Can I improve my "bashing" shield as if it were a weapon?

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SO uh... How does that work? the bashing special shield ability gives me a cool +1 off-hand weapon, but can I use more magic to enhance it's weapon qualities?

Yes and no, bashing allows a shield not enchanted as a weapon to be better used as one.

If you want to enchant the shield as a weapon, add a shield spike and enchant that as a weapon, however bashing and the shield spike do not stack.

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You can enchant a shield as weapon, because it is a weapon. You don't need shield spikes.
The weapon enchantment will not stack with the enchantment bonus provided by the bashing enchantment, but once it's higher than +1, it will override. The damage die increase will stay in effect though.

Thanks Blackbloodtroll, you made sense out of my jumbled thought about this. Very cool answer.

That "that" should have been an "it" and referring to the shield, posting while tired.

And yes, you don't "need" the shield spike but it changes the damage type giving you the option of using either the bashing(B) or shield spike(P), more options is always better.

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Well, if you are focusing on fighting with a shield, then delaying the weapon enchantments is better. The Shield Master feat will allow you to use the enhancements to AC as an enhancement bonus to attack and damage.

Also, shields made of special materials can bypass DR.
A mithral shield will count as silver for the purposes of bypassing DR.

If you are unsure how to price a shield made of a special material, price it as a weapon.

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