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So I thought that 3.5 had a rule that if you had DR/XX, you automatically overcame DR/XX on other creatures. Is that no longer the case in PF? It seems to explicitly call out certain ones that overcome - eg magic overcomes magic, evil subtype overcomes DR/evil. So if two flesh golems with DR/adamantine are fighting each other, do they bypass each other's DR?

I have not seen that rule. To my knowledge, if you want DR bypassing attacks with a natural weapon the only way to do so is to get an enhancement bonus high enough (+3 for cold iron / silver, +4 for adamantine, +5 for alignment or be a creature of that alignments subtype).

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actually thats 3.0

its just alignment subtypes and dr/magic that overcome dr

only dr/mqgic calls out overcoming dr/magic. the alignment thing is a property of the subtype, not the dr.

so 2 flesh golems will be beating eachother all day

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It's actually very tough, since one of the only ways to get an enhancement bonus on natural weapons is through greater magic fang, which doesn't bypass DR (other than magic).

The Versatile Weapon spell let's a natural attack overcome most kinds of DR (except magic, adamantine and alignment).

Or you could have sentient flesh golems with ranks in the Martial Artist monk archetype and use Exploit Weakness. Now that would be some fight.

Does the greater magic fang spell overcome DR/ (equivalent+3)? Such as silver, when you get to +3 bonus from the spell itself. My understanding (from page 562 Core Rulebook), is the chart has weapon enhance bonus must overcome the "plus" barrier to bypass that metals DR.

I know the spell says it, "This bonus does not allow a natural attack or unarmed strike to bypass damage reduction aside from magic."

But since the chart says silver/cold iron is bypassed by +3 magic weapon bonus. Does this mean silver/cold iron are equivalent to +3 magic. Thus being bypassable with greater magic fang caster level high enough for +3 enchantment bonus?

What do you GM's think? Working on pfs legal natural attack build for ape animal companion. And I don't want to gimp the party at higher levels when we run into outsiders and golems. So far my only recourse is amulet of mighty fists. And that is very expensive.

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