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The Order of the Gauntlet

I think it'd be interesting. When you do your attack and damage rolls, you would add another for the Wild Magic. don't see you rolling too many 1's and if it is, go back to edit and roll a d100 and type a (ooc) of its effect.

found this:

Any character can attempt an Intelligence (Arcana) check to detect or disarm a magic trap, in addition to any other checks noted in the trap’s description.

I'm open to roll what ever the group needs to fill a spot. Look at my Volo's guide for a rogue-like race.

going to make a dwarf Fighter (Champion / Great-Weapon build)

where abouts does the quest start. look where the dwarf would be holing up in the area

durh, Sword Coast in mountains /facepalm

or would a shield and axe be more helpful to get my AC up with heavy armor?

located my original xbox Jade Empire and now in a monk mood

just found out I can't sneak attack with fists, so won't multiclass

still looking over classes and saw the paladin quick start says to use the Noble background. read up on that and came up with this.

Knight variant of the Noble background - his retainers are squire helping the knight(Paladin) don/doff his armor in the morning/night(fix dents and clean armor and sharpen weapons), Order of the Gauntlet banner bearer(cook and camp maker), and his groom. The groom has to use coconut shells until my knight could afford a horse.

also debating rogue and monk. may multiclass those two.

or maybe a dwarf battlerager and bite Giant ankles

thinking Oath of Vengeance paladin. also kinda waiting to see what everyone else is doing

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yay and will do!

I've yet to try a 5e game. Bought players guide when it first came out but never got past that. My blasted area is just card game heavy... No idea on class yet, will what others choose first.

GM Zer0darkfire wrote:

I am starting a classic game of #5–08: The Confirmation. The game will start on Monday the 23rd or as soon as 6 people signup. This is an evergreen, level 1-2, that can be played on any number of level 1 characters, but only once as a level 2.


I know what core and standard are, but what is a classic game?

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Lots of people talking about core, think I need to make one to hop in the fun.

Have a new wizard to try out and waiting on those new games ^_^


Have no problems with "unofficial" games for playtesting.

Your bottom part seems to make sense. I had a bunch of other people's aliases open to copy formatting. After my original post I closed all those aliases and didn't have any other problems afterwards.

Should add that today is the first time I've tried making an alias. So have no before hand knowledge.

Every so often I receive below error when saving an alias editing. Win 8.1(64), newest Firefox (59.0-64bit):

You backtracked too far.
The application backtracking limit of 30 has been exceeded.

Also clicking on "How to format you text" button does nothing for me.

newest version of firefox not working

I like the 5e Paladin Oath of Vengeance. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

and bookmarking this. still need to convince my lurking, chicken butt to try out Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge.

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my social anxiety butt needs to make friends to playtest with


cavernshark wrote:
Mista Moore wrote:
Forester(Hunter) – no animal companion instead takes the ability bonus and a Ranger’s favored terrain. Trade precise companion for bonus combat feats at level 2, 7, 13 & 19. Trade teamwork feat with animal companion instead with allies, improved empathic link & speak with the master for evasion and improved evasion, camouflage for bonus tricks, breath of life for raise animal companion and lastly hide in plain sight for greater empathic link. I have no interest in the Hunter class because it entails lugging around an animal companion and specializing in utilizing said animal companion, this archetype on the other hand does not. All of the trade-outs are a net positive in my opinion by getting rid of the animal companion mechanic and everything that comes with it you get bonus combat feats, improved evasion, teamwork feats with allies, breath of life and favored terrain with stealth bonus in said terrain.Top 3 archetype in the book IMO.
Totally agree on this. I've been trying to make a Cavalier/Hunter concept for awhile and had always been lukewarm on the animal companion. This is a great kit for something between a Druid and a Ranger without Wildshape or an Animal Companion.

oh wow, thanks for posting that info! do like that

I want halfling feet to run around barefoot!

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Ernest Scared Stupid

wow, crazy. just read the new Rat Queens and it had a fungus druid in it. find this a couple hours later and it has a fungal druid. think I have to order now ^_^

I have the core and strategy guide but was wondering what other books had things for druids. Saw that Faiths of Balance had "An overview of the ancient Green Faith, to which many druids still hold."

yay Varian and Radovan and necromancers!

Requesting to have orders 3286932, 3507321, and Pathfinder Adventure Card Game subscription cancelled.

Beargram wrote:
Steam PC release please!

I feel the same on this. My iPad2 may be too old.

Interesting, was trying to use the Add Payment Method button on the right hand side, but it wasn't doing any changes. Just tried the Select Another Payment Method on the left hand side and it allowed me to change my card. Then when I click on the order number under Order History it shows the proper card now.

Just noticed my order was done with a credit card that was no longer active. Tried changing the card in the My Payments Section, but it wouldn't update. Will this order need to be canceled for me to update the info in the My Payments Section? Then re-order after getting it updated?

Sent an email Monday morning, but didn't hear back. I didn't receive my Horsechopper +1 promo card from the order. Looked in the Sins of the Saviors box and dumped out all the peanuts on the floor.

The following products are included in this shipment:
1 x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game?Promo Card: Horsechopper +1~
1 x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Sins of the Saviors (Rise of the Runelords Adventure Deck 5)