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Just as at home stalking the shadows for their prey as they are bringing luminescent wrath down upon their foes in a display of pyrotechnics, edgewalkers come across as walking paradoxes to most observers, most observers being defined as those who haven't just been shown, in excruciating detail, mind you, that both approaches are just as lethal. Edgewalkers believe in the duality of all things. Life and death, or light and darkness, for that matter, are just two sides to the same coin. How otherwise rational creatures, such as paladins, could get so riled up about one half of a duality is quite confusing to the neophyte edgewalker, though this soon passes given their philosophy's capacity to accept things as what they are.

The training of an edgewalker resembles that of a martial, ascetic monk, while also resembling that of an assassin or other such stalker of the shadows. Experienced edgewalkers are just as cunning as they are wise and revel in the eventual realization that their training is a smattering of that of all other professions. By being trained in such a manner, edgewalkers understand the nature of their adversaries as extrapolated facets of themselves, granting themselves a significant advantage in battle.

Toeing the razor's edge between many paths, the edgewalker's journey and outlook tends to be a source of amusement or confusion for all those he takes on as traveling companions, but there is no doubting that his strange combination of monk and assassin, light and darkness, and wisdom and naiveté are surprisingly effective when brought to bear.

Product Features

  • The edgewalker base class, a combination assassin/shadowdancer/monk base class whose primary innovation is two "ki" pools, one for light and one for shadow. Use both in tandem to confuse and overcome your enemies!
  • Over 80 waypoints and greater waypoints, effectively talents for use with your "ki" pool.
  • Favored class bonuses, a smattering of character-defining feats, and limited bookmarking

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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An review


This revised and expanded version of the base-class by Interjection Games clocks in at 19 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page ToC (and a story of the genesis of this class - it has been commissioned by Preston Mitchell!), 1 page SRD, leaving us with 16 pages of content, so let's take a look, shall we?

The edgewalker gets 4+Int skills per level, d8, proficiency with simple weapons, short sword, rapier, sap, kukri, shortbow and whip as well as light armors and shields. Over the 20 levels of the class it receives a sneak attack progression from +1d6 to a maximum of +7d6 at 19th level and the class gets a 3/4 BAB-progression and good ref- and will-saves. As you can imagine, Uncanny Dodge also can be found among the class features, at 3rd level.

So, what is the edgewalker's deal? The class can be described as a martial artist with a thematic connection to light and darkness - a kind of monk/rogue blend, if you will, and more importantly, one that does not fall by the wayside. Edgewalkers at first level receive thus two pools - the radiance and the shadow pool, both at least containing one point and both using an attribute modifier (wis for radiance, int for shadow) to determine additional points for the respective pools. At 5th level and every six levels thereafter, the edgewalker receives a +2 to maximum pool size that can be freely distributed among the pools (for a net gain of +1/+1 or +0/+2)

Now as a Batman/stealth type of class, receiving evasion relatively soon should not be considered uncommon (2nd level, improved evasion at 11th level, nerfing these two and taking away any lingering sense of these components being problematic) and 6th level edgewalkers receive hide in plain sight as long as they are within 10 feet of a sufficiently large shadow. Moving hide in plain sight further down the class progression was a smart choice, rendering the balance of the class better for it. Now this still makes targeting the edgewalker with spells et al rather difficult - the class is geared rather well towards taking softer targets out.

Now beyond FCOs for core races, drow, aasimar, tieflings, hobgoblins, kobolds, orcs and puddlings (all solid), we also receive 4 feats for the class, but these require explanation of the core talent system of the class: Essentially, edgewalkers start the game with two so-called waypoints known, one light, one darkness and at 2nd level and every 2 levels thereafter, the class receives an additional waypoint. Now there is a cool restriction in place here - the edgewalker needs to keep a balance between light and darkness, which translates to waypoint selection: If your light-based waypoints exceed those that are darkness-based, you need to learn a darkness-based one next and vice versa, creating a kind of equilibrium. It should also be noted that a couple of these waypoints count as either light, or darkness, depending on your needs.

The new feats can be used to gain a waypoint and do some interesting things - "Harmony of Essence" increases your effective edgewalker level for the purpose of the other type of waypoint whenever you use one, rewarding mechanically the switching between light and darkness. Luminous truth nets you the benefits of true seeing for 1 round as a supernatural effect (an effective caster level or SP as a base type would have been better, probably) and another feat allows you to alleviate one restriction of certain waypoints - some of these have asterisks, which denote that they manipulate the shadow of the edgewalker for the effect. That means only one of these can be in effect at a given time, though aforementioned feat allows you to have two of these in effect at a given time.

