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Does anyone have any good stories on how they have used magic and binding circles in play? I'm looking for inspiration, I'm leveling up an occultist and just getting the cool abilities.

Both of those are good answers. I'll use that until I get over ruled. Thanks!

Does anyone know what the range of implements are? There are ones that have specific range like Energy Ray from the Evocation implement has a listed range of 30 ft.

But for powers like Shadow Beast in the Illusion and the Necromantic Servant in Necromancy, there is no range given. So when I use them, does the summoned creature appear where I want it? 30ft? 100ft? Next to opponent?

So Node of Blasting only has verbal spell component. Casting time of standard action.

So if you had a bow in your hand when you start the round. You could cast it on the arrow head. Then next round you attack with the bow normally, the arrow head touches(defined: to come into or be in contact with) creature with a mind. Touch initiates node of blasting.

Damage would be Normal Arrow Damage + 6d6(will save for half, bypasses SR) then staggered for 1 round if fails the save.

It's a 3rd level spell(2nd occultist). Never gets better than 6d6, single target, and takes 2 rounds to pull off. WORSE than a fireball or equivalent.

As a GM I'd allow it. As a player, I'd probably never use it unless I'm fighting a tough spell resistant big bad and the party is out of options.

But I would use it if I was running from something and could get a round ahead of the chaser. Either cast on a door or a floor panel as I run by. If you have a generous GM the chaser will trigger it.

Play on Player!

A Wizard can't take Improved Familiar feat to apply to familiar with Mauler archetype. Reason stated on this thread by:

"Chess Pwn Tue, May 26, 2015, 11:58 am

Improved Familiars can't be maulers as they don't have the speak with others of it's kind ability to trade out."

And I agree.

BUT I have another argument for you all to hash out.

The Pact Wizard archetypes True Form ability may be the loop hole.

"At 7th level, a pact wizard's familiar reveals its true form, automatically transforming into an outsider improved familiar of the chosen subtype."

I argue that if your familiar is already a Mauler Archetype, it will "automatically" transform into the outsider improved familiar. This is NOT an application of the feat that has requirements. So it does not need to have speak with animals of it own kind to trade out. This is a Extraordinary Ability (Ex) of the Pact Wizard class.

Thanks Giorgo,

I will repost in GW. Feel free to follow and redo comments there.


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So I like all the content added of EE7.1. But the new feature of having to pay for training is killing me. We already have the time wait of xp and the Points system(arcane, adventuring, yada yada...) The points are the real xp of the game. "You must complete 1200 encounters before you can level____ ability."

The coin training requirement is forced grinding. I only can play for a few short hours a week. If that time is spent gathering and not killing. I get no copper. If I use it to grind kills I now have to not only look for humanoids that have possible coin drop, I only get mayby 15 copper per two hours!

I know, I know what your going to say. Get in a group and grind 40 encounters per hour. Or craft and sell stuff. Though I am lucky my company doesn't boot me for slow progression in this game because they are real life friends. But we are on sporadically. I tend to solo, explore, and gather as much as possible to put into company bank. I feel I'm more valuable as a gatherer. And why not grind crafts? First, only a few hours play remember? Second, stuff doesn't sell.

Hey it's my sandbox too. Why is my way the wrong way? Why am I getting penalized for playing in my sandbox.

Developers! If you keep this feature, please increase the coin drop rate for solo play. And put coins in monsters stomachs. That makes sense right? Monsters ate travelers! See that works!!!

My main beef with the base camps is loosing banked items when you take the camp down.

Everyone wants this game to be realistic. Well realistic would let me put it my backpack just like breaking down camp in real life.

I don't see value in using basecamp for the bank. Unless I'm on a good loot run and then have to run from portable node hunters(aka loot gankers). And/or notice lots of ganking in the area.

I'd rather take loot to nearest town than use the base camp bank.

The big value is power regeneration.

With the lore warden example, I was just wondering if it would be like the ranger combat feats. Once you got one feat then you have the pre-reqs for the rest of the feat chain.

What about a 2 level dip in fighter archetype lore warden?

At 2nd level, a lore warden gains Combat Expertise as a bonus feat, even if he would not normally qualify for this feat.

Would that qualify as the pre-req for Pack Flanking?

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This thread worries me. I am about to make a wizard type. I like combat and adventuring. I know there is the crafting rush. But my idea of fun is not sitting at the forge cranking out magic items. I want to use these items too. I want to run around and be able to defend myself.

What are you all's thoughts on this style?

