The Dose Makes the Poison!

Pathfinder Player Companion: Potions & Poisons (PFRPG)

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Whether they're used to bolster heroes' abilities or take enemies out of the game, potions and poisons are key parts of many adventurers' arsenals. Far more options than simple healing draughts or strength-sapping toxins are available to savvy heroes, though, especially those ingenious enough to craft their own concoctions.

Pathfinder Player Companion: Potions & Poisons offers a sea of new potions, elixirs, and stranger alchemical wonders for the discerning adventurer, plus heinous designer poisons. Class and character options for those who brew or regularly imbibe consumables round out these offerings.

Inside you'll find feats and archetypes for races with an affinity for poisons, including gripplis, nagaji, and vishkanyas, plus the scorpion sorcerer bloodline for those with a toxic heritage. Also included are archetypes for a variety of classes known for brewing or poisoning, including alchemists, rogues, witches, and much more!

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Wait, we're quoting Paracelsus now?

I guess they are. Paracelsus is dead, so he doesn't mind being quoted.

Is there any poisons or diseases in this manual that act like ravages and afflictions (poisons and diseases that affect only evil-aligned beings)?

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Berselius wrote:

Nope. There are a couple ways to make poisons more potent against specific enemy types while being less effective against others, however.

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