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Is it possible to enter team-based or collaborative entries into this contest?

I ask this because individually, we would struggle to compete, yet together we make a great team. This is largely because we compensate for each other's weaknesses - such as dyslexia and language difficulties.

We've already agreed between us the details of what we'd do if we win (we'd collaborate on the adventure commision and split the financial compensation and cover credit), and we've got out wondrous item ready to go, assuming this is allowed.

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When in doubt I suggest consulting the rules.

Here is an interesting bit: "Until November 14, 2007 at noon Pacific Time, any eligible person will be able to submit an entry into the contest."

From the rules:

"2. One entry per person."

And the FAQ gives some guidance:

Q: How many times may I enter?

A: Each person is allowed one entry into the Open Call.

We arent here to advise you what to do. The rules are the rules. Do what you want.

Good luck to each person that enters only one item per person!

But who knows. Maybe Mona will come in and say it is fine. But unless that happens, I would say refer to the rules and let them be your guide. Its funny how much useful stuff you can find in the rules.


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Out of curiosity, Mr. Peterson, do you take advantage of the esquire that you are alloted in life?

For this who wonder why I ask, it is known that Mr. Peterson is an attorney when time allows and it always has been a question I wanted to ask of him.

As for the question of the thread, I'd agree with Clark, until you hear otherwise.

I do know that they did allow for some joint apps with the Red Raven open call, but they did state that those two folks could only submitted the one piece together and not each jointly do two.

Personally, I'd recommend doing one each and only submitting them as an individual. If you need to work together, as in you're unable to write stuff up on your own, do so, but steel yourself for only allowing one person to get credit.

Personally, I'm just as cool helping someone get published, as I am getting myself published. It's good karma. ;)

Robert N. Emerson wrote:
Out of curiosity, Mr. Peterson, do you take advantage of the esquire that you are alloted in life?

Actually, anyone can call themselves "Esquire". The title no longer has any legal weight.

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CNB wrote:
Actually, anyone can call themselves "Esquire". The title no longer has any legal weight.

Oh, I know legally anyone can do it, but, at least in the US, it's still traditionally mostly used by lawyers, as opposed to just anyone.

I figure that I might use it one day, but I'm waiting until I own property, just because I think it'd be funny. *grins*

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I dont think I have ever used it. It seems so unbelievably pompous, and I can handle being unbelievably pompous all by myself without tacking a title onto my name. :)

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Mr. Peterson is my dad. You can call me Clark.

What are the chances of Erik Mona coming in here and giving an official answer?

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Da' Vane wrote:
What are the chances of Erik Mona coming in here and giving an official answer?

The second post by the lawyer/publisher should answer your query...

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Da' Vane wrote:
What are the chances of Erik Mona coming in here and giving an official answer?

I certainly can't give an official answer, but if you think it through, team/collaboration entries would be difficult to process.

What happens if a team makes it into the top-32 for Round 1...and then they have a falling out in later rounds...and no longer constitute a team? Is Paizo still going to entrust the remaining member of the "team" with writing the final product? Would they be kicking themselves for allowing that "team" to advance when they could have accepted one of the other entries from a single person, as the rules state?

Personally, I know they allowed team entries for W3: Flight of the Red Raven, but I just think it's much more complicated to open it to teams for this particular contest. Besides, it's patterned after American Idol, right? And duo acts never make it into future rounds. Everyone gets evaluated on individual talent. Hence, it's RPG Superstar, not Superstars...

Just my two-cents,

P.S. This in no way precludes someone from seeking the advice of friends or collaborating anyway. But I would assume that even then, only one person can ultimately submit the entry and take credit for it.

Frankly, I can't imagine any product of value being easy to make without at least a chance to play-test it. While my entry is "mine", there's the hand of almost 15 people in the entry in various aspects. This will be true of any of the future entries as well from play-testing to simply reading it for clarity. When it came down to it, though, all final decisions rested with me and I claim the entry as my own, and everyone who helped recognize that.

If this isn't allowed, I'd be far less inclined to participate since the only way I can feel good about a creation I made is to run it by other smart people. I can't imagine "design in the dark" was intended by the contest.

A true "team entry" would be really complicated to adjudicate once a final winner was selected, especially with money (however small) involved.

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Read the rules.

One entry per person.

If you want to use a consultant or whatever, fine. If you want to playtest your stuff, fine. If you want to ask your friends what they think of the submission before you submit it, whatever.

But one entry per person. We are looking for the RPG Superstar, not the RPG Superstar(s).

I can understand the complications, which is why I thought to ask first.

Anyways, with all due respect, we'll sit this one out.

Maybe you SHOULD think of running a RPG Star competition that allows teams.

After all, not only did the UK have Pop Idol, but it also had Pop Rivals and X-Factor, which allowed team entries...

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