"At 6th level, the naga aspirant can use her wild shape ability (gained at 4th level, as normal) to assume the form of a true naga. This effect functions in a similar manner to a shapechange spell with the following exception. The druid's true naga form is unique, representing her personal evolution. When taking naga form, the nagaji's body transforms into that of a large serpent, though she keeps her own head. The naga aspirant loses her limbs and her size increases by one category, granting her a +4 size bonus to Strength and Constitution, a –2 penalty to Dexterity, and a +2 enhancement bonus to her natural armor bonus. She gains a +10 enhancement bonus to land speed and a bite attack that deals 1d6 points of damage. She can cast verbal spells in this form, but cannot cast spells with other components without metamagic or feats such as Natural Spell.

This ability otherwise works like and replaces wild shape."

My question is does the Druid gain the true naga form in addition to normal wild shape forms. Or is it limited to true naga form only.

I ask because the first sentence says,"...the naga aspirant can use her wild shape ability to assume the form..." Is that "can" that makes me think the meaning is to use normal wild shape to get a true naga form.

What do rules lawyers say?

I'm planning a multi class character. Is there a trait that allows a second favored class bonus. I hate to give up these nifty bonuses in the second class.

This is a cool idea. If you specialized in this build you still have intelligence to be a skill monkey build too. And not giving anything up really.

So, my question is how do you plan to make opponents flat footed or loose dex modifier. The description for the precise damage requires the opponent to qualify for SA damage. It would be awesome. Specially when you get the drop on them and do splash AOE plus SA damage to opponents before they move.

Looks like you would have to have all opponents be set up for ranged sneak attack. That is usually tough in games I've played.

Precise Splash Weapons (Ex)

At 4th level, an underground chemist can deal sneak attack damage with splash weapons. The attack must be her first attack that round, qualify for dealing sneak attack damage (such as against a flat-footed target), and be directed at a creature rather than a square.

This ability replaces the rogue talent gained at 4th level.

How would you retrain the original spirit in the ACG Shaman? Example changing spirit bones to spirit fire?

Would it be like retraining an archetype, so just class feature you gained so far(5 days), spirit? Or retraining three class features (15 days) spirit, spirit animal, or spirit magic?

Or is it so ingrained with the class that it you have to retrain a class level(7 days)? Then, the question is if the shaman is level 5, do you retrain all 5 levels(35 days)?

Finnaly a question with substance. So tired of seeing boon questions. And worst table ever... Thank you OP!

Would Deny Succor stop regeneration? Fast Healing? If so, that is not a bad debuff. Especially since SR doesn't apply to Supernatural Abilities (Su).

Nagaji, wayang, kitsune. Does anyone know what the favored class bonuses are for these races for the new advanced class guide classes?

So how may wayfinders you plan on wearing?

I bet someone will say the mechanic already exists in the form of cover and soft cover rules. Improvised weapons impose a -4 to attack.

A table would give +4 to your AC. A bench maybe partial cover with a +2 to AC. But on the flip side, your opponents will get the same bonuses. So you do get negative effects of improvising a shield.

How about a druid and mounted combat type? Get melee teamwork feats in the beginning, then some mounted stuff. The druid changes into a large ride-able creature at 6th. Get a lance to charge in. And if the druids form has pounce. It would be lethal.

He-Man and Battle Cat... or She-Ra and Gringer.

Cool combo. I think he means to play in pfs and wants to know if he will get pfs lawyer blocked when stacking the weapon bonuses.

I agree that only the sorcerers and oracles can use the item. As they are true spontaneous casters.

I disagree on the material component cost that Chris(in polite disagreement with a Venture-Lieutenant) argues. Because in the last line of the description of the Mnemonic Vestment:

"The surface of this delicate-looking blue silk robe is adorned with tiny embossed runes across its entire surface

If the wearer is a spontaneous caster, once per day she may use a spell slot to cast a spell from a written source (such as a scroll or spellbook) as if she knew that spell. The spell must be on her spell list, the same spell level or lower than the expended spell slot, and the same type of spell (arcane or divine) as the spell slot expended. The caster must also understand the written source (such as using Decipher Script (Editor’s Note: This should probably be Spellcraft.) or read magic) and be carrying it. Activating the robe is not an action, but casting the spell otherwise works as normal, including casting time, providing components or foci, and so on. Using a mnemonic vestment’s properties does not consume the written source."

...DOES NOT CONSUME THE WRITTEN SOURCE. This means that if the source is consumable, then the source is not consumed. Simple English.

Upon scroll creation, the material component is used. And the scroll is not consumed, the scroll is intact for another use. BUT if you cast from a spellbook, then you need the material components.

Is it a overpowered, possibly unintended use of the Mnemonic Vestment. That's up to piazo and homegame GMs. Until either make a ruling, cast on bro!!!!

Btw, is there a pfs ruling or FAQ? I didn't see one with quick search of msg boards. But have no problem adhering to rulings.

