Defender / Bodyguard (Monk) ideas.


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A new player has joined our game as a monk. He's new to table top role playing.

He has roughly these stats:
*note* Player is considering taking levels of fighter as well.

18 Str
14 Con
15 Dex
15 Wis
12 Int
06 Char

Primary Objective: To defend allies from harm.
Secondary: To be a relevant melee combatant.


Human, Monk

Any two:

Sacred Touch (Faith)
Honored Fist of the Society (Combat)
Battlefield Surgeon (Religion)
Wisdom in the Flesh-Heal (Religion-better name than Battlefield Surgeon)

Regular Feats
Crane Style 1
Archon Style 3
Archon Diversion 5
Archon Justice 7
In Harms Way 9
Crane Wing 11
Lunge 13
Standstill 15
Toughness 17 (Stop Laughing)
Friendly Switch 19

Bonus Feats
Combat Reflexes 1
Dodge 2
Bodyguard (Human)
Deflect Arrows 6
Unknown 10
Unknown 14
Unknown 18
Crane Riposte 7 or BAB 8(Fighter Lvl 1)
Combat Style Master 5 or BAB 6(Fighter Lvl 2)

Feats who are still fighting to get on the above lists
Punishing Kick 8
Crushing Blow
Stance of the Xorn 3
Jawbreaker 6 Heal (I know Touch of Serenity is better, thanks ^_^)

Climb (Human)
Swim (+1 Int Bonus)

Beginner Monk:

Human, Monk of the Four Winds

Honored Fist of the Society or Reactionary
Open Hand and Mind or Genie Blood (see Djinni style).

Weapon Focus: Unarmed 1
Whatever/or Improved Init 3
Djinni Style 5
Whatever/or Power Attack/Toughness 7
Djinni Spirit 9
Djinni Spin 11
Stunning Fist 13

Bonus Feats
Elemental Fist (Monk of the Four Winds)
Whatever/or Toughness/Power Attack 1(Human Bonus)
Dodge 1
Scorpion Style 2
Gorgons Fist 6
Medusa's Wrath 10

Escape Artist
Climb (Human)
Swim (+1 Int bonus)

Master of Many Styles:

Human, Master of Many Styles

Sacred Touch (Faith)
Battlefield Surgeon (Religion)

Regular Feats
Combat Reflexes 1
Dodge 3
Archon Diversion 5
Archon Justice 7
In Harms Way 9
Deflect Arrows 11
Lunge 13
Standstill 15
Friendly Switch 17
Toughness 19 (I told you to stop laughing)

Bonus Feats
Crane Style 1
Archon Style 2
Bodyguard (Human)
Crane Wing 6
Crane Riposte 10
Scorpion Style 14
Medusa's Wrath 18
Crushing Blow 1 (Fighter Lvl 1)
Punishing Kick 8(Fighter Lvl 2)

Feats who are still fighting to get on the above lists
Stance of the Xorn 3
Jawbreaker 6 Heal (I know Touch of Serenity is better, thanks ^_^)

Same as the First Monks

I'm just looking for suggestions since this is the first time I'll have seen a Pathfinder monk in action and the player is totally new.

I think the beginner monk is the way to go since he has put his str to 18 and seems mostly concerned about damage dealing (since he now knows other classes can out damage him). I took the liberty of making the simplified, more offensive monk since it catered to what he's been saying about damage, even though he said he wanted to be a bodyguard/defender (and they can deal damage too).

The Master of Many Styles walked away with the 'most' feats I wanted. It is safe to assume that on any bodyguard build he'll be taking the favored class bonus in hit points (duh) but on the beginner monk it doesn't matter. It's a throw together. For those wondering about the Djinni Style, he likes lightning. And replacing stunning fist with a very 'pseudo' Sneak Attack reduces complexity and learning curve. Roll to hit, roll for damage, add electricity dice. Easier than Roll to hit, roll for damage, learn 6 different status effects....

The feat orders aren't 'official'. I was just typing them up so I didn't forget. I mean, you saw where Toughness appeared, right? When fighter levels should be taken and how many are entirely up in the air. That's where you guys come in (or I spend more time figuring it out.

