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Thanks for the heads up, it was a challenge deciding on which greater waypoints I'd be choosing, but I'll have a good idea on how well this character will work in 2 weeks (Playing as a 10 Edgewalker 3 Hungry Ghost Monk Duergar). I currently have Sunrise and Sunset and Ichor of Twilight as my Greater waypoints. I had thoughts of having Shadowstep, Effulgence, or Attenuated Reflection, but decided to go with Ichor of Twilight only because of both the victim becoming sensitive to light and the idea of 50% miss chance + Tenebrous Tango + Hide in Darkness.

I was wondering seeing as how the Edgewalker class is a 3rd party class if when using PCGen, or other character generating sites if there was a way to have the Edgewalker installed in character generating sites, and if not, what class I should use as a substitute with Monk when designing the character's stats, feats, etc. I tried using rogue as a substitute for Edgewalker, but considering how rogues get certain benefits that Edgewalkers would not such as rogue talents, skills points, feats, etc., I'm not sure if the current sheet I have is inaccurate or not.

Had a question regarding the Edgewalker Feat "Extra Waypoint" and "Thousand Points of Light". I'm fairly certain this is the case, but does having extra waypoints allow you to get additional Greater Waypoints, or is it limited to only the regular waypoints.

Also when using Thousand Points of Light, am I limited to only throwing one orb as a move action, or am I able to throw two or more when throwing them at a creature? I'm not sure how this would be a useful ability if you can only throw one per turn as a level 20 Edgewalker, when having 10 orbs floating around your head with a -20 stealth penalty, unless used with Effulgence.