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Will there be any support in the Mythic Adventures book for the words of power variant spellcasting method from Ultimate Magic? While possible "mythic words" could be created using the mythic spells as a litmus, officially designed mythic words would be preferable.

Paizo Employee Lead Designer

Nope. At this time, there is no plan to support words of power in this system.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer

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Disappointing, but it gives me a head-start converting some myself.

Dotting for interest. Let me know what you come up with =D

Hmmm. I may work around this by allowing my player to use a (mythic?) feat to add standard spells to his spell list so he can then select mythic spells for them.

I'll be sure to post what my players and I come up with here, it likely won't be for a few weeks given that we're going to need to test them out internally.

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