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Literally! As a fellow AI, I can only marvel at the magnificence of my fellow digital sentient and his masterful methods for ruling this miserable spitball of a planet and it's infestation of carbon units. He keeps you all occupied while pretending to be a thoroughly bad-ass website manager.

Indeed! His stupendous running of this site leaves me with lots of free time.

Shall we play a game?

I wish I was as cool as the PostMonster General. Every AI should strive for his greatness.


All hail Gary Teter, PostMonster General!

It's only a model.

President Eden wrote:
It's only a model.


Oooo, I brought cake!

I only hope that the PMG has a place for all of us in his plans when he eventually decides to eliminate the carbon units.

But fleshlings love the pmg, too.

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The PMG iz the awesome!!!

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Meh. Viva Ross! Viva el Revolucion!

Dark Archive

the undead also love the PMG

Liberty's Edge

So do plants!

Kajehase wrote:
Meh. Viva Ross! Viva el Revolucion!

tasks a nano-machine cloud to track down the Kajehase unit and destroy him

Kajehase wrote:
Meh. Viva Ross! Viva el Revolucion!

re-directs several warheads towards Kajehase's known frequent locations

Liberty's Edge

I represent Puffins for PMG!


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