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Robert Brookes

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I'm a former video game designer and concept artist, living in in Newmarket, New Hampshire—over in ol' America. I run the Pathfinder blog the Encounter Table and put out weekly, free OGL content through that. I've been playing tabletop games since the early 90s, ran three Play-By-Post Pathfinder campaigns here on the Paizo forums in a post-apocalyptic alternate universe of Golarion. I worked in the video game industry as a content designer and concept artist about ten years ago, and I am vulnerable to bullets and good sushi.

Personal Pathfinder Blog: The Encounter Table

Writing Credits
Wayfinder #9 - Secretkeeper of Norgorber

Raging Swan Press
Village Backdrop: Hjalward
Demiplanes: The Twilight Demesne
Demiplanes: The Frozen Cage
GM's Miscellany - Village Backdrops II (Rifthammer)

Paizo Inc.
AP #83 - Slave Trenches of Hakotep - Bestiary Entry (Elder Sphinx)


Black Diamond Games
Into the Pit (Cartography)

Raging Swan Press
Town Backdrop: Wolfsbane Hollow

Legendary Games
Mythic Miscellany: Mythic Teamwork Feats
Mythic Miscellany: Feats of Brutality
Mythic Miscellany: Feats of the Sharpshooter
Mythic Miscellany: Divine Feats
Mythic Miscellany: Sorcerer Feats
Mythic Miscellany: Goblin Feats
Mythic Miscellany: Feats of Toughness
Mythic Hero's Handbook
Treasury of the Machine

Paizo Inc
PFS 06–14: On Sharrowsmith's Trail
PFS 07–09: The Blakros Connection
Occult Adventures
Occult Origins
Occult Realms
AP #101: The Kintargo Contract - Ecology of the Strix
Bestiary 5

Paizo Inc
Ultimate Intrigue
Horror Adventures
Inner Sea Faiths