his court with an ancient Lissalan icon, but my position in Absalom and within the Pathfinder Society is now in dire jeopardy. Even if the Ruby Prince were to recover tomorrow (and by Nethys I wish he would), my time may be drawing to a close. And were he to perish from this affliction, I cannot guarantee that his successor would honor his policy of allowing the exploration of Osirion’s sands—which all Pathfinders should fear for the secrets that could again be lost below the dunes.

You remain my greatest hope to ease the Ruby Prince’s suffering. Even now, the Pathfinder Society is closing in on the cult of Lissala, which plans to restore a long-sleeping runelord to the world. With such ancient, untapped power buried beneath Varisia, surely the solution to our problem is linked to what you must do to prevent the cult’s plans from coming to fruition. Do all you can to stop the cult and seek not only an end to their plots, but a cure for our beloved Ruby Prince.

I know that you are close!
Amenopheus, the Sapphire Sage

Scarab Sages

Enuck will keep working to make Ruby prince better. Enuck not want to see blue-stork-man out of work.

Scarab Sages

Yes, you have mentioned the curse before. Less than a single year has passed, and still nobody has found a way to help him recover?

Though I have neber set foot in Varisia, and would prefer not to from what I have read of its history, I have been allowed a means of fast travel between Sothis and Absalom. If I find anything relevant, I can have it conveyed between your home and that of the Ruby Prince's within hours.

Perhaps if Dremdhet Salhar could suggest something, perhaps an Ancient Osirion exhibit in the Blackros museum, enough interest could be sent toward your homeland to encourage the Society to declare a "Year of the Scarab" or similar. You have been an inspiration to scholars everywhere; mending your error will be at the forefront of my current research.

Wishing you and the Ruby Prince much hope,

Thalanerus Isilariva

Scarab Sages

I have been to Varisia many times of late and it was at the urging of Amenopheus that I started my in depth study of the cult of Lissala and Thassilonian magic.

We are as much to blame as you Amenopheus in regards to the condition of the Ruby Price and I have noticed that there has been less information forthcoming of late regarding his condition.

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