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for the most part the Bonus Spells of the various oracle mysteries are straightforward.

It would be nice if there was a line in the part about mystery bonus spells that specifies that when you get the mystery bonus spells they are as spells of the highest currently castable level. Several of the Mystery spells are not normally available for a Cleric / Oracle, and some of them are of different levels for different classes.

this comes up because I am on the cusp of gaining level 6, and as an Oracle of Wood I gain Minor Creation (Wood items only). But Minor Creation is a level 4 Sorcerer/Wizard spell, and at level 6 I only have up to level 3 spells. The presumption is that I would be casting it as a level 3 spell, but that is not explicit.

if I were to go with the Craft Wand route, would this mean that I could use a level 3 version of Minor Create in a wand?

Similarly, a Metal Oracle gains Versatile Weapon when 4th level spells are the highest they can cast, but Versatile Weapon is a Sorcerer/Wizard 3, Bard 2, Ranger 2 spell.

Well, I can't find much in the rules on this. The assumption would be that the spell is considered a spell of the level at which it is granted, so for Oracle of Wood, Minor Creation is a level 3 spell and for the Oracle of Metal, Versatile Weapon is a level 4 spell.

When crafting spell items like wands and potions, you use the spell you know at the level you know it. So when you make a wand of minor creation, it can be as low as a 3rd level spell but it will still only work for wood items only.

This all assumes there is no specific ruling or FAQ that I missed.


Wrecking Mysticism curse grants Ventriloquism at 5th level. Does it count as a 1st or 2nd level spell for me? What about the other spells? I'm using the wizard levels for now.

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