The only rules on suggestions are:

We're optimizing a real character- not some terrifyingly inane monstrosity that barely makes sense. We're not dipping a level of Paladin. We're not putting him in any sort of armor. No shield. He's staying a human. He's not going to dip some arcane class, use spell X, class feature y and RAW z to punpun his way into something stupid. Again- real character.

No suggestions on playing something different. That's just annoying. He wants to play a monk..not 'whatever is not a monk'.

Finally, he wants to use fists and is very willing to multiclass (as said above, he wants to take fighter levels). Archetypes are totally fine.

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I may have a fine proposal for you. THough first I will say I am not a fan of Master of Many Styles - if you go with that then his best options is to multiclass out after 2 lvls (usually with Unarmed Fighter)

Anyway, I have a build I have been using which has been very effective at protecting my party (a party that consists of a Wizard, Rogue, CLeric and myself, so as the closest thing to a front liner we have, protecting the team is essential)

The best way to protect your allies is to either stop monsters from reaching them, doing enough damage to make them focus on you, or be too annoying to ignore.

I opted for the third option which in turn actually qualifies for the other two. It is a tripping build - my first manoevre build in fact despite many years of playing.

The strategy is a simple one, move in, trip, hit, monster stands, trip. monster attacks me - counter attack trip. At high level, monster attacks my allie - counter attack trip.

It seems as though this build fits his requirements, its damage is reasonable more from many attacks rather than few big ones, defensively it is rock solid, and it is very good at keeping friends from harms way.

I won' take offense if the build is not to taste, but based on Primary and Secondary Goal this seemed suitable. I have now reached lvl 7 with my monk and loving it.

Quingong Flowing Monk of the Sacred Mountain

Str: 16
Dex: 18 (20 with a belt recently bought)
Con: 13 (14 as of lvl 4 stat bump)
Int 7
Wis: 14 (16 with headband recently bought)
Cha: 7

Obviously these were with 20 point buy. Looking at the stats he has the key ones are there. I don't know if there is any flexibility but if not, no big deal. I would recommend his lvl 4 bonus point be for Dex and lvl 8 Wis

Worshipper of Torag (important for trait)


Defensive Strategist (Am not considered Flat Footed even when I have not yet acted in Combat - Very important as Dex is a big part of my AC)

Indomitable Will (+1 WIll save because it can never be too high)


Lvl 1:
Vicious Stomp - Unarmed AoO when I trip someone (Important as I am too dumb for Combat Expertise and therefore Greater Trip)

Fury's Fall - Add Str and Dex when making a Trip (important again because no Greater Trip and because both my build and your friend's is high Dex and Str)

Improved Trip - +2 when Tripping, no AoOs against me

Lvl 2 - Nothing due to losing bonus Feat from Archetype (well worth it though tanks to the gains)

Lvl 3:
Combat Reflexes - More AoO (Thank goodness!)

From there he would be free to go wherever with Feats. I personally took Dodge at 5, Finesse at 6 (but that is because I have 20 Dex, would be a waste for your friend) then at 7 I took Crane Wing to indulge in more defense as required.

My AC is in the 30s at lvl 7 and Ki can boost higher, Flowing Monk allows me to immediately trip an opponent when he attacks me or an ally which results in them on the floor, possibly sickened and then stomped on. From there they have a To Hit penalty against their target. When they try get up I knock them down again.

Ultimately the build provides the following:
1) You become a focus target because you are irritating
2) You esentially give allies +4 AC by keeping monsters on the floor
3) You restrict monster mobility by keeping them on the floor - thus protecting allies
4) You improve everyone's to hit by keeping the monster on the floor
5) You provide Rogues with Sneak Attack damage as your AoOs can cause flat footedness (aka every trip and vicious stomp)
6) You have rock solid AC to help keep alive while you are focused on
7) You do lot of damage in a round - Flurry of BLows first attack Trips, Vicious Stomp attack, 2nd and 3rd attack from Flurry. Monster tries getting up - Trip, Vicious Stomp, your turn again

Apologis for the long post, but just thought I would throw out a build I ma getting familiar with which does al ot of what your friend seems to want.

