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Buried in the Sands


Take all the worst elements of adventure writing
Put them together and you have this module

Even a sterling effort by a well organised GM couldn't save this nonsense
I really hope the trilogy improves otherwise another 8 -10 hours of my life wasted

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They have the 'Almost Perfect' Conditon


Backgrounds not quite 100% contrast with the text
I have always, and always will, despise the ridiculous imagery of PF goblins

Other than that
Really sturdy, good value, the one accessory you need to run SF efficiently

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Fight, Win, Prevail


I have GMed this

If you turn Fort Ristin into the 'social' part of the early parts of the AP, then it is lots of fun.

There are quite a few errors and I have struggled getting the various land maps to match up, but it doesn't stop the enjoyment.

If you like a loose plotted sandbox, with players able to make choices , and the GM can tweak to suit, then this is for you. Basically if you loved Kingmaker, you should try this. The party is very martial, and all human

My group are thoroughly enjoying this AP thus far.

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Blood Will flow


I have GMed this.

What an excellent and brave way to start an AP. Lots of player freedom, and an endless supply of baddies to throw at the PCs. Make sure your players have family etc. in the starting settlement. This really suits a mounted and martial party.

My favourite AP by far was Kingmaker. Until now. May be a close call by the time we get to the end.

If you like lots player freedom, GM freedom, and adventure landscape style play this is for you.

Well done Paizo

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take my money lady of the night


I love urban adventures. I love them with waterside involved. I love these maps

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Brilliant art
Range of baddies with manageable stat blocks
Value for money
Love the stuff on region, legends,lairs etc

I don't often gush on my reviews

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Beautiful, Fitting, Quick and Value for Money


This is an excellent set.
Within a session everyone is clued up on how the funky dice work.
Game plays very quick and smooth
You can be as narrative as you like, or just roll the dice
It is very 'starwarsy'

Only issue is you are 1 or 2 dice short of being able to fully play?

As an introductory game it is perfect. I have now used it this way for 4 groups, and will again. I can think of no better intro game to someone willing to try roleplaying for the first time

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Very Good Indeed


5 stars for the bridge side, this is awesome

Other side should come in pretty useful too, though too much is taken up by the bits on the ridges I think. More ambush than battlefield

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Good but....


Set up and challenge area all good as other have said, but the premise didn't work for me

horrible metagame spoiler / point

incorporeals wipe the floor against dragons...really surprised the ghost needs any help

maybe its just me

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Very good . When I finally got my printer to play nice churned out Brachis, T Rex, Rocs etc and they all look rather cool.... and helped win the final fight in Serpent Skull 6


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Just ran this for the first time. The only positive is that it is quick to run

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Dull as a premise, but quite challenging in a mechanical sense / numbers game

plus the

who are you moment at the end

Good to run on those low energy evenings when you need some good rolls to keep you going and want some touch and go encounters

this mod can run very quick

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An ok premise, that didnt work


This would make a good 32 page 'module' you play over 2-3 sessions with a party somewhere 'in the middle'

Unfortunately its another...go and make first contact with a culture and either rob them, diminish a holy work, kill some, kidnap some,

poison some
...and make a great impression!!

It also threatens to be rather short, and is that wonky that

five faction mission are just about fuliflled by chatting to a farmer in the first encounter

I just feel the mission is not what pathfinders should be doing

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So Much Fun


Really enjoyed this scenario

have run it in both a home game and a CON. Both ran quite differently, but where equally entertaining

If you wanna get out the dungeon, but still live in fear of dying, in a 'non-combat' way, then sign up for this

very refreshing

excellent chronicle with nice use of items/boons/banes etc.

well done Mark M.

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