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Will there be coffee beans in this book? After all, coffee is an essential adventuring tool.
I just hope there isn't that awful green tea!

thegreenteagamer wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Hey! Nobody told me this was 'Forum members you wouldn't like to play with'! I call dibs on Thegreenteagamer!

He'd probably steal all my milk to water down his terrible beverage.

I DO NOT PUT MILK IN MY TEA! What do I look like, a Brit?!

No, you're a pathetic weakling with terribly inferior caffination.

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Sarcasm Dragon wrote:
Deranged_Maniac_Ben wrote:
Maneuvermoose wrote:
Tacticslion what's your opinion of people arguing with themselves using different aliases?
It's a terrible thing to do. Anyone who argues with themselves using different aliases shall be BANNED and fed to a hungry dragon!
Yum, humans taste terrible!

Make sure to wash it down with Black Coffee!

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I for one am absolutely peeved that you, Captain Yesderday, have robbed me of my rightful credit.

Way back on August 11, I suggested a thread called " >>Ask *Captain Yesterday* to make aliases based on ALL your questions here!<<"
You said you didn't like the idea, since you only make aliases spontaneously, so I didn't make the thread.

Then, a whole four days later, thegreenteagamer made just the thread I had previously suggested, in spite of your rejection of my idea.

In the OP of THIS thread, though, you say

Captain Yesterday, Credit Denier wrote:
First of all Thegreenlanterngamer came up with a similar idea awhile ago but, truth be told, he had the format wrong and i get uncomfortable when people do things for me,

You gredit TGTG with the idea, even though it wasn't his idea! He stole it from me!

Moreover, I had the courtesy not to make the thread you said you didn't want, while TGTG had no such courtesy. Therefore, I deserve way, way more credit than TGTG!

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thegreenteagamer wrote:

Wow. Your favorite alias that isn't a Paizo created character, aside from Tammy the Lich was totally inspired by me.

And is easily my favorite. The sheet cake references don't and never will get old.

All aliases inspired by thegreenteagamer are bad aliases!

And what do we have here?
A new alias with zero posts that wasn't there earlier today? These aliases are spawning faster than vampire frogs!

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TGTG must be cut off from society*. The Green Tea has caused him to mutate into a supervillain. Isolation is the only way to save him from himself.

*Like the Paizo.com community.

Captain Yesterday Smurf wrote:
The_Superior_Dudemeister wrote:
Someday I will wipe that other, lesser Dudemeister from the planet.
Oh, that guy pisses me off so much! Always making sense and being helpful, this is the internets, it's not supposed to work that way Damn it!

I find black coffee can reduce pissed-off-levels.

50. Gah, this self-argument is giving me a headache. Maybe some new players will have Black Coffee, that usually helps.

I just got this obnoxious PM from some inferior caffeine user who thinks HIS thread is worthy of beating this one. Obviously, no one who uses such terrible forms of caffeine as green tea deserves a thread capable of taking on anything, even a kobold. Thus, I am bumping this thread to help it surpass thegreenteagamer's thread!

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thegreenteagamer wrote:

No worries, mate. If I make a parody alias for you, you're alright by me. You (Admiral The-Day-Before-Yesterday), Tacticslion (Strategytiger), and Mythic Evil Lincoln (Mythic CN John Wilkes Booth) have all earned one.

You obviously use an inferior form of caffeine!