The most fun I had with this build was being blinded by a cleric, being surrounded by 6 monsters and holding them off on my own while my allies carried on dealing with 2 zombies and eventually the Cleric. In game the group chars did not even know I ws blind as all they could see was me dealing very well despite being surrounded.
Also tripping a Spider was funny.

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Gosh darn it...Viscous stomp looks sooo good for him if I could get punishing kick or have him take Improved Trip, but depending on his build and number of fighter levels, will determine if he even has room for that. It's a feat starved monk as is. *sigh*

If you're playing a bodyguard monk, then this assumes it is a monk that wants to stay close to one target, and doesn't need to move very fast.

I would suggest going "Flowing Monk + Monk of the Sacred Mountain + Qingong Monk"

It is a monk that wants to stand in one place all the time, gets bonuses to AC and CMD for standing in one place, gets bonuses to AC for being in range of multiple opponents, and can throw people around willy-nilly. If someone power attacks or charges them (or worse, both,) it can do even more terrible things to them. It is a monk that SPECIALIZES in fighting in melee with lots of enemies.

Toss in a little Qinggong powers where possible to add a few nasty spells or powers here and there, as well as Crane Style, and I'd say you'd be in business.

If you want to strong-arm the concept, by a Halfling MoMF with Archon Style, Crane Style, and that feat that lets halflings share Fighting Defensively AC.

A tripping build is also fantastic, particularly if you can get reach through a Kusari-Gama or similar. Underfoot Adept or Flowing Monk may be proffered in this case.

You can also use Enforcer to layer on the Shaken Condition on people, perhaps combining with the Cruel weapon enchantment to also make them sickened (-4 to-hit, save, skills is nice if you can get it off).

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This all doesn't look too noob friendly. I like the idea of Qingong monk, though I barely grazed over it so I do not fully understand them. They essentially let you do pretty nifty stuff at the cost of your handful of ki points.

I do like all three classes mentioned- especially flowing and sacred mountain. But the main issue is being feat starved. He already wants to go fighter so this is perfect.

Maybe something more like this:

This guy:

Human, Monk of the Sacred Mountain 7, Brawler 13.

Crane Style 1 (Human)
Bodyguard 1
Archon Style 3
Archon Diversion 5
Archon Justice 7
Crane Wing 9
Crane Riposte 11
Friendly Switch 13
Crushing Blow 15
Whatever 17
Whatever 19

Bonus Brawler Fighter Feats
In Harms Way 8 (Brawler 1)
Stance of the Xorn 9 (Brawler 2)
Lunge 11 (Brawler 4)
Combat Style Master 13 (Brawler 6)
Punishing Kick 15 (Brawler 8)
Jawbreaker 17 (Brawler 10)
Whatever 18 (Brawler 12)
Stand Still 20 (Brawler 13)

Bonus Monk of Sacred Mountain Feats
Combat Reflexes 1 (Sacred Mountain 1)
Dodge 2 (Sacred Mountain 2)
Toughness 2 (Sacred Mountain 2)
Deflect Arrows 6 (Sacred Mountain 6)

Stealth (Human)
Acrobatics (+1 Int Bonus)

Battlefield Surgeon
Sacred Touch

Monks Robes-Chest (Increases fist dmg & ac[+1 ac & 1d8 becomes 2d6 dmg])
Sash of Flowing Water-Belt (-4 on all atks. Free deflect opportunities)
Sash of the War Champion-Body (Makes Menacing Stance better)
Vest of Surgery-Body (Use heal without kit & 1/day restore ability dmg)
Amulet of Mighty Fists-Neck (You already know what this does)

This version ends up with EXTRA feats (suggestions are welcome), more hp, a passive psuedo Aura, gets virtually everything the build needs before level 15. Jawbreaker, and Punishing Kick can be removed and Stand Still can be taken sooner, if needed. With his few Ki points, he could use that strictly to pump his AC by 4 for a given round or make an additional attack, as needed. His gear slots are largely open and several feats can be removed if he wanted to ever optimize. He's not stuck taking 13 levels of Brawler and could easily take 11 or 9 and get more Sacred Mountain features and make up a lost feat (though with options from a restricted list) via the bonus Monk feats at 10 (monk).

