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Thank you erik

Just got an email stating that the order was set to ship, can you confirm that in fact this order is cancelled

Sara marie, can you please cancel all my subscriptions, I'm especially not interested in the card game as I have no plans on buying the expansions. This is the third time I have made this request and really want it cancelled prior to being processed

Los like paizo isn't looking at the customer service boards today, I have tried to cancel my subscriptions but I see they haven't responded to inquiries today for anyone, so just a reminder to Paizo, cancel AL my subscriptions ASAP, please do so before shipping August product, can buy AL but the card game here and have it a solid to weeks before I Wil receive anything you ship

All the items you noted were not shipped this month, they were all pushed into a side cart with your next subscription order

Frankly, Paizo has simply failed on to many occasions to continue with a subscription. Retail in Canada almost always has products for a better discount and shipping is faster and cheaper. Please confirm that my cancellation has occurred and that you will not be shipping my August subscriptions as I can get the product next week from Amazon

unfortunately this is an annual issue for Paizo and last year it went well into September`s shipments as well as they had a giant computer glitch as well. But remember, GenCon always gets priority even if you have been a loyal subscriber and retail will get their product before subscribers. It has become apparent that I can get a better discount and better rate on shipping in Canada and receive my products earlier to boot, sure I won`t get free PFFs, but I think I only opened 1 in the past 12 months, and I won`t get the promo cards, but the bigger discount is worth that loss. So after August and September`s shipments go out, Sayonara Paizo, I`ll pick and choose online

Really after this enormous dog f***, the character addon decks and class decks should be going out gratis shipping to the subscribers, not added to the next sidecart, it`s actually insulting that your best customers are treated worst

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ugh. again paizo proves itself incapable of handling August for the third year in a row, each year telling us we learned so we won't screw up next year.

After September's shipment I'll be cancelling all my subs, I can get just as good a discount or better up here in Canada and receive my products sooner with substantially cheaper shipment

I mean it's pretty poor service when retail has the products in Canada that the subscribers don't, The ACG and add-on and promos should have been shipped to subscribers, not to GenCon we are after all the ones who buy very month. And if you really just had to screw the subscribers then you should have shipped everything else and manned up about it and said your card subs will come next month because 1 time sales at GenCon are more important than the subscribers

So I lose some promo cards and free PDFs, at least the game companies up here actually provide quick service (3 day shipping for free, or $10 Canadian)

join the club, nothing happening on my sub either, even tho the preauth was on the 5th of the month, Paizo has yet to learn to be prepared for Gen Con and are always willing to let loyal subscribers wait until after retail release for product to ship, and for Gen Con they are always willing to let the loyal subscribers wait at the back of the line so they can make the quick buck at gen con

If I seem a bit trite above, it is because my August subscriptions have always shipped on the expected last day (or later) of shipping, which means I get the August stuff shipping about a week before the September stuff

Looks like Paizo screwed up August once again, I'm showing no skull and shackles until September, even though it was pre-authorized, seems like Paizo may have taken most of the product to Gen-Con, sold out without holding enough back for subscribers

my package arrived today, so you can remove the sidecart replacements

Thank you,

I am aware of the holiday closure and understand this will not be attended til Monday, no worries there.

On Nov 5th I received my shipping notice and it was split into 2 parts (not sure why as they apparently were packed the same day). I received the first notice

The following products are included in this shipment:
1 x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game?Promo Card: Blessing of Zarongel~
1 x Pathfinder Adventure Path #75: Demon's Heresy (Wrath of the Righteous 3 of 6) (PFRPG)
1 x Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Towns of the Inner Sea (PFRPG)
1 x Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of the Moon (PFRPG)

these have not arrived

then I received this notice

The following products are included in this shipment:
1 x Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 4 (OGL) Hardcover
1 x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: The Skinsaw Murders Adventure Deck (Rise of the Runelords Adventure Deck 2)

these arrived 3 days ago

since the products from the second notice have arrived I am a little concerned the first package may be in some remote location.

I was wondering if you might have a way to find out if these are indeed headed in the right direction.

If the package arrives here tomorrow (I am in Canada) I will post a follow up note

Grant Kinsley here

Thank you

once again, my order is at the back of the queue, it does get tiresome.

@ Dark Mistress Get used to seeing pdfs available retail before subscribers have access. This is the 3rd month in a row that my shipment has been on the last day of projected shipping. and with the shipping now taking a 10+ day span to complete product is often in stores before my product ever thinks about going out the door, then it takes 2+ weeks to get to me.

