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Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

Super Zero wrote:
They only need to get to the three sites within the 26 days, which is doable.

Except that after day 16 you can't find the secondary sites, as Sounrel activates Star on day 17.

From page 10: "About an hour after Star is reactivated (see area G), they
automatically and unknowingly send out a dampening signal that
scrambles the remaining signals, preventing the PCs from locating
any unexplored sites to finish the Grand Archive objective."

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

Alex Speidel wrote:
This year's special (Blessings of the Forest) is a standalone adventure, and to my knowledge we haven't done anything with any of the story elements in second edition, so I think you're fine to go in cold! If you have any interest in first edition play, you might check out PFS1 5-05 The Elven Entanglement.

…unless you have an aversion to COUS’s

Centipedes of unusual size
Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

It's not an easy thing to design an adventure that is appropriate for 4 level 1 PCs through 6 level 4 PCs. While there may be multiple ways of organizing the changes needed across that disparate range, dividing it into 2 basic sub-tiers as a start seems reasonable, with adjustments from those 2 base lines for more powerful parties.

I can tell you that in practice it works very well.

Also, remember that for parties of 16-18 challenge points, the number of PCs makes a difference. Parties of 5 or more will play the low subtier (with the most adjustments), while 4 PCs will play the higher subtier (with no adjustments). This is because the higher level enemies appropriate for the higher subtier may be very difficult for lower level PCs, even if there are more of them.

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

Seconding everything ninthwatcher said. To say it more generally, the character's levels are only used to calculate the challenge points. Once you have the challenge point total you then go entirely off the Determine the Level Range section in the Org Play Guide. This would mean, for instance, that a party of 5 level 2s and a level 3 would play in the 3-4 subtier, despite being nearly all level 1-2.

Which scenario was it? Some can be deadlier than others.

Sovereign Court

Linda Zayas-Palmer wrote:
Replace "shaken" with "frightened 1". In cases where the condition lasts for 3 rounds, add the stipulation that the condition's value does not decrease at the end of each turn until the 3 rounds have passed.

Please see the thread in the GM forum for more spoilery questions.

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

2 other issues:
No save DC was provided for the Bugbear Trickster's Kick Sand ability.
The shaken condition is referenced on page 12. PF2 has no shaken condition.

The standard DC for a level 5 creature seems reasonable, so until we get an answer I'll use DC 20.

For shaken, frightened 1 perhaps is a good stand-in.

But some more official feedback would be appreciated.

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

Starting the prep on this, and wondering about the shadow cannons. They list an attack modifier, but it's a 5' burst with a basic reflex save. Whose AC do you roll against? I suspect the attack modifier is in error and should be removed?

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

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My initial reading of the Fastening Leap ability is that it does allow grabbing automatically (no action), but that it doesn't make the target flat footed. I've always played bloodseeker's attach as not making the target flat-footed, and the dig-widget uses the same language. But it makes more sense for a tiny creature not to bog someone down than it does for a small one.

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

Doug Hahn wrote:
I have not allowed it; I mentioned my reasoning above.

Wow, completely missed that post.

Anyway, before they left Absalom I had some veteran Pathfinders recommend the slower party members get mounts in Aspenthar.

As anticipated I had a low tier party, and two of the four had 25’ movement. As it was they found Star on day 15 without visiting a third ruin site or the western oasis (which cost them a treasure bundle). I was not going to spring this “gotcha” on my players without giving them the chance to buy a mount.

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

I've seen mention of encouraging the PCs to purchase mounts for this...but seeing how the Society doesn't even have spare food to sell the PCs and if you mention that you have your own mount they foist the supplies onto it and take back the dromedary they're providing, seems pretty unlikely they'd have mounts to sell them. Both of these things I'm pulling from the question and answer portion of the briefing.

Have other GMs been allowing the purchase of mounts? As written, it doesn't make sense to me they would be available. But as written, this scenario is already quite punishing, especially for low tier where most PCs will still have a speed of 25.

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

I'm going to be running this next week. When I played it, the GM didn't have us affected by the Scale at all (no downgrading the success level of first roll each encounter, and no winds that suddenly abate when you head south). I'd like to play up this aspect more, so that the PCs might be more inclined to dig into the cargo and find the scale, maybe have someone wear it.

For any GMs who have done something similar, how obvious did you make the shifting of the winds during the player's journey? Any winding east-west coastal road is going to have portions where it travels south, did you have the wind just stop every time the wagon turns south along the road? Or did you take into account the intent? That is, if the players are taking the scale to Absalom, the winds still oppose them even if they're coincidentally heading south at some points in the journey?

