A New Era of Exploration

The Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild is a worldwide science fantasy campaign that puts you in the role of an agent of the Starfinder Society. The gods have mysteriously spirited Golarion away to an unknown location and refuse to answer questions about it. In its place, the cultures of that world have evolved and spread throughout the solar system, especially to a vast space platform called Absalom Station. Gifted access to a hyperspace dimension by an ascended AI deity, the residents of the system suddenly find themselves with the ability to travel faster than light, and the race is on to explore and colonize potentially millions of worlds. But there are horrors out there in the darkness...

Play in the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild is organized into Seasons, throughout which the actions and acheivements of you and your fellow Society agents create an ongoing storyline. Each season takes place across scenarios set in a variety of exotic locales across the world of Starfinder.

Year of Scoured Stars

The Starfinder Society is on the brink of ruin, having had to resort of mercenaries to maintain their hold on claimed planetoids, stellar regions, and archeological sites. After training to join a new cadre of Starfinders, it is up to you as a member of the Starfinder Society to help restore the organization. The Starfinder Society, with memories of the Scoured Stars incident still fresh, embarks on the quest to rebuild and discover the truth of what happened in the inaugural season: Year of Scoured Stars!

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Roleplaying Guild Guide

The Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide has everything you need to bring your own agent to life. Whether you're a new player or roleplaying game veteran, the answers to your questions are right here!

Welcome to Starfinder Boon

Get ready to set off on your first quest as a recent graduate of the Starfinder Society's accelerated training program! New players may utilize the Welcome to Starfinder boon (530kb zip/PDF) on their first registered character (XXX-701 as it appears on your My Organized Play page). This boon does not need to be the first boon applied to the character. While designed for new characters, it is helpful at any stage of playing. It may not be applied to any other character number.


Fame, glory, and money. We want it all.

Knowledge is power.

The sword that seeks the darkness.

Second Seekers
A new way forward.

First into the unknown.

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Browse all scenarios, quests, and other volumes that are available for play in the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild.

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Add life to your Starfinder Society character! From new feats and equipment to alternate character classes, traits, and more.