Try to Set the Night on Fire!

Pathfinder Adventure Path #95: Anvil of Fire (Giantslayer 5 of 6) (PFRPG)

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New Pathfinder Adventure Path now available!

Releasing this month is Pathfinder Adventure Path #95: Anvil of Fire—the penultimate episode of the Giantslayer Adventure Path. So, get ready to rumble!

The heroes delve into a subterranean dungeon complex beneath the caldera of a dormant volcano in the Mindspin Mountains, where they must infiltrate the elite military academy that trains officers for the Storm Tyrant's giant army. If they can survive the giants, dragons, and extraplanar menaces that have assembled under the Storm Tyrant's banner, the heroes will have an even larger challenge before them—facing off against the fire giant general-king Tytarian before the Storm Tyrant sets out to conquer all of Avistan!

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path includes an adventure for 13th-level characters, a look into the faith and worship of the fire giant god Zursvaater, advice and new options that allow you to harness the destructive power of volcanoes for your game, a case of poor judgment turned dangerous in the Pathfinder's Journal, and five new monsters!

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