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Siege of the Spider Eaters
by Tim and Eileen Connors

The village of Haven-Fara has a problem—it’s been overrun with spiders that have been forced out of thier nearby lair. Now the horrible arachnids have encased the village in webs. Yet could this spider problem be merely a symptom of something worse to come? A D&D adventure for 1st-level characters.

Tealpeck’s Flood
by Peter Vinogradov

Decades ago, the powerful wizard Tealpeck made a blood pact with the pit fiend Ibex. Now someone must find a way to undo this folly before Tealpeck’s lone descendant inherits a terrible fate. A D&D adventure for 6th-level characters.

Man Forever
by Jason Nelson-Brown

Lord Chauve-Souris gave up the adventuring life for that of a noble, yet something still haunts him from those early glory days. Rumors that he’s actually a vampire have set the region on edge, and civil unrest now threatens a revolt that could devastate southern Impiltur. A Forgotten Realms adventure for 16th-level characters.

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Man Forever! Batman! Anagrams! Has anyone figured them all out?! Its driving me to madness!

Liberty's Edge

Here is an ancient thread from the Archives of Eibon about it....;) seemed like a lot of people got snarky on it.

Interesting indeed. I personally thought the adventure was great, and I don't believe that the hidden Batman references would even come up during the adventure, unless one of your players is some kind of freak anagram mastermind. Which is what I'm looking for! Finding anagrams makes me suspicious of every name I see!

Here's what I found or gleamed from other sources

Dick Grayson
Meridian Chase (Batman's love interest from Batman Forever)
Harvey Dent
Bruce Wayne
Barbara Gordon

And thats all I've found so far, but I know theres more. I feel it me bones!

Liberty's Edge

Yeah, it never bothered me either. I thought it was kinda funny.

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