Starfinder Society


Adventurers in Starfinder formed factions around adventuring philosophy. Members of the Society choose to join up with one or more of these groups as they complete their Starfinder Society missions.

A blue-and-silver pennant, symbol of the Second Seekers.

Second Seekers

"Learn from the past" - Ehu Hadif

"A new way forward." - Luwazi Elsebo

"Leading the charge." - Jadnura

Where the First Seeker leads, the Second Seekers follow. Exemplifying dutiful service, the Second Seekers follow through on the Society’s pledge to support the First Seeker, the elected head of the Starfinder Society. Unlike other factions, the goals of the Second Seekers vary over time, adapting to each new leader’s mission.

Faction Leaders: Ehu Hadif Ko’ra Amares of Clan Tolar, House Zye, tenth devotee from the line of Ahmu (LG male kasatha solarian)

Ehu Hadif (LG male kasatha solarian) The leader of the Starfinder Society, Ehu Hadif was elected to the position of First Seeker by a close vote from the Society’s ruling Forum. He is a mostly traditional kasatha who believes in the teachings of Talavet, which focus on community and tradition. Today, he leads the Society with a focus on exploration into the unknown, while also researching several notable past discoveries that were left unfinished or intentionally obfuscated. His current personal goals involve researching the Society’s past involvement with the distant library world of Athaeum, as well as making inroads with several civilizations in Near Space. Though unintended, Ehu also sees a growing threat in the Vast and intends on preparing the Society against whatever new threats could emerge. He believes that calm heads will always persevere, regardless of what the galaxy has to throw at them.

Retired Leaders: Luwazi Elsebo (NG female human envoy), or Jadnura (LN male kasatha solarian)

Objectives: The Second Seekers work to further the agenda of the currently elected First Seeker. As such, the objectives for this faction are directly related to a specific First Seeker and the current season goal.

Season 4 Goal: With the success of his campaigns in Near Space, Ehu Hadif continues to focus on following up on old leads from previous Starfinder activities as well as pushing out into the Vast for further exploration.

Special Note: Unlike other factions, the Second Seekers’ goals closely mirror those of the current First Seeker. As future First Seekers fill that role, the previous First Seeker’s missions will give way to his or her successor. PCs can still gain reputation for the previous First Seeker’s faction by completing non-faction scenarios. Rather than simply noting the Second Seekers faction on a character sheet, the player should follow the faction name with the name of the appropriate First Seeker. An example would be: “Second Seeker (Luwazi Elsebo).” uses cookies. You can block from using cookies within your browser settings, but doing so will hinder site functionality.

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