Alchemy Studios Present-Victorian Vigiliante Bard Archtype

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One of the Archtypes we've been working on for the bard

Victorian Vigilante

Yes its name comes from an Abeny Park song.

the idea of the archetype is to be a city based 'huntsman' who fights using a little more civilized methods of combat. Hidden weapons and the like, as the world is one that frowns upon carrying weapons in public unless they are peace bonded.

This makes great sense and is a good tribute to an awesome song.

I would want to see some kind of change to the luck

also the sheer amount of skills you get the bonuses to seems high, percept and sense motive are really super valuable then the others on top of that WOW

I am with MiniGM on the skills. 5 skills seems high and with two of the most powerful skills in the game getting the bonus it just seems way over powered. 3-4 skills seems to be the standard for archetypes. Or keep the five skills and limit the usefulness of the Perception and Sense Motive. For example, sense motive might only gain the bonus to discerning hidden messages (Victorian England had lots of secret societies with their own jargons).

Does the sword cane and war razor proficiency replace any of the bard's standard proficiencies such as the whip?

Yes it would replace the shortbow prof. The war razor is a dagger by another name, we honestly cannot find any difference between them other than one is simple, the other martial.

As far as the skills go, right. We'll drop perception, reducing it to a bonus on preventing ambushes only. Sense motive for detecting lies perhaps as well.

And Luck, yes yes yes!
We really don't want to use the archeologist's, but we can't decide right now what to replace it with.

can i help you spitball it? I LOVE the bard class

What is the idea behind this archetype?

Maybe call it Victorian Intrigue and give bonuses to other things instead of damage, maybe it gives additional bonuses to sneaky type things, and combat maneuvers. Perhaps it actually lasts multiple rounds already so there is not the feat tax of lingering performance that all achaeologiests take


Actually it could work out well like that, since this guy already gots sneak attack.

The luck runs multiple rounds as well, achaeologiests though end up getting lingering to triple how long it lasts for them.

Alright.. Insight instead of Luck.

Adds a bonus to Feint attempts, AB, AC/CMD and Saves.

is the song that inspired this.

In the setting We're working on, combat in the streets is looked down upon as barbaric. Thus few people carry weapons in the open. But that doesn't mean few people carry them, lots carry them actually.

The Vigilante goes about hunting down crooks like Jack the ripper and such. But has to do it in secret to not get arrested himself.

Updated the Archetype a bit, and started working on formatting it.

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