Knock, Knock, Knocking on Hellish Doors!

Wayfinder #11 (PFRPG)

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New Wayfinder fanzine from Paizo Fans United!

Are you ready to be damned with the latest from Paizo Fans United?

Download this free PDF immediately—her Imperial Majestrix commands it! PaizoCon 2014 attendees received a free copy of Wayfinder #11 in their swag bag, but now everybody can get it—for FREE! Still going strong after five years, Wayfinder is your source for new Pathfinder material—by fans, for fans! In Wayfinder #11, we head to Hell on Golarion—Cheliax, of course! Dozens of articles spanning a hundred pages gives you new monsters, adventures, magic items, item cards and more, and it's all put together by you: our fans! But printing isn't cheap, and Paizo Fans United runs entirely on donations! Every sale of the available print issues goes towards funding future issues of Wayfinder, and $1 from every PaizoCon pint glass purchase is donated as well!

Check out everything from Paizo Fans United here, and download hundreds of pages of free Pathfinder Roleplaying Gaming material, fiction, and plenty more!

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Hooray, Wayfinder made it on the Blog!

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When I heard there were Troops in this, I grabbed it up and I think Wayfinder found a new fan. I've been a purist in my RPGs, but I love the fan created stat blocks.

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Hooray, Wayfinder made it on the Blog!

Sorry, I accidentally flagged you while trying to flag the spam on this thread. Entirely my fault.

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