Now before I get towards waypoints, you should also be aware that at 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter, the edgewalker also receives a greater waypoint, which can be considered a kind of more powerful talent - one that requires some planning, for the greater waypoints also have to adhere to the light/darkness-dichotomy, offering opportunities for proper planning of character progression.

Now you're of course interested in the aforementioned waypoints and the waypoints themselves have diverse prerequisites - from none, to level-caps and other waypoints have certain skills and feats as prerequisites.. Now what can you for example make with these waypoints? Well, since there are more than 50 in here, I'm just going to note that the following is not a comprehensive list, but rather an array of options that should be considered kind of presentational for the class.

Very interesting for blocking charges and the like, "A Thousand Grasping Tendrils" allows you to, as a swift action, reshape your shadow into an array of tendrils that create a micro-aura of 10 feet of difficult terrain around you - which, of course, does not hinder you in any way. Ignoring difficult terrain and effortlessly scaling any incline less than 90° can also be done by these fellows. Another waypoint offers a dazzle against a creature you threaten - sans save, as an immediate action, useable whenever you switch between light and darkness consecutively. Armors of light (that do not necessarily enhance your stealth...), a shaken-causing breath weapon of black wind, 1 round slow at a higher save DC, better stealth, cushioning falls (the longer the fall, the higher the cost), very minor reflexive damage (plus dazzle), creating areas of demoralizing gloom and putting creatures subjected to fatigue-related negative conditions or con-damage/drain to sleep is rather interesting. Why? because for the edgewalker, rolling bad on sneak attack is not necessarily a bad thing: For each natural 1,2 or 3 rolled on such a roll, you also deal one point of con damage if you take the 8th level dark waypoint.

Now where things get interesting would e.g. be with the exceedingly cool ability that lets you set up your shadow as a flanking supplement and, quite possibly for the first time since I've been doing this reviewing thing, gets such an ability actually right. Now, with Ichor of the Firefly, the edgewalker may coat his/her weapons with virulent light that invades the bodies of target, negating invisibility etc., while also providing significant bonus damage, especially against creatures sensitive to light. Making conversely, a poison from darkness itself that scales damage-wise over the levels also becomes a distinct possibility. Speaking of said poison - if you use the dark-aligned poison, you may add a neat combo (though the following is not restricted to the darkness-based poison) that allows you to ignite the poison coursing through your foe's veins, dealing significant fire damage. Damn cool!

The equivalent of solo tactics sans requiring an ally (but only while your shadow isn't otherwise occupied) also makes for a cool array of tactical options. Want to know what's lurking round the corner, in the adjacent room etc.? What about stretching your shadow up to 60 feet and looking through its eyes? This ability, which can be taken at first level, is narrative gold and iconic in imagery!

Of course, various spell-like abilities, poison use, pillars of light that heal minor damage, motes of searing light or making your shadow the equivalent of a kind of bear trap are possible, but for me, the anti-ray/attack-roll spell Tenebrous Tango, which allows you to have spells utterly miss you - think mirror image variant with an edge. At a permanent cost of 1 point from a pool of your choosing, you may also master poisons to the extent they become more potent, making your poisons at +1 DC more lethal - and with quite a few requiring consecutive saves in PFRPG, this makes sense.

Now I did mention those greater waypoints and as you may have imagined, they are the big ones - Summoning forth several shadows from you one - cool. But more interesting would, at least for me, be the game-changer that is Cumulative Exposure - it deals automatic damage to all adjacent creatures whenever you subsequently use two waypoints. Using multiple dark waypoints may also yield bonuses and igniting mundane light sources to emit blinding flashes makes for a cool idea and better light/darkness poison/ichors are lethal and cool - what about e.g. an ichor that makes the target suffer from miss chances galore, but also receive an applicable miss chance as it becomes insubstantial -nice reflection of the duality-theme in the crunch here. Now also rather awesome would be the option to steal other creature's shadows via ranged CMB to power darkness-waypoints. Cool here - the ability manages to properly prevent kitten-bag abuse. Lifelinks also are possible - ouch! Now it should be noted that, although the page-count of the pdf remains unchanged, quite a few stock artworks have been taken out of the file to make room for more waypoints, which is rather cool and adds to the arsenal of an already fun and inspired class. It should be specifically noted that the greater waypoints receiving some awesome tricks - what about establishing a link that damages a target when you are healed? Yeah, evil and oh so cool!