He'd be able to hit for 2d6 +9 base unarmed damage before any enhancements, deflect several attacks a round, have an obnoxiously high AC (as good as a fighters and easily capable of hitting 50 or close to it) if he tried. His attack bonus would be amazing, could be made better with weapon focus if he took it with one of the open feat slots. He pretty much always fights defensively with only a -1 penalty, pushing his ac even higher. With an 18 BAB and Flurry, 19 Touch ac before using any enhancements and that everything in combat with the guy (adjacent) is taking a -3 to hit and -7 on concentration checks (no save) it sounds good to me.

Monk is certainly not a new player friendly class, but a maneuver master tripper could work well.

rule clarification: standing up does provoke, but tripping them for that one is pointless. the AoO happens before the action itself so you end up tripping someone prone. Better to either straight hit, or pass, then trip when they try to move away.

i also would switch wis for str in that build i think, simply for the reason that bodyguards need to stay alive to protect, and dont neccesarily need to focus on damage heavy. Not to say a monk can't deal damage, but is a tradeoff choice you'll have to make. Monk is probably the most MAD class there is.

@Dark: sadly you can only have one active style at a time, and is a swift to activate any one style. is why many style monk is nice (if frustrating at first since takes 2 rounds to get to full speed)

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Oh, good catch. Combat Style Master lets you switch styles as a free action- but I doubt that you can do this on the opponents turn. So this basically means you're stuck being a Master of Many Styles as the original build listed shows. In which case:

Master of Many Styles(Redone):

Human, Qinggong Master of Many Styles 7, Brawler 13.

Qinggong Swap-Outs

Slow Fall (4) for Deny Death.
High Jump (5) for Scorching Ray.

Crushing Blow 1 (Human Bonus Feat)
Combat Reflexes 3
Crane Wing 5
Bodyguard 7
In Harms Way 9
Toughness 11
Friendly Switch 13
Crane Riposte 15
Punishing Kick 17
Whatever 19

Bonus Master of Many Styles Feats
Archon Style 1
Archon Diversion 2
Archon Justice 6

Bonus Fighter Brawler Feats
Lunge 8 (Brawler 1)
Dodge 9 (Brawler 2)
Standstill 11 (Brawler 4)
Deflect Arrows 13 (Brawler 6)
Xorn Stance 15 (Brawler 8)
Jawbreaker 17 (Brawler 10)
Whatever 19 (Brawler 12)
Whatever 20 (Brawler 13)

Everything could stay the same as the previous build. This is a reasonably accurate reflection of when the feats would be taken, also.

The main difference between these two builds is that one simply does not have Flurry of all. The other looks somewhat tougher and more versatile (qinggong features such as deny death).

If I am wrong about archetypes, please correct me.

Originally, I thought you had to take each archetype as a separate class (Flowing monk 2, Regular Monk 3, Qinggong Monk 5) and that was fine as long as they didn't share features they were replacing.

NOW my understanding is that you more or less select all archetypes at the same time, replacing all appropriate class features and then leveling everything as one single class and replacing all standard class features with all new ones from all archetypes. You could therefor be 10 levels in a single class but have multiple archetypes modifying the class (so instead of quinggong 5, sacred mountain monk 3 and flowing monk 2 you'd be a 10th level Flowing Qinggong Monk of the Sacred Mountain treated as one tenth level class and not three separate ones).

yea, the archetype is a seperate class, but the same class. you can mix&match archetypes IF they don't replace the same thing (monk is the only one i've seen that has so many multi options.)

level 6 i think it lets you start 2 as a single swift.

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Ok, after all the time and effort, they decided not to play the thing at all (I had a HUGE suspicion this would happen).

Since looking at monks in pathfinder for the first time by doing this exorcise, I have found them incredibly interesting and fun seeming.

So I will make this my next character. This means it is open to greater degrees of optimization:

Human, Master of Sacred Mountain Style, Brawler.
Character is a kid of about 11-14 (still medium sized).

