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Beginner box monsters

Beginner Box

I purchased a copy of the beginners box recently and noticed that there is one monster pawn that doesn't have any stats in the monster section of the Game Masters Guide. The monster in question is the Goblin Dog

I also found that in the PDF version of the beginners box that the PDF of the pawn sheets there wasn't a pawn for the Goblin Dog but there was 2 pawns for a Barghest where there was only one in the beginners box itself.

I wondered if anyone else noticed and whether there was supposed to be stats for the Goblin Dog in the Game Masters Guide?

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Pawns, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber

I don't believe the goblin dog appeared in the Beginner Box adventure and it was just an extra pawn.

SirUrza wrote:
I don't believe the goblin dog appeared in the Beginner Box adventure and it was just an extra pawn.

No it doesn't but there are no stats for it in the GM's guide like there are for the rest of the pawns and a pawn for the Goblin Dog isn't included in the PDF version but there are 2 pawns for a Barghest in the PDF version where there is only 1 pawn in the Beginners Box product.

Shadow Lodge

There is a Goblin Dog in my pdf of the pawns/tokens. It's right next to the Goblin Boss and the other Goblins. Mine also only has one Barghest. Unless you are referring to the fact that there are both sides of each Pawn in the file so that you can make two sided pawns.

My guess is it was an oversite that there was no stats for the Goblin Dog in the Beginner's Boxed Set. Possibly they ran out of space in the GM Guide, removed it there, and just forgot to remove the Pawn from the Pawn sheet.

Could very well be an over-site, but who knows.


Though we didn't include stats for the goblin dog, they're commonly associated with goblins, and (1) if you wanted to, you could use a wolf's stat block and just say it's a goblin dog, and (2) the expectation is that people will transition from the Beginner Box to the Core Rulebook and Bestiary, so you'd get the stats for a goblin dog soon enough, and it would be nice to have a goblin dog pawn to use with that.

Shadow Lodge

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It can be a bit odd if you mix-and-match pawns from the Beginner Box with those from the other pawn sets; the Beginner Box pawns for small creatures (such as goblins) are the same size as those for medium creatures, but the other sets have physically smaller pawns.

Maybe there's an opportunity here - one of the goblin tribes around Sandpoint has developed into a larger super-goblin! And I've just started running a RotRL campaign, too - perhaps I need to develop a side-trip adventure ...

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