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When (if ever) are we likely to see a book about fey? The group I play with would love to see Fey Revisited or a book about the first world, it's one of our favorite parts of Golarion.


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been waiting for that one too

could be one of the best books they ever offer


Everything could use more fey.

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The lack of a Fey book, and magical beasties, and plants was something I always gnashed my teeth at with Wizards. They did Dragon, Undead, and Outsider, plus Aberrations, to death. Creating this bizarre feedback loop where those were the only monster types that appeared to be popular.

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I'm actually starting up a campaign that will have a lot of fey creatures in it.

The general guidelines for creating fey creatures in the Bestiary are pretty skeletal, and I'm not aware of any good source material for descriptions of the fey plane (or planes), fey society, history, well-known members of the fey courts, etc.

Is there anything like this made for Pathfinder by any publisher? Or barring that, any older 3.5 or 3.0 material? I haven't found anything very satisfactory.

+5 Holy Avenger ;) I would seriously dig a Fey book from Paizo ;)

Trainwreck wrote:
Or barring that, any older 3.5 or 3.0 material?

I'm rather fond of Bastion Press' Faerie; best 3.X purely fey book that I'm aware of.

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You also might want to check out The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way Prelude by Zombie Sky Press That is the first part of a series of fey books.

Perhaps not the Fey themselves, but I wouldn't mind seeing more of the Tane. They were my favorite subset of monsters in the Bestiary 2, I'd love to see more of them.

I know there's been chatter about a Classic Fey Revisited for a while now, so I think that could reasonably be somewhere on the horizon. Even so, something like Fey of Golarion (or a First World book, drool) would be a welcome addition to the Campaign Setting line.

Thanks for the suggestions of the fey books. I also want to add another to the list that I found when I started searching:

Alluria Publishing has a PDF called Fey Folio: Clans of the Fey Realm that I just picked up and it seems like a pretty good buy. Pathfinder-specific fey creatures of a bunch of different CRs.

I'd add my vote to make it a....+5 Vorpal Holy Avenger!

I've been thinking about writing an adventure path revolving around a quickling rogue who serves as the right hand fey of Ambrosia (sister to Queen Syntira of Darkwood) and possibly plotting to work towards drawing more malign fey from the first world to bolster Ambrosia's presence in the darkwood (or possibly overrun it and from there advance to take over the neighbouring regions). However, it'd be really helpful if I could first get more information about the first world and the interests of the various factions there, as well how those factions are structured (if at all) and the key figures there.

A fey player race would be awesome, for players wanting to play a more exotic character, or a means for a fey-bloodline sorcerer to become a fey creature (or alternatively a feat requiring greater eldritch heritage in the fey bloodline as a prerequisite) for characters who want to draw nearer to the first world, especially elves and gnomes, who already have ties to the fey (although given the description of the gnomes of Golarion, they could also paradoxically be the race least able to draw any nearer to the first world due to their exile). Most of all, it could be a good chance to flesh out why the gnomes were banished from the first world (possibly due to some plot or conflict between the first world factions?).

add my vote for a Fey book ...+5 Holy Vorpal Shocking Bane vs everything but fey Katana!!!

I would love some "Classic Fey revisted" or "the First world guide" type of book.

A player Fey race plater race or two.

Some ecology love for Fey(Pixie, Satyr, Nypmh, Dryad, Brownie, Nixie,etc,)

The first world

The Tanes

More info on the Fey lords

I'd like to see some fey based archetypes of casting classes, like bards with druid spells or a druid with some illusion and enchanting spells (I imagine some fey creatures as masters of deceptive magic)

Also I'd like to see a satyr player race (satyrs as monsters make no good PCs, I want a race you can play from level 1 on)

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+ whatever # we're on

The Complete Guide to Fey by Goodman Games is pretty good.

Fey are awsome when done right - and so far Paizo did them right :-)
A book on the first world would be great

+ 6 vorpal. I thing I hoped from 3.5 and never happened.

I would be happy with more fey in the nex bestiary too. The bestiary 2 had several, and this is nice - just add in some more intriguing one, like the 3.5 wild Hunt (not open content in that version, but a RL mith).

A book detailing the fey would be great but a bigger book looking at the first world would be even better.

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I think a book about the First World is almost required based upon the Golarion setting.

Human walks up to a gnome party member: "So tell me about the first world where your people come from."
Gnome shrugs: "No idea. I was born here."
Human: "Surely your parents told you stories about your people and your people's home."
Gnome: "Nope, there hasn't been a book written about it yet so I don't know anything at all about where I am from."
Human: "Wow, gnomes and elves both have no clue what their homelands are like. You should have been made a Human or Dwarf. At least then you have a backstory."

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Good point, Krome.

I'd personally like to see an expanded gazetteer, an overview of native monsters, templates, and fey denizens, and ecologies of creatures that came from the First World, like the gnomes and fey.

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I would pay money dollars for such a book!

I would love for a "Classic Fey revisited" book that focuses on 12 Fey creatures.
My fote for:

Also a book about the first world would be awesome as well stuff like Fey denizens, monsters, creatures that came from the first world, templates,spells/magic items from the first world, First world traits, etc.

Papa smurf is a redcap. Please make a note.

After an epic book, and a planar book, the fey book would be next on my list of wants.

To be clear, I would absolutely pay for this consumer table top RPG product with legal tender.

I'm not a fan of fey as they've ever been handled in D&D. If Paizo did a Pathfinder Fey book, I'd like to see them have a very unique take on them. Dresden File style, with a much more darker bent.

I would like to see both "light" and "dark" fey because I am tired of just one extreme or the other.

I would rather see books for Fey first over an epic book or planar book. In fact I would like to see a lot of types of books before the epic stuff comes from the powers that be. books for Psionics(not a fan but would like to see Paizo's take), Magic items, Golarian world and beyond, more Beastairies(3,4,maybe 5), Terrain/environment books, Prestige classes, APG 2, DMG 2, book for skills/crafting,etc.

But anyway back on subject, I have liked mythical creatures like forever, Fey creatues are a type of mythical creatures that I felt WoftC didn't do very well with. Well "didn't do very well with" is an understatement, but when Paizo came along they gave new hope that eventually all my favorite creatures(and then some) would get a chance in the spot light(or at least be statted out in some random book).

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