Dodge 1
Combat Reflexes 3
Crane Wing 5
Crane Riposte 7
Xorn Stance 9
Monastic Legacy 11

Crane Style 1(Human)
Archon Style 1(Master)
Archon Diversion 2(Master)
Toughness 2(Mountain)
Archon Justice 6(Master)
Bodyguard 8(Brawler 1)
Deflect Arrows 9(Brawler 2)
Touch of Serenity 11(Brawler 4)

Everything else is open game. Here are some considerations I had:

Stunning Fist Adept, Dragon Style tree, Snake Style Tree. Skill Focus Heal into Eldritch Heritage looked very thematic with clestial bloodline or Sorcerous Strike, but those abilities are so late game and subpar...more theme than actually useful. Destined Bloodline had theme, as well. Orc Bloodline is just beastly, however but that is obviously a pure powergaming choice.

Improved Trip, Viscous Stomp, Godless Healing (this could allow me to not need Wholeness of Body and possibly add another archetype- it can also be taken more than once). Endurance-Deny Death. Lunge + Standstill? In Harms Way.

At 5th level he would have a 'fighting defensively' armor class of 10 (Base) +3 (crane style) +1(natural) +4 (Wisdom and Dex), +1 (Dodge), +2 (Iron Limb) +1 (Monk Bonus)= 22.

Average hp of 31 +10 (+2 con mod) + possible favored class bonus (up to 5). So, 41-46 hp at 5th level.

41-46 HP and 22 AC without gear or buffs while fighting defensively and naked with all +2 stat mods).

Has -1 penalty to hit, if using archon style -1 penalty to AC, can redirect adjacent attacks on allies to himself, can deflect one attack landed on him per round. Can't be moved or tripped, and can spend 1 ki to increase AC by 2 for a total of 21-24 naked AC and a +4 to +5 attack bonus.

These numbers should all be higher since I was modest with stats (no +3 or higher modifiers) and because I assumed no gear, whatsoever. The AC could easily be pushed much higher via a ring of protection +1 and Bracers of Armor +2. It would be extremely easy for him to have a +3 to +5 bonus to his AC at this point. Allowing for a potential total of almost 30. If stat rolls are actually good, the AC could feasibly be even two points higher...exceeding 30 ac. If a different race or alternate racial options are chosen (assimar, tiefling) the AC could increase an additional point or two assuming wis+dex or con+wis/dex were the stat bonuses from the alternate features.

Obviously, that's very good for an unarmored and unarmed character whose AC will only increase, steadily. Damage dealing isn't the strong point but some strength is needed (+2 bonus is fine).

Are there any other cool options or interesting avenues that come to mind (besides decking him out in actual armor)? It seems like a solid and flavorful build that is obviously doing what it's supposed to by level 11. If the feat order should be changed, give me reasons why, please. :)

+dex+wis = 4?!?! at level 5....>.>

and claiming a monk's AC as naked is ... redundant. very rarely does a monk perform better with armour.

also means their ff, touch, and AC are about equal...

what are you going for with this monk, rp/combat style, etc...

it seems like you focusing on defense

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The character would be a child 'prodigy' who, for some reason I am still working on (maybe a quest to see the truth of humility or whatever) is forced to serve and aid a particular adventurer (and by extension their companions).

The character would be intuitive and even wise beyond their years (easy since he's a kid!), at least where combat is concerned. The child has developed his own style and as he is a genuinely pure and good soul, honestly is better suited to protecting others.

He's not an aggressive person and actually leans substantially towards the pacifist ideology. He likes fighting, of course, but killing and really harming others is something he's really reluctant to do. He'd rather deal subdual damage to monsters, and if possible help them see the error of their ways. He's naive. He's a kid. Oh yeah, he's really cute and fairly handsome (I hope. We'll see where that charisma score goes).

The child probably has celestial blood in him somewhere. He even has the look. It's probably what influenced the martial art style of choice (Archon style).

The 'naked' remark extended beyond armor and covered any and all magic items. He had none at ll and no buffs and his AC was that high. Maybe it's not special. I thought that it might be worth noting, though.

Yeah, the +2 bonus to AC from Wisdom and +2 from Dex was me being modest. Obviously those should be higher but we saw how high I got the AC without focusing on it. It should prove to be a difficult character to drop. ^_^

The combat style should be obvious from just the feats selected: he plants himself next to an ally and prevents them from being hurt.

Archon style gives +2 ac to all allies adjacent to a single enemy who is adjacent to me. I take -2 ac against that enemy.