Splash babies need to suck it up. Like Samish pointed out, not every action has a favorable outcome. I have seen melee miss 5+ times in a row. Should we make them stand in back and do nothing due to their lack of effectiveness? The dice rolls are random. Just like the splash attack. Rolls will not always be in our favor.

Sometimes in close quarters it is better for melee to take a fireball for the team to kill 5 opponents.

I've seen melee, open doors before traps can been searched for, screwing the party with aoe traps. Not a good choice. It boils down to choices. What is needed at the moment. We are adventurers and we need/must adapt to every situation.

-Play more and cry on

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I wish the game never evolved in the weapon material direction. It has taken the specialness away from finding magical gear certain encounters.

Back in the day, we would totally celebrate finding the smallest item. +1 longsowrd. Hooah!!! Potion of... Hells yeah!

Now it's more like crap, sell it to buy adamantium. (Screw wolverine for making that popular.)

Damage reduction was special in that everyone feared running a couple of werewolf. You had to think outside the box to get around the encounter. Now. Lycanthropes are a footnote. Just hand me the golf club bag and fish out the silver, boom over.

Alas, pfs melee are stuck with this system of upgrade each golf club at a time.

I guess I'll just roll a gnome witch next. You know, to keep up with the golf bag. And they're magic!

Thanks. It's pretty far back in both characters records. I am out of luck unless I start a new one.

If I get a boon on chronicle sheet (such as a unique familiar), and this character will never use it. Is it transferable to a different pfs character i have that is a familiar eligible class?

Does the greater magic fang spell overcome DR/ (equivalent+3)? Such as silver, when you get to +3 bonus from the spell itself. My understanding (from page 562 Core Rulebook), is the chart has weapon enhance bonus must overcome the "plus" barrier to bypass that metals DR.

I know the spell says it, "This bonus does not allow a natural attack or unarmed strike to bypass damage reduction aside from magic."

But since the chart says silver/cold iron is bypassed by +3 magic weapon bonus. Does this mean silver/cold iron are equivalent to +3 magic. Thus being bypassable with greater magic fang caster level high enough for +3 enchantment bonus?

What do you GM's think? Working on pfs legal natural attack build for ape animal companion. And I don't want to gimp the party at higher levels when we run into outsiders and golems. So far my only recourse is amulet of mighty fists. And that is very expensive.

Can we use the PF Reference Document that you can buy for the iPad in iTunes Store? The one that you have buy each book in addition to the app.

It's great reference at the table. It would be great if I this was accepted in society and Con games. So I wouldn't have lug my books to GenCon. I do have PDFs of some. But I own a lot of physical copy's without the equivalent PDFs. And it's gets heavy quick. The PF Reverence App covers 11 books. All paid for.

Does anyone know?

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I like this. But I think I would go with cestus. Same number of attacks. And swap out as needed for Damage Resistance bypassing. Cold iron, silver, ... I would probably only do Simple Weapons Proficiency feat instead of Additional Traits/Heirloom Weapon so I wouldn't be locked into that specific weapon.


This is a post on the Andoran message board. Funny, first post is complaining about his last mission was to commit murder to cover up his faction leaders infidelity. lol. And we are not allowed to play evil.

This wasn't meant to be a good evil debate. Just that evil is tracked and good isn't. Mystic said it better than I.

I think if it so easy to earn an evil mark. It should be just as easy for a good mark to be earned. We do "good" all the time. By tracking it just gives us something else to police. And that is not good.

Before anyone says it. Paladins have special rules... yadda yadda.

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I hear and see all the time, "That is an evil act. I'll have to put mark on your chronicle sheet that you did ______. You are in danger of changing alignment to evil."

What about all the Good acts/spells/etc.? So if a neutral cleric casts an animate dead spell or uses the command undead channel feat. You start slipping towards evil? Does the fact that the cleric spams heals every module make him/her slip towards good? If so, my neutral characters better stop that.

Healing spells are inherently good acts right? Just because a pathfinder makes a deal with an evil outsider, animates a corpse, or intimidates a "good" NPC with violence. That would make them evil. Even though said character just saved a poor village from a plague/monsters/corruption last week. He/she will be evil now.

I think every module is created ,unintentionally , with the idea that "the end justifies the means." Why else hire adventurers (aka mercenaries) to do the job? Pathfinders are hired guns. Simple as that. Is that evil? And now boons let us play monsters now? Slippery slope to evil.

What about neutral rangers and druids that believe in survival of the fittest? Will they get an evil mark because they believe that the poor village should be able to hold their own? Standing by and doing nothing to save it.

So I say give me an evil mark. I will cast a CLW spell in a minute and be neutral again.

I really wish this thread would die. It's ok. Let it die. No need for more of the same repeated arguments. This one has been whipped to death. Please let it die.