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I'm looking for an app that I can use both to record what spells are in a character's spellbook and also to track what spells are memorized.

An app designed specifically to the task would be great, but I haven't seen anything that does what I'm looking for.

I've found a 'to do list' type app that works ok, called Task Label. It allows me to make custom tasks (spells) and when I prepare a spell I assign it to a label.

Anyway, it works pretty well except there's no good way to indicate when I have a spell prepared more than once.

I'm hoping someone knows of something that works better.

Any takers?

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This app is close to what you're looking for.

Unfortunately, the marking a spell to create a custom list is a binary feature. You can't mark a spell more than once, to create a list of spells memorized more than once. You also can't make a sub-list, marking spells within your marked list.

But it's 99 cents. Try it and see if you like it.

Have you tried a spreadsheet? Simple yet effective.

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I don't know about iPod/iPad/iPhone apps but I do know android has quite a few so there should be quite a few.

How about these?


SRD Spellbook

they might not help with the memorized spells but they do provide a good spellbook/spell reference. These with say a sheet of paper or even use these character sheets and you can write them down and mark them off as you use them. This is how all my players do it. Though we use android apps.

The d20pfsrd has an app for iPad/iPhone / android that has the spell book , all spells from all books. It hasn't updated for ARG yet, but it says it will always update the newer books later.

SRD Spellbook is ok I hear.

Your better off maybe making a list of your spells that either making a sheet, or excel program, or something of the sort. Even notecards.

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Thanks for the suggestions folks, unfortunately nothing really fits. Also, not really looking for anything involving pen and paper, that's how I've done it for the last 25 years of my gaming career. This is about apps. :)

I'm primarily looking for a spellbook app rather than spell reference which is readily available, both on the web and in many many apps.

SRD Spellbook has promise in that you can create a list of spells (your spellbook) and a sub-list from that list (prepared spells), but the maintenance of the sublist is not easy nor is it very intuitively useable. For instance, a spell's level, even when sorted in level order, is not easily identifiable, nor can you set the number of each level able to be prepared. Also, the process for moving a spell from one list to another isn't very streamlined. When you're making and remaking a list of prepared spells multiple times in a game session you want efficiency in your app's workflow.

The 'Spells' app isn't a fit either. As you mention, Irontruth, you can't mark a spell more than once nor create sub-lists.

Anyway, I'll keep looking and hoping that someone creates a proper wizard spell tracking app.

Character Folio seems to do ok for spell lists and tracking. Can even write in custom stuff, which is good because it doesn't have all the new stuff.

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I once upon a time published my own app which is no longer available with the same goal in mind. There just remains nothing available for maintaining character spell lists and memorization, nor anything that displays the spells in anything but the most simple format.

One day I may go back and try again, but I may have to wait until my kids are old enough that I can make coding with them an activity instead of time I take away from being with them.

There are very few that allow this feature. It is hard to set it up in most languages.

I do know of a free app that is for D&D 3.5 whose Creator was working on a Pathfinder version. It was set up like this:

Memorization Caster(Spell book e.g. Wizard): Class Spell list -> Spell Book -> Daily Spell list.

Memorization Caster(non-spell book e.g. Cleric): Class Spell list -> Daily Spell List

Spontaneous Caster(non-spell book e.g. Sorcerer): Class Spell list -> Spells Known

It kept track of your total number of spell slots as well. And even included a wand/scroll/potion/oil tracking feature, as well as, price calculator both buying, selling, and crafting said items.

Can't find the website right now... Hope this helps.

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Protoman, Character Folio is pretty neat. I'm playing around with it.
The one complaint that I have so far is that you can't designate a subset of 'wizard spells' to be your spellbook. When you memorize you have to select from the complete list of wizard spells, which is daunting. It would be easier if you could designate a spellbook list of spells, then choose your memorized spells from that smaller, more manageable subset. But still I like it.

Azaelas, I'd be very interested in seeing that app if you can remember the name or anything else. I'm not seeing anything like it in the app store yet.

Thanks again guys.

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Everything I've looked at so far is either useless, overpriced, or both. Character Folio sounds like it would be perfect, but it says it's not currently available in the U.S.

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