Archon Diversion reduces the penalty to my AC by 1 and allows me to redirect an attack to my allies from that enemy to myself and the enemy has to hit MY ac then.

Bodyguard allows me to spend an aoo to give an adjacent ally +2 ac. Harms way allows me to take the damage from a hit, automatically by spending an aoo.

Crane Style let's me get +3 ac (instead of +2) from fighting defensively, and I only take a -2 penalty on attack roles for fighting defensively instead of a -4.

Crane Wing allows me to deflect a single attack that would normally hit me, allowing me to take no damage from the attack, once per round.

Crane Riposte allows me to counterattack with an aoo when I deflect an attack with Crane wing, and it also reduces the attack penalty for fighting defensively to only a -1. In short, I can increase the AC of all adjacent allies by 2, and a single ally by 4, every round. Anyone adjacent to the character that is hit can instead have me direct the attack to myself and negate it or take the hit entirely. The character has the heal skill and fully intends to use the heal deadly wounds option and play healer, if he can. Since he is a monk of the sacred mountain, he doesn't focus on moving around a lot in combat, so he is better suited to protecting a spell caster or someone who fights in the thick of things. This is where Xorn Stance comes in which removes the -2 penalty from being flanked.

Being a Brawler eventually gives him Menacing Stance which penalizes all adjacent enemies due to harassment from the kid. They get a -4 on concentration checks and -1 on all attack rolls. The penalties increase with level, no save.

As a Monk of the Sacred Mountain he gets Bastion Stance which accentuates the entire idea of standing before his protected charge and refusing to be moved until you deal with him first.

Being a Master of Styles and a child adds that air of being a prodigy. An 11 year old master of multiple styles of combat? Yes.

Touch of Serenity and Stunning Fist explore the peaceful tendencies of the character and the fact that he isn't a bloodthirsty killer (Touch of serenity stops them from casting and attacking).

And since he will be taking hits for other people (and using wholeness of body to heal up the damage) Toughness was a natural choice (as is having a high con stat). Offense isn't the characters goal so I have NO qualms about losing Flurry of Blows, although I eventually get 4 attacks a round anyway due to the fighter levels (Brawler). The question is what else can be added to enhance these features of the character?

The focus on defense is so that when targets are focusing on the kid, he doesn't drop. This buys time for everyone else (including the person he is protecting) to do what they need to do. High AC, High hp, the ability to increase allies AC substantially, prevent them from being hurt at all, and penalizing everyone near him and able to heal himself and others should make him a central or really good support character.
If there was a feat that let me use Wholeness of Body on others, or more times per day, I'd be all over it.

Are you actually going to give him the Young template? It gives -1 size category, +4 size bonus to Dex, -4 Str, -4 Con, and -2 natural armor (min +0). It also counts as CR-1 so maybe let him start at lvl 2 to compensate? Or maybe a couple extra points if you're doing point buy?

There's a halfling trait which lets you give a +4 bonus with Aid Another instead of +2. This would be great for a Bodyguard, and if your PC isn't a halfling maybe he was Adopted by them (per the trait of that name)

There's also a Benevolent armor enchantment which lets you add the plus of the armor to the AC granted with Aid Another. If you're willing to give up your flurry of blows this might be a useful option.

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Ooh, I like the sound of that, Devkiller. Also, Master of Many Styles loses Flurry of Blows for the ability to use multiple styles at once. I don't even have the ability to flurry. But when I use aid enough (via Bodyguard) it's an AOO. So I can still attack, and aid....and Archon style.

I LOVE the Benevolent enhancement for this. But unless I can wear something to enchant with it, it is pointless. I can't wear armor and I don't think you can enchant bracers of armor with non+ enhancements. :(

I need to find a way to squeeze benevolent armor on the character somehow...without it actually being armor. It's just so good.

So Traits would be:

Adopted (Social)
Helpful (Halfling Racial)
Battlefield Surgeon (Religion)

I was not going to give him the young template. He'd be purely penalized and the kid is about 11-14 so he's smaller than normal adventurers but not small like a gnome. He'd be medium sized and would not have any stat penalties due to age.

The +4 to dex and +1 ac due to size are all nice but make up for the -2 hp per level, -2 fort saves, -2 dmg and accuracy and -2 natural armor.