The capstone of the class allows you to use radiance and darkness pool interchangeably, with the on-intended pool only increasing the cost of waypoints by 1 when paid from the other pool - which seems a bit boring at first, but the capstone greater waypoints more than make up for this - raise dead sans material components, ignoring just about all immunities, DRs etc. for a time or having your shadow utterly erase a creature from existence - quite awesome imagery and tricks await at the peak of power as well!


Editing and formatting are very good, I noticed no significant glitches. Layout adheres to interjection Games' 2-column b/w-standard and is printer-friendly. The artwork is thematically fitting stock and the pdf has no bookmarks, which is a minor comfort detriment.

This class by Bradley Crouch is rather simple when compared to other Interjection Games-classes and should not overexert anyone's capability to understand it getting the class at first read-through is all but guaranteed. That being said, the edgewalker is more complex than one would assume at first glance - one can set up quite a bunch of rather interesting combos and the synergy with some abilities present in the edgewalker makes for a surprisingly unique playing experience. When I went into this class, I honestly expected either a rip-off of a certain PrC from the 3.X Book of 9 Swords or a slightly more mystical ninja.

What I got turned out to be more rewarding than either. Whereas the ninja-class is essentially a type of rogue on steroids, playing an edgewalker in game, while similar on paper, feels actually much more tactical, more rewarding. The edgewalker is a great skirmisher/trick fighter and surprisingly fun to play. My final verdict is hence based on how the class performed in actual game, on its rather cool playstyle and neat variety - add the option for easy expansion of the system and the easy to grasp mechanics and we have a final verdict of 5 stars + seal of approval - now that we actually get more content and the rough edges have been polished off, there is literally no reason not to get this cool class and give it a try!

(Especially since I happen to have read the Antipodist, Interjection Games upcoming take on shadow magic, and the classes WILL have some interesting synergy...)

Endzeitgeist out.

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Now available!

Very interesting

Bought because I definitely want to support more of these types of releases (plus I know Preston is going to ask me to let him run this class heh). Anyway, it is a very cool class but my first impression was had me wondering if it might be a little too good.

Examples of what I mean by that is it receives hide in plain sight much faster than a shadowdancer of similar level (my gut would have said 5th maybe but not sooner than that). Keeping in mind the shadowdancer has to spend a lot of feats before it can even take that prestige class. Additionally, it receives improved evasion faster than any other class I know of. I'm uncertain if requiring more stats with the pools really evens these out or not. It's actually the only Interjection release I've really wondered much about, so kudos to you for that.

Would love to hear your thoughts on why you went in the direction you did if you care to share them.

Also noticed a few formatting and editing errors.

Cushioned Landing shows as requiring "X Shadow Points". How much should it require?

Under Erupting Mote: Requires: radiant mote waypoint
(Think that should be capitalized for the radiant, not sure though)


Improved Evasion is at 9th for 3 reasons
- 10th level is full of good stuff and 10th level improved evasion has rogue flavor
- A monk gets improved evasion at 9th level, therefore giving 9th level improved evasion monk flavor if applied to another class
- By making some abilities feel rogue and others monk, I help build up the concept of edgewalker as something that isn't quite entirely like anything else.

I am also worried about hide in plain sight, particularly since I placed it there to deal with a "dead" level. You know that I'm one for making changes in production should the opinion swing one way or the other. To that end, I'm more than willing to swap that and uncanny dodge around, though we'll have to be very careful. I went with HIPS instead of uncanny dodge early for three reasons.

- As HIPS is an ability usually handed out inside of a prestige class, it would not break prestige class entry requirements if given early. Uncanny dodge might.

- Many groups don't read into the rules and play Stealth like everyone has HIPS, anyway. A class that gets the ability super early does much to give a cultureshocked an out. He can play this class and play Stealth the way he's used to it.

- HIPS is only really "breakable" with super expensive poisons and an assassin's death attack, neither of which I'm all that worried about. Without that, it's an at-will, self-only version of what has now been cheapened to a 1st level spell.


As for the requires, barring the unofficial tables that add the header for rogue talents on the d20pfsrd, I haven't seen a spell or talent capitalized when named a prerequisite. I followed suit so nobody will get confused as to whether this is a talent or a feat requirement. I readily admit I don't own any of the physical books, so I could be dead wrong on this one.

Cushioned Landing has a variable cost. You can spend any amount of shadow points to ignore that many "d6" of falling damage, so long as the amount prevented is less than half of the total.