Edit: Also, how might a PC carrying the scale change how the wild animals react? Kind of doesn't make much sense for them to be diving into the wagon if the scale isn't there.

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

Nefreet wrote:

In-person? Or online?

Online tickets don't go live until July 10th, so they can't be sold out yet.

In person.

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

Sooo, I'm newly returning to PF/PFS, and decided to get a GenCon badge, then realized all the events are sold out. Can anyone comment on how realistic it might be to get into games with generics?

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

Paisley5002 wrote:
Talon I'd be great with having you in our party. So if we have a full party, does anyone know or want a particular GM? If we could i'd like to meet the GM beforehand because I have alot to explain about how my abilities work

Sounds great. I’ll pm you and we can coordinate.

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

Paisley5002 wrote:
Eden Rose wrote:
That's fair, and thank you for being honest. My martial friend does do a BUNCH of damage, especially if he crits, but that's about it, I wouldn't really describe ourselves as OP though. However, this is champion mode, in terms of the game we're looking for we do want to play with people who are prepared for some situations that may occur (swarms, flying enemies, DR, etc), and have most of the tools they may need in those cases, be it alternate weapons, potions, scrolls, things like that. I unfortunately had a bad experience at a seeker table last year where the fighters had no way to fly.

There is definitely a difference between munchkin-ing your character and being a well equipped/built character. We are definitely experienced players that are well equipped for a variety of scenarios (flying included).

Did the fighters at least have some ranged weapons? That's rough because at this level flying enemies are fairly commonplace.

They did not, me and another wizard in the party kinda dragged them through the thing with the gear we had, also at the end the wizard cast limited wish to get them to bypass the DR 20/good that the final boss had, it was pretty funny

But this sounds great, so far that leaves us with: an arcanist, an oracle, a TWF rogue, a bloodrager, and a fighter, which puts us at 5 players, so we should have room for one more

My 16 archer warpriest might be a good fit for your 6th. She’s a well built archer with plenty of self buffs (of course) plus a few party buffs/status removal, and can give the whole party freedom of movement as a swift and summons a bard song singing azata for us. :)

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

Level 16 warpriest archer here, with a15-16 champion ticket. Looking for an adventurous party looking for a challenge.

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

This is the first year I’ve ever gotten 0 of the events I actually wanted, which was the special and the 2 capstone scenarios. I was 6800ish in line when I submitted right at noon. Also didn’t get any PFS2 slots. I know there are only so many GMs, and so many tables, so this is just me venting and not demanding a solution, but at this point there’s no reason for me to even attend. I also realize things will shift around between now and Con time, so I’ll be watching of course (until June 30, the refund deadline). I’m just rather disappointed and disheartened to have been shut out so thoroughly.

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

I’m also planning on 15-16 Champion, with either a 16 archer warpriest (liberation and good domains), or a 16 aether kineticist (>350hp woohoo).

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

The Passing the Torch scenarios are listed as 12-15. Is that a typo?
Those scenarios are listed as 12-18 on their product pages.

Sovereign Court


Sovereign Court

Please cancel my Pathfinder RPG, Campaign Setting and Player Companion subscriptions.

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

Thanks Hilary,

Here’s the email I attempted to send their way:

Due to an injury sustained last night, I may not be able to attend Gencon this year at all. Best case I’ll be there late, but on crutches and possibly still in pain. I regretfully will need to withdraw my GM commitment.

With heavy heart and propped up leg,

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

I need to contact the Gen con leads, and the autoreply email I received said to refer to my welcome letter for their cell numbers, which I understand will be given out at Gencon. Anyone know how to contact them now?


Sovereign Court

My order appears to be complete, and on the product pages it says they are in my downloads. However, they are missing from my downloads page.



Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

It’s definitely the same temple. Parveen is trapped in this temple. The PCs interrupted the previous attempt to free Parveen in Champion’s Chalice part 2, while in this scenario the PCs are stopping the Aspis from freeing Parveen.

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

*grumble grumble* So nothing at all for PFS Saturday night? I too have less than 0 interest in Starfinder.

Sovereign Court

I'll be running this at Cincycon next weekend, do we know what maps it will use?

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

Amber Hipsher wrote:

So, question about the jeweled sage boon. It says "If you have fulfilled at least 10 goals across these cards and have either earned the ...."