The character does net +1 to AC but it is as you said, he has to be able to threaten targets, too. While he can't flurry, he can swing once or twice a round with a respectable hit chance. Later, he gets almost a full fighter attack progression so multiple attacks and good accuracy aren't problems, nor is damage with the +1 accuracy and +3 close weapon damage from Brawler weapon specialization in the weapon group. But even that, I don't think, would be enough if he had the young template.

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Ok, been thinking about this for a bit now and have come up with some slight variations.

Human, Drunken Master of Sacred Mountain Styles.
Age 11-14. No young Template. Medium Sized.

Adopted-Halfling (Social)
Helpful (Religion)
Battlefield Surgeon (Religion)

(Assuming 15 point buy)

Str 10
Dex 16 (+2 Human).
Con 15
Int 10
Wis 14
Char 8

Combat Reflexes 1
Crane Style 1(Human)
Archon Style 1(Master)
Archon Diversion 2(Master)
Toughness 2(Mountain)
Bodyguard 3
Crane Wing 5
Archon Justice 6(Master)
Crane Riposte 7
Dodge 8 (Brawler 1)
Xorn Stance 9
Deflect Arrows 9(Brawler 2)
Touch of Serenity 11(Brawler 4)
Monastic Legacy 11
Fast Drinker 13
Stand Still 13(Brawler 6)
Cautious Fighter 15 (Brawler 8)
Racial Heritage-Halfling 15
Blundering Defense 17
Dragon Style 17 (Brawler 10)
Dragon Ferocity 19 (Brawler 12)
Lucky Halfling/Or Eclectic 19
Dragon Roar 20 (Brawler 13)

So, currently, all allies adjacent to me would receive +4 ac against one foe and +2 against everyone. I can make a saving throw for any ally within 30 feet of me once a day, after they roll, and they can take my save or theirs. When using the bodyguard feat, I add +4 to an adjacent allies ac. Any ally adjacent to me who is hit I can redirect the attack to myself. I can take a hit for another ally instead, if need be. I can deflect one attack per round making it deal no damage to me. I can take a hit for any number of adjacent allies equal to my Dex bonus. I can't be moved from my square via combat maneuvers and most other effects and flanking enemies gain no bonus to hit me for doing so. I can heal myself for free with a few swigs of alcohol (free with my horn) and cause for great hilarity since he's 12. Any Adjacent enemy would receive -3 to all attack roles and -7 to all concentration checks (no save).

If I could squeeze Improved Initiative, Elemental Fist, Skill Focus: Healing and/or get Racial Heritage earlier than 15th level (so I don't need the adopted trait), this character would be set.

I'm not married to the Dragon Style chain, though, as much as I like it.
It's just *really* good if you have elemental fist and adds some versatility (offensive) that this character build simply didn't have before, though, it's not like he can't swing for respectable damage.
It's just not optimized damage.

He'd deal damage as a 16th level monk (could make it 12th and save a feat). 2d8+5 +str mod + dragon style enhancement
Ac without gear is 26 (30 if using Ki).

I suspect that Xorn Stance, Monastic Legacy and potentially Deflect Arrows can all be removed (and maybe even the Dragon Style chain) if there are better feat options. I just felt that being able to Bodyguard for +4 AC nearly right out of the gates (3rd level) was important to the build. Doing it at 7th-9th level seemed less efficient. I dunno.

Tengu Drinking Jug (low level). 1k
Vambraces of Defense (low level). 6k
Bracers of Armor _>+3 (low-mid level). 9k+
Monks Robe (low-mid level). 13k
Drinking Horn of Bottomless Valor (mid-higher level) 24k
And staples: bracers of armor, ring of deflection, headband, belt, amulet.

All in all, this might be a perfect character for pathfinder standard. He doesn't *need* to be higher than 13th level since, if I rearrange what is important, I can have every feat I need by then. I'm not sure on the PFS rules though since I had never considered playing it, but there is/are a couple of groups that play it often in the area and PFS may be my only chance to play this guy.

If I am making any glaring omissions let me know. I started by only throwing together the new ideas but now that I am thinking about it for pfs, I could probably benefit more from your guys experience and thoughts.

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