I honestly feel this is among my weaker classes, a solid low to mid tier 3. By comparison, the tinker is a high tier 3, the ethermancer a tier 2, the herbalist a tier 2 (or a tier 1 if played by a beancounter), the gadgeteer a tier 3, and the truenamer a tier 2.

I have a feeling that the reason it may seem powerful to you is that my rule of "don't make anything obsolete" does not extend to monks, fighters, or rogues because they're what we can only describe as tier 5 and in need of a revision. I did what I could to work with a rogue baseline. Note the talent track for the waypoints, the lack of trap sense and trapfinding to pay for IPS and improved evasion, and a reduced sneak attack and skill points to pay for the bonus shadow/radiance points. The four greater waypoints do not have an associated cost, which makes this class strictly better than a rogue in a generic sense, though rogue does indeed have its advantages in certain cases.

If there's anything else, let me know, sir. Happy to answer!

I'd also like to thank everyone for backing this product. We're up to 30 sales distributed among all stores within a week!

Yeah, Preston pointed out to me about Cushioned Landing a little earlier tonight and made me feel pretty silly. We were also talking it over tonight and were considering swapping HiPS with Uncanny Dodge and Improved Uncanny Dodge with Improved Evasion for levels gained. No empty levels that way either. Still deciding on it, might leave it as is until we have a chance to actually test it in a game and see. Rogue sorts do tend to have it on the rough side so this might just be plain better to leave as is.

The only other thing I noticed in my initial read through that I was wondering about was Lightbringer. Three at will cantrips for a permanent loss of 2 to your radiance pool seems...brutal to be honest. I could see one, but you're already spending a waypoint on it and that's probably enough in my opinion. Curious on your thoughts for that?

Still taking in the rest, but thanks for the quick reply! Put a lot into perspective and gave me more to think over. Glad to see it is selling fairly(?) well... (admitting I have no idea if 30 for a week is decent or not heh).

It's a good fix, Aleron. Late improved evasion is certainly not monk flavorful, but it gets the proper mechanics with a minimum of shenanigans. It's the best route without making this product more work than it's worth. Making the changes.

Um... that's because Lightbringer is missing part of itself. The daze should have the note that it works on anything up to 4 HD or half your level. Fixing immediately and adding flare, mass at high level for good measure.


Here's the numbers I use, Aleron.

Yearly sales

100 - Worth my time for an expansion
150 - Worth my time for a class or flagship
200 - Big grin
325 - Expect tinker-level expansions

We're building an Edgewalker for an upcoming campaign and think we found a minor mistake:


Shadow Dance (Dark)

Cost: 2 Shadow Points
Requires: Dodge
You can dance with the shadows as a standard action,
granting you a +2 dodge bonus to AC for rounds equal to
your Intelligence modifier. At 11th level, this ability may
be used as a swift action; however, using this ability as a
swift action increases its cost to 2 Shadow Points.

Says it costs 2 to use and at 11th can be used as a swift but increases the cost to 2. Should it cost 1 normally or when doing it as a swift should it cost 3?

The latter is the case. Uploading.

I'm also glad to hear that Preston is getting to play the class.

I'm so surprised I missed this. Really excited to read it over.

Yep. Playing one presently, sir. Thanks for the purchase :)

Hey, Aleron, I ran across an ability that proved you right. I'll be fixing capitalization in the expanded version :)

Is armor of the dawn supposed to be intelligence based? That doesnt feel right with the other light waypoints.

Huh! So it is. I hadn't noticed that. My guess would have been wisdom too.

Yep. It should be. Well, best to find it now before a printed version is available.

If you haven't, re-download this! It has 30 brand new waypoints to further customize your Edgewalker into a something amazing.

I should get the product description updated, shouldn't I?

Webstore Gninja Minion

Interjection Games wrote:
I should get the product description updated, shouldn't I?

Send me an email! :D

Reviewed first on, then submitted to nerdtrek and GMS magazine and posted here, on OBS and's shop. Cheers!

The edgewalker gets a character sheet this week, and it can be freely downloaded right here:

Eagerly waiting to make one for the edgeblade. =)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

And I also made this list of waypoints and the level you can pick them up.

Posting it here so more people can make use of it - seems specially useful if building a higher level edgewalker and to plan for greater waypoints.

Really digging this subsystem.

