The Future is Here, and It's Not Friendly!


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New edition of Fading Suns!

Head to humanity's future in the stars with an updated classic from FASA!

Three decades of interstellar civil war have come to an end, but that doesn't mean the stars are free from danger in Fading Suns! First released in 1996, this space fantasy roleplaying game pits players taking on the role of aristocrats, merchants, members of religious sects, and aliens to face against the numerous challenges of a sprawling empire. Aliens resentful of human conquests, power-hungry priests, and scheming noble houses are just a few things that your characters might face, and the Fading Sun Game Master's Guide gives you plenty of options to run a game set among the stars—but this is a space fantasy game! Divine sorceries, psychic powers, and relics of the ancient Anunnaki keeps the Fading Suns setting familiar to fantasy gamers, but with the sprawling epics of Dune and Hyperion! The Fading Suns Player's Guide provides hundreds of pages on topics ranging from minor noble houses, skills, cybernetics, starships, weapons, armor, and how to survive in the Fading Suns universe!

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It looks like this is the 2012/2013 edition (the Player's Guide for this version was released in 2012 and the Game Master's Guide, pictured, came out in 2013).

Is that accurate?

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