Starfinder Society Scenario #1-25: The Beacon Code Dilemma

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A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 3-6.

The Church of Triune approaches the Starfinder Society with a stunning discovery: a centuries old Society starship has been found in the Drift! The PCs must search the Lorespire Complex for all the information they can on this starship before heading into the Drift and uncovering what befell the lost vessel.

The Beacon Code Dilemma is a replayable scenario designed to help introduce players to threats and terrain that trained Starfinders regularly contend with. With randomized mechanical and story elements, when you play this scenario, you'll never play the same scenario twice.

Written by Adrian Ng

Scenario Tags: Repeatable

Note: This product is part of the Starfinder Society Scenario Subscription.

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****½ (based on 2 ratings)

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This is a fun scenario that features a lot of great NPC cameos, fun locations, and cool fights.

As this scenario is repeatable, a lot of aspects are determined randomly. Although the core mission is always the same -- research a derelict ship, find it, explore it, and fetch a certain item from it -- the rest is surprisingly varied. Where you need to do your research, who you interact with, the crew of the ship, the ship’s purpose, and how they met their end (and therefore which handouts you receive), are all obvious examples of randomized aspects. In addition, there’s a wide variety of environmental factors and enemy abilities that are also determined randomly. I absolutely loved this, and was surprised how thorough it was. Really well done!

I love that this scenario gives you a chance to explore some locations within the Lorespire Complex and actually research something — which should be an important part of being a Starfinder! I loved that we got to engage in some of the hazards of Drift travel. And finally, I loved the how the purpose and fate of the ship changes in each playthrough, along with the wonderful player handouts that come with each of those options.

One of my only pet peeves:

One of my only pet peeves was that some of the interactions on the ship mention sound when the ship does not currently have artifical atmosphere. It is mentioned that the PCs can repair the power core enough to restore atmosphere (and therefore let sound travel), but many of the things that happen before you’ll have a chance to do so (including enemy tactics) mentions or presupposes sound travelling through the ship. I found it odd. Still, it’s a small quibble that GMs should make note of before running it. Visual cues can easily be used in place of audible ones until atmosphere is restored. In addition, this would have been a great place to have a zero-g battle. It feels like a missed opportunity to me.

Solid repeatable, could have been a skosh more.

****( )

By far one of the best repeatable out there. There is a randomized investigation section in the beginning which can vary from game to game, the crew of the ship you find is randomized, the threats are randomized, all in all, a lot of good elements for a repeatable.

The only nitpick, and it is a minor nitpick, is that the story beats are always the same. Unlike PFS scenarios ‘Tome of Righteous Repose’ and ‘Down the Half-light Path,’ the story is always roughly the same. If only they had included different story elements with the amount of choice in this scenario, then itwould have been five stars for sure. But then that might have been too tough on GM prep maybe? Still, solid, solid repeatable.

In space


I very much enjoyed playing through this scenario. For a repeatable it felt very much like a stand alone scenario.

As a GM as well, I appreciate the easy to use variability.


Having part of the scenario in actual space, going from your ship to the dilapidated ship was what tipped it into 5 stars for me. Though it adds complication to the combat, having such combats in zero g makes for a holistic space (sic-fi) feel.

Personally, it did bother me that the whole space ship exploration wasn't in zero g, especially for a wrecked starship.

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Welp, I'm looking forward to this one. Guess I'll have to re-watch Event Horizon before hand...

The Exchange

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Maps on this one?

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Maps appearing in Starfinder Society Scenario #1-25:

  • Starfinder Flip-Mat: Ghost Ship
  • Half-page custom map
  • Wayfinders

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