~~//~~ Edgewalker Waypoints by minimum level required ~~//~~

Edgewalker 1
Armor of the Dawn (Light)
Black Wind (Dark)
Conjured from Nothing (Dark)
Dazzling Presence (Light)
Eventide (Dark)
Flanking Phantasm (Dark) - Requires any 2 teamwork feats.
Gliding Shadow (Dark)
Ichor of the Firefly (Light)
Ichor of Selective Oblivion (Dark)
Ignite Poison (Light)
Insubstantial Toxin (Dark, Light) - Requires poison use class feature or the level 1 waypoint.
Lightbringer (Light)
Needles of Light (Light)
Peering Shadows (Dark) - Requires 1 rank in Stealth.
Pillar of Light (Light)
Poison Use (Dark or Light)
Reflection (Light)
Refraction (Light)
Shadow Dance (Dark) - Requires the Dodge feat.
Shadow Snare (Dark)
Shadowy Illumination (Dark, Light) - Requires at least one dark and one light waypoints.
Study the Illuminant (Light)
Study the Illusive (Dark)
Tenebrous Implements
Ward Against the Glow (Dark)
Ward Against the Shadow (Light)

Edgewalker 2
Clothed in Obscurity (Dark)
Gloom's Embrace (Dark)
Hide in Darkness (Dark)
Lingering Twilight (Dark, Light)
Noonday Sight (Light)
Strand of Darkness (Dark) - Requires Weapon Finesse feat.
Thousand Points of Light (Light) - Requires Dodge feat.
Tipped with Midnight (Dark) - Requires two dark waypoints.
Tipped with Noon (Light) - Requires two light waypoints.

Edgewalker 3
Luminous Legerdemain (Light) - Requires 3 ranks in Disable Device.

Edgewalker 4
A Thousand Grasping Tendrils (Dark)
Abrupt Shift (Dark, Light)
Brilliant Display (Light)
Cushioned Landing (Dark)
Encroaching Miasma (Dark)
On Wings of Light (Light) - Requires 4 ranks in Fly.

Edgewalker 5
Toxin Manufacturer (Dark or Light) - Requires poison use class feature or the level 1 waypoint and 5 ranks in Craft (alchemy).

Edgewalker 6
Clinging Shadows (Dark)
Embraced Duality (Dark, Light)
Lightfoot (Light)
Midnight Creeper (Dark) - Requires Spring Attack feat
Radiant Mote (Light)

Edgewalker 8
Bask in the Glow (Light)
Blinding Radiance (Light)
Erupting Mote (Light) - Requires the level 6 Radiant Mote waypoint.
Extinguish the Spark (Dark)
Me and My Shadow (Dark)
Residuum (Dark or Light) - Requires the Toxin Manufacturer waypoint.
Tenebrous Tango (Dark)

~~//~~ Edgewalker Greater Waypoints by minimum level required ~~//~~

Edgewalker 5
Cumulative Exposure (Dark, Light)
Effulgence (Light) - Requires 3 light waypoints.
Harmony in Motion (Dark, Light)
Ichor of the Sun's Heart (Light)
Ichor of Indiscriminate Oblivion (Dark)
Lights in the Darkness (Light)
Shadowstep (Dark) - Requires Improved Feint feat.
Shadow Swipe (Dark) - Requires 2 waypoints that use your shadow.
Study the Edge (Dark, Light)
Sunrise and Sunset (Dark, Light) - Requires 2 dark waypoints and 2 light waypoints.
Tag Team (Dark) - Requires 1 teamwork feat.
Tipped with Sunset (Dark, Light) - Requires the level 2 Tipped With Midnight and Tipped With the Noon waypoints.
Umbral Swarm (Dark)
Where All Things Intersect (Dark, Light)

Edgewalker 10
Cry of the Whippoorwill (Dark, Light) - Requires one dark & light greater waypoint.
Deepening Darkness (Dark) - Requires one dark greater waypoint.
Greater Insubstantial Toxin (Dark, Light) - Requires the level 1 Insubstantial Toxin waypoint, the toxin manufacturer waypoint and either the Ichor of Indiscriminate Oblivion greater waypoint or the Ichor of the Sun's Heart greater waypoint.
Growing Brilliance (Light) - Requires 1 light greater waypoint.
Perfect Harmony (Dark, Light) - Requires the level 1 Study the Illuminant waypoint and Study the Illusive waypoint, and the Study the edge greater waypoint.
Rage Against the Light (Dark)
Shield of Noon (Light) - Requires 1 light greater waypoint.
Sight of the Overstimulated (Light) - Requires 1 light greater waypoint.
Twilight Step (Dark, Light) - Requires 8 ranks in Perception and in Stealth.

