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Wolfgang Baur releases a fey adventure for D&D 4E!

I've been thinking quite a bit about fey lately, primarily because I've started to GM the Kingmaker Adventure Path. My love of the fey and their interaction with humans goes back to one of my all-time favorite books, Emma Bull's classic War for the Oaks. For whatever reason, RPG authors haven't experimented much with adventures set in the First World, but I've seen a reinnaissance of sorts lately with Kingmaker, Neil Spicer's Realm of the Fellnight Queen Pathfinder Module, and now Wolfgang Baur's Courts of the Shadow Fey for 4E. Looks like fans of the fey have a lot to be thankful for as we close out 2010!

The shadow fey have long been considered a threat to more civilized creatures: Cruel, capricious, and utterly without remorse, they go where they please and do what they will with little regard for the consequences. Now the shadow fey ambassador has claimed the city as a fiefdom of the Shadow Court, and he listens to no one who claims otherwise. "Speak with the Queen if you must complain," offers the ambassador. Visit the shadow fey court in a 4th Edition Paragon adventure like no other! Stealth, bribe, and duel your way to triumph over the court's schemes, slay its heroes, and outwit its queen and courtiers.

Courts of the Shadow Fey is available in print, PDF, or a print/PDF bundle; you can also grab the Courts of the Shadow Fey Poster Maps PDF for free!

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I'm workin' on token minis for this, by the way.


By which I mean mini tokens.


They're round! Like coins!


Very tempted. Running this (in somewhat telescoped form) on the boards here, but would love to haul our live group through it as well.

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Rev Rosey wrote:
Very tempted. Running this (in somewhat telescoped form) on the boards here, but would love to haul our live group through it as well.

Please do. And throw links all willy-nilly about your gang's exploits.

The world needs more Baur-joy. And Spicer's a genius. :D

They'll be done as soon as I wrassle this bear of seasonal depression; once they are, I'll post 'em up and maybe post up the images for you to link to. I dunno. I'll talk to Wolfgang about it.


This is a long-standing group and Courts fitted perfectly into their current path - with a few necessary modifications. It may not make a lot of sense since chapter 1 is missing entirely, the motivations are very different and the ending won't be the same, but aside from that, it's Courts of the Shadow Fey :D

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N'wah, can't wait to see the minis tokens!

Rev, I deliberately wrote the setting as a sandbox useful for multiple visits and amenable to alternate hooks and finales. I look forward to hearing about your Courts.

The adventure is listed as a "preorder" here, but I know for a fact that the books are in the Paizo warehouse, so... I imagine they'll ship when the Paizonians return after the weekend.

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