Fading Suns—Revised: Game Master's Guide

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Deadly Adversaries… Worlds of Danger... Darkness Everywhere…

At the dawning of the sixth millennium A.D. an Emperor has claimed the Phoenix Throne and united the Known Worlds following three decades of interstellar civil war. Still, the peace is precarious and many forces threaten the Empire: ambitious nobles fight to increase their power; greedy merchants grab for wealth; power-hungry priests dream of theocracy; foul antinomists traffic in dark powers; barbarian cultures stand poised to invade; resentful aliens seek revenge from millennia of human oppression; and countless others. The very suns themselves continue to fade, and few dare hope that the rising Phoenix can stem the tide of darkness.

Fading Suns is a saga of humanity’s fate among the stars—a space fantasy game of deadly combat, vicious politics, weird occultism, alien secrets and artifacts, and unknown and unmapped worlds.

The Fading Suns Revised Game Master’s Guide contains the rules for adversaries, poisons, and hazards, as well as surveys of the Known Worlds, an introductory drama to kickstart a campaign, and much more!

What's New In This Edition?

  • Builds on the popular Fading Suns Second Edition
  • Ready made adversaries for the GM to use
  • Rules on poisons, traps, and other adventuring hazards
  • Imperial surveys of the Known Worlds
  • Templates for creating fiefs
  • Antimonists and sample antimony rites
  • Jumpweb map
  • Introductory drama

Pages: 384 black & white/grayscale

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Who are the authors and editors on this? Is this Angus' version of 3rd, the one Redbrick released after they cancelled it out from under Angus or something else entirely?

Ah dang, I was hoping this was the rumored Savage Worlds version of Fading Suns.

It looks like this is the 2012/2013 edition from FASA Games (the page count is the same, as is the product text, from the FASA web site).

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