Edgewalker 15
Army of Darkness (Dark) - Requires one dark greater waypoint.
Attenuated Reflection (Light) - Requires 2 light greater waypoints.
Ichor of Twilight (Dark, Greater, Light) - Requires 1 dark greater waypoint and 1 light greater waypoint.

Edgewalker 20
A New Tomorrow (Light) - Requires 2 light greater waypoints.
All is One (Dark, Light) - Requires 7 dark waypoints and 7 light waypoints.
Drag to Oblivion (Dark) - Requires 2 dark greater waypoints.

Had a question regarding the Edgewalker Feat "Extra Waypoint" and "Thousand Points of Light". I'm fairly certain this is the case, but does having extra waypoints allow you to get additional Greater Waypoints, or is it limited to only the regular waypoints.

Also when using Thousand Points of Light, am I limited to only throwing one orb as a move action, or am I able to throw two or more when throwing them at a creature? I'm not sure how this would be a useful ability if you can only throw one per turn as a level 20 Edgewalker, when having 10 orbs floating around your head with a -20 stealth penalty, unless used with Effulgence.

Ecnelis wrote:
Had a question regarding the Edgewalker Feat "Extra Waypoint" and "Thousand Points of Light". I'm fairly certain this is the case, but does having extra waypoints allow you to get additional Greater Waypoints, or is it limited to only the regular waypoints.

Ye know, I thought this would be an obvious one, since the feat mentions only waypoints, not greater waypoints, but I did a little research on how it's handled by similar classes and couldn't find anything definitive. The Rogue gets advanced talents after level 10, but there's no official ruling forbidding you to get an advanced talent using the extra rogue talent feat. And the few topics where it's discussed there's no consensus.

The wording is a bit different though - the rogue can choose and advanced talent instead of a regular one. The edgewalker can choose only a greater waypoint when he reaches level 5, not a standard one.

But, quoting from Ultimate Antipodism page 56:

"Like standard waypoints, greater waypoints are also broken into two subtypes, light and dark, and follow the rules for waypoint selection and shadow use as though they were any other waypoint."

It's obviously talking about having to balance the amount of light and dark waypoints, but a rules lawyer could make quite the case here. Looking forward to see IG's clarifications, heh.

Ecnelis wrote:
Also when using Thousand Points of Light, am I limited to only throwing one orb as a move action, or am I able to throw two or more when throwing them at a creature? I'm not sure how this would be a useful ability if you can only throw one per turn as a level 20 Edgewalker, when having 10 orbs floating around your head with a -20 stealth penalty, unless used with Effulgence.

It's an extra attack per round, as a move action, for the measly cost of 2 points, always hitting for 20 points of damage on a ranged touch. You probably won't be able to use all 10 (unless you have WIS 30 - but that may be a thing at such a high level, no idea) If you aren't moving during your round, it's a nice freebie, and think of cool imagery you'll project with your glowing floating balls.

It's not amazing, but it's a level 2 waypoint...

Extra Waypoint is good for non-greater waypoints only.

With Thousand Points of Light, you get one throw per move action, so you can fairly readily throw two per round if you burn all your actions. If you really want to amp up the orb throwing, I'd try to find a way to latch your sneak attack damage onto those orbs or use the new Ultimate Antipodism feats to give yourself some orbs that can be thrown as a swift action.

Thanks for the heads up, it was a challenge deciding on which greater waypoints I'd be choosing, but I'll have a good idea on how well this character will work in 2 weeks (Playing as a 10 Edgewalker 3 Hungry Ghost Monk Duergar). I currently have Sunrise and Sunset and Ichor of Twilight as my Greater waypoints. I had thoughts of having Shadowstep, Effulgence, or Attenuated Reflection, but decided to go with Ichor of Twilight only because of both the victim becoming sensitive to light and the idea of 50% miss chance + Tenebrous Tango + Hide in Darkness.

I was wondering seeing as how the Edgewalker class is a 3rd party class if when using PCGen, or other character generating sites if there was a way to have the Edgewalker installed in character generating sites, and if not, what class I should use as a substitute with Monk when designing the character's stats, feats, etc. I tried using rogue as a substitute for Edgewalker, but considering how rogues get certain benefits that Edgewalkers would not such as rogue talents, skills points, feats, etc., I'm not sure if the current sheet I have is inaccurate or not.

So, you want a d8 class with as little "stat alteration" as possible with the same skill progression. Has anyone homebrewed the 3.5 artificer forward?

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