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Make Prestige Classes MEAN Something!
Early in Pathfinder we are introduced to the concept of “prestige classes”, classes we need to qualify for in order to enter. These are seen as goals and many people work towards them. Unfortunately, not all prestige classes dovetail nicely with base classes and they were largely supplanted by archetypes, hybrids, and alternate classes. A prestige class should be a reward and, while they should not be inherently stronger than a base class, should at least be on par with them and offer some interesting roleplaying opportunities.

Prestige Classes:
-Afflicted: Lycanthropes rejoice! You can tame your inner beast and use it to fight worse things that go bump in the night!
-Bereaved: Grief got you by the heart? Living only for that SINGLE purpose? A bereaved dedicates everything to their single-minded goal!
-Dragon Scout: A 0th level prestige class with 5 levels that prepares you for life as an adventurer! Earn merit badges and advance all the way up to wyrm scout!
-Polymath: You are ALL about the skills- learning and mastering many areas of expertise that others couldn't even come close to touching!
-Returned: Had a near death experience? Turn that into an opportunity by exploring the thin line between life and death!
-Tainted Mage: Use spell-plagues and other diseases in your magic by turning all your spells into "tainted" spells that inflict others with nasty diseases!
-Thousandfold: Religious warriors who seek personal godhood. They believe in "holy action" and grow many spiritual arms to achieve many things at once!

Also Included:
-Retooled Prestige Class System: Helps keep prestige classes as a viable option by adding certain reworkings of the system. Includes ways to modify existing prestige classes easily.
-"Groundworks": Feats that let you use levels in prestige classes as levels in other classes for the purpose of a specific class feature or character aspect. This allows for endless combinations and greater customization for characters with prestige classes!
-7 Premade NPCs!: Great as players or as enemies! One for each prestige class in this book (including the 20th level "Hundred Hands of Heaven"!)

-Page Count: 43 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 2 OGL, 39 content)
-PDF Optimized

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Really goit to say I love groundwork feats.

It's bugged me that prestige classes were often so spoecific back even before pathfinder was even a game system.

So the idea of opening up prestige classes so that an eldritch knight, for example, could be a shadow knight, or psionic knight, or akashic knight, or occult knight, or kinetic knight, whatever, depending on what the game includes appeals to me.

Of course coming up with all the groundwork feats and reworking the prestige classes is still work, but a lot less work than it would be otherwise.

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