Wherever There is Danger, There Lurks Opportunity!

Pathfinder Tales: The Crusader Road

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New Pathfinder Tales novel now available!

The River Kingdoms offer much to those willing to seize it in the latest Pathfinder Tales novel!

In Ustalav, poisoned words whispered into the right ear can forever alter your life, and for Tyressa Vishov, this lesson is learned painfully in The Crusader Road! Penned by New York Times bestseller Michael Stackpole, the latest Pathfinder Tales novel tells of Tyressa's struggle to reclaim her family's honor and begin a new life in the unruly River Kingdoms. Bloodthirsty creatures might be easier to deal with than the suspicious and wary local despots, but Tyressa is determined to make the Echo Woods her new home, no matter the dangers from its inhabitants. But even here, far from Ustalav's counties and infighting, someone is determined to bury the Vishov family, once and for all...

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Always up for more Ustalav! <3

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