Is the only way you can get this by having more than one season card? If a character were to start with season 9's faction card, then how could they obtain this if there are only 9 goals on the season 9 faction card?

Correct me if I'm reading this wrong, but I've got a bunch of players and a few GMs wondering.

I asked the same question 6 posts upthread. I see it the same way you do. A character who started with Scarab Sages in Season 9 (whether due to switching factions or simply being the character's first faction) cannot fulfill the 10 goals required to qualify for the boon.

This makes my lvl 10 arcanist that I played 9-07 with very sad. 20PP down the drain too.

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

Correct me if I'm seeing something incorrectly here, but it appears to be impossible to switch to Scarab Sages in Season 9 and be able to obtain the Jeweled Sage vanity.

In order to purchase the vanity, you need 10 Scarab Sages faction goals fulfilled. By switching now you'd have to start with the Season 9 faction card, which only has 9 goals. The faction retires at the end of Season 9, so there will not be an opportunity to start another card. Am I missing anything?

Sovereign Court

So I was looking over my recent subscription orders and my product, and I noticed some missing items. Checking back, it appears that package 1032546 never got here. I did receive package 1029967, containing Flip Mat Bigger Keep.

What recourse do I have at this point?


Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

Mr. Bonkers wrote:
Also, **** Talons.

Those asterisks are masking the word "hug" right? :)

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

That stat blocks for the harpies already include Good Hope and Inspire Courage. Those bonuses weren't getting added twice were they? I mean, it's definitely a tough fight, but you guys seem to have had a particularly rough time, so I wonder if that point was overlooked.

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

I would also like to see the GM boards split. They are two different games, with different scenarios. I have no interest in SFS and so would prefer to have the ability to shut that board off into a closed category that I never have to look at again (unless I change my mind at some point).

Sovereign Court

Gauss and Dasrak are correct here. Badbird is reading far too much into the wording. Having to use your 10'/cleric level allowance in 5' increments means only that the distance has to be in multiples of 5', no other restriction is implied by that passage.

Sovereign Court

Katapesh Fried Chicken wrote:

As far as I know you can't stack long arm with enlarge person. Since both are magical effects that affect size. Enlarge Person spells that out in it's spell description.

Enlarge Person

Long Arm doesn't affect size, only reach. I see no reason they would not stack.

Sovereign Court

Enlarged, reach weapon 3 and 4
Enlarged, long arm, reach weapon: 3, 4, and 5

I believe you are correct except for corrections I've made above. Being enlarged doubles your reach, including the 'dead space' around you where you cannot attack with the reach weapon.

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

The descriptive text does not match the image. The image has the throne even with platform F, 100 feet below the elevator shaft's bottom. Theimage shows the floor of the chamber about 100 feet below the throne.

Sovereign Court

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Lausth wrote:
Sooo.....Anything good in elemental master's handbook?

There's a feat, available at 7th level, that lets you move half your speed while gathering power. I'm going to have to hold off taking my Kinetic Knight to 7th until AR gets updated.

Sovereign Court

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I'll also point out that a Scabbard of Vigor doesn't take up a slot, so there's no reason to be concerned about a Belt of Strength, if that was the only concern.

Sovereign Court

Chris Lambertz wrote:
Zaister wrote:
Sorry to push this to the top again, but it would really be helpful if the PDFs of this product were usable on Apple devices, which currently is just not the case. It's been more than a year now since Chris promised to get this fixed...
I've already posted in response to the thread in the Customer Service forum, but this simply slipped off my radar. I'm getting it back on my to-do list and hope to have the fix completed and out soon. Apologies once again for the delay, folks!


Sovereign Court

Any idea when player signups will begin?

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

My archer warpriest got walled in by herself with the king when I played this. I was resigned to paying the raise dead prestige. When the king's turn came up he rolled low single digits for every attack. Then it was time for my point blank master full attack to his face and he dropped like a 20 ton rock. It was a glorious day.

Sovereign Court

Ravingdork wrote:
Melkiador wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:

From the newly released Aquatic Adventures:

Attacks that deal bludgeoning damage by pushing water, such as a kineticist’s water blast, also take no penalty and deal full damage underwater.


Hmm. Can a telekineticist use water as his object for his attacks?
I would certainly allow it in my games. They can throw rocks. Why not water too?

That's an interesting thought, particularly since I'm considering playing through an upcoming underwater PFS scenario with my Telekineticist.

This brings up something that I've seen touched on but I haven't seen it explored. A telekineticist uses his kinetic blast to throw objects at people. It's a ranged attack clearly, but do you use the range and direction of attack based on the TK himself or from the object that is being thrown? This has implications for cover. I have always assumed the former, and it's the way I've always played it for the sake of simplicity. But it can change how cover is calculated if you use the position of the object. I think that's what the Snake infusion is for.

The above question also has implications specific to underwater combat. If I can throw an object (or a mass of water) at someone from a square adjacent to them do I only take a -2 penalty even though I'm 30 feet away? Or am I taking the entire -12, no matter what I throw? Or if I'm throwing a mass of water, do I not take penalties at all, just like a hydrokineticist?

I think I'd be taking -12 no matter what, but I could be persuaded otherwise.

Either way I'll have to talk to the GM about it and see how he's going to run it, and that may impact who I bring to the game.

Sovereign Court

@Garbage-Tier Waifu: I agree with you on Bladed Dash, I was speaking mainly of Teleport/DD and other such spells. I don't like it, since I was playing a Magus as my primary PC at the time that spell came out, but I saw the error of my ways, grudgingly. :)

Sovereign Court

There are lots of definitions of 'Move'. We're currently moving through space on the Earth. If you're on a ship, you're moving across the ocean. If I'm on a horse, I can guide the horse to move me across the battlefield. I can (really I can) harness arcane energies to wink me out of existence in one place and make me reappear in another. None of these things prevent a 5' step because they aren't Movement, as outlined in Chapter 7 of the Core Rulebook, starting on Page 160. Note that in the case of the horse, I'm the controlling agent. Is my control of the horse any different than my control of magic that makes me teleport?

I get that there are going to be corner cases and, obviously judging by this thread, disagreements. But that's how every game I've been in has treated the situation, at least as far as I'm aware, obviously it doesn't come up at every table.

@Fuzzy-Wuzzy: Why does it take a feat to take that AoO? Because Teleport magic isn't 'movement' as referenced by the Movement section of the book and the AoO rules. The feat you're referencing has nothing to do with AoOs related to movement.

English is so heavily context sensitive that it makes writing a really tight set of rules difficult. I guess it would be nice to get a FAQ entry to clear the matter up completely.

Sovereign Court

ViConstantine wrote:
avr wrote:

If a large damage die is necessary for you to be lucky there is one more alternative. I'd forgotten it at first. There are some problems - it starts off slowly and you have to worship the Goddess of Shallow but Stubborn Cheerleaders. If you're after 1d10+dex mod damage on a slayer though, the bladed brush feat is for you.

Assuming pure slayer then it'd start
1: Weapon Finesse
Human: Weapon Focus (glaive)
2: Combat Trick: Bladed Brush
3: Slashing Grace

I'd probably get that 13 Str so that levels 1-2 aren't a disaster, and so you can take power attack. Combat reflexes would also be on the get early list. You could then build on one of those two or maybe head for a trip build, a reach weapon helps with that.

I never knew this feat existed and its absolutely hilarious, this is probably the best suggestion ive seen one one of these posts in a very long time. I appreciate it very much. For all of you who have mentioned something, thank you. I dont plan to dip anymore than a single level of anything if needed and if I go the glaive route, I dont even have to and thats marvelous. Thank you guys.

This feat made me very happy until I realized it is not PFS legal. :(

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

I'm wondering if the version of Solstice Scar being run at Origins (Jun 14-18) will be the same version run at GenCon? I would think so, but I don't want to assume and find out later I was wrong.

And if they are the same (if I'm reading correctly) that means I would only be able to play in one of them, correct?

Sovereign Court 3/5 ***

I started around 2600 I think. Down to 781 right now.

Sovereign Court

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DM_Blake wrote:

The Reach Spell feat says:

SRD, Reach Spell wrote:
Spells modified by this feat that require melee touch attacks instead require ranged touch attacks.

See the part I bolded. The ONLY spells that get a ranged touch attack are spells that require melee touch attacks. Cure X Wounds does not require a melee touch attack when used to heal an ally, so it doesn't require a ranged touch attack when modified by Reach Spell.

Just jumping on the bandwagon here, DM Blake's post here really should have ended the discussion. No touch attack roll, therefore no ranged attack roll (assuming a willing target).

Sovereign Court

Ok, nevermind, I looked over my 2 PFS warpriests, and I'm totally using the FCB as the Warpriest bonus feat class feature. Not sure where my head was there. Carry on! (my wayward son)

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