Paizo has simply lost quality of service completely. A victim of their own success I expect, but they seem to be doing little to address service issues to t5heir subscribers

since shipments were all supposed to be out Friday I am wondering why I have not yet received a shipping notice

and once again, paizo misses the shipping deadline showing that my order seems to be generated at the very end of the line. no shipping notice and it's Friday 7pm in seattle

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Not doing happy dance as apparently those who liver farther away get their shipment last. I won't get my product for a month after street date. Starting to look like subscriptions aren't a benefit any more. I will repeat, subscribers shouldn't be treated as the dregs. It's not like I expect our product to ship quicker than to the trade, but it shouldn't be shipping with weeks later, especially to international subscribers.

really, you guys should deadline your gencon releases earlier so they can hit your warehouse and begin pulling and packing before GenCon, so that the shipments can be made just before GenCon to arrive shortly thereafter, rather than waiting for after the show. My order hasn't been billed and living in Canada it means my subscriptions won't arrive until the middle of September. In my opinion this is a massive failure in service to those who are most supportive of Paizo

the order number is # 2219180

got the usual in the next week or so message and 10 days later my order still says pending, as it seems the products are available and the PDFs will be available to the general public Wednesday. I was thinking this product should have already been on the way

thanks cosmo

I just added a set of thunderstone advance to my september sidecart and I noted it chose priority mail rather than anything cheaper, is there a reason for this (previous shipments have always been the cheaper 1st class) as I am in Canada, I doubt it makes much of a difference in shipping time (seems to range from 10 days to near a month)

Erik Keith wrote:
sawbones wrote:

I received a second copy of tempest rising, rather than the skull and shackles map folio

Thank you,
Grant Kinsley

Thanks for letting me know about this Grant, this has been a known error with a select few orders in this months subscription shipments. I've set up a replacement copy of the Skull & Shackles Map Folio to be shipped to you with your next months subscription shipment. If there is anything else I can do for you don't hesitate to ask. Thanks!

- Erik K

Thanks Erik. What shall I do with the second copy of Tempest Rising?


I received a second copy of tempest rising, rather than the skull and shackles map folio

Thank you,
Grant Kinsley

Game group in Belliveau Cove, Nova Scotia, seeking up to 3 players for Golarion campaign and occasional other games (4th, Traveller, Cthulhu, others) We game Saturday evenings, prefer gamers over 20 y.o.

contact me here or e-mail to


Grazzt wrote:
KaeYoss wrote:
wolf1531 wrote:

The plan outlined by James in this thread sounds great. The only

thing I would add is for Paizo and Necromancer to work together on
a Pathfinder Tome of Horrors. Ideally this would be a single
volume with the best of the four Tomes.

This might be legally impossible: Apparently Necromancer is totally in Love with 4e. If the GSL will forbid product lines to be done in both OGL and GSL, and they put out a 4e tome of horrors, then they could not do a TOH themselves.

And I guess they don't want to, either.

Not in love with it enough to sacrifice the Tome line to 4e and NEVER be able to do it again (OGL or whatever). Clark's pretty much stated on the NG boards and ENWorld that Tome for 4e is likely not gonna happen.

Now- Tome for Pathfinder....that would be interesting. ;)

and Clark has said that he may well be announcing just that book in the near future.


Scott Greene
Necromancer Games

Aaron Goddard wrote:

For Pete's Sake I apologized for saying Nazi, get over it and let it go already!

Why do people put so much emphasis on word choice? It's rather ridiculous.

What would make this game worth buying:

I'll respectfully disagree on several points, since Paizo is looking for input from all it's players (and since I support my FLGS, by buying all the Pathfinder products, I feel my opinion counts too)

1) Split Perception back into separate skills. Thieves should be caught with spot not with touching. Split Acrobatics back into climb, tumble, jump and balance. A rugged mountain climber character whose never spent a single day in the circus should not be just as good at tumbling as he is at climbing. Skill lumping is detrimental to roleplaying, as all of a sudden everyone who was a scout in the army or is a royal food taster is a monk with every sense heightened.

Perception is better suited as one skill, penalties and bonuses, of course, to each part are appropriate from items, feats and effects. But being perceptive itself is something one gets good at overall.

3) Avoid using anything remotely similar to Tome of Battle. If I want over the top action where every attack is described with Latin chanting in the background, I'll play BESM.

I like the options like tome of battle, and they should stay, obviously they aren't for everyone and each GM can excise what he doesn't like, which is substantially easier than not having the option in the first place.

4) Don't nerf magic or magic items. The ability to acquire magic item has been a fun part of the game for years. Death effects, spells that mimic skills, and non-damaging spells should also remain in the game.

What makes you think that nerfing of magic will happen. I have seen wonderful clarification so far (especially with polymorph effects) but that isn't nerfing. It makes the effects easier to adjudicate and inherently more balanced.

5) Don't nerf monsters. Yes, the core version of the monster manual's rust monster is rough, but he's meant to be rough. I would implore you to use the core version and not the wimpy new version which can barely rust a nail.

I'm not sure why you think that the core version isn't what they'll be looking at, and in any case 3.P has built in power creep already, so things are only likely to be tougher for the same CR (to match the more powerful character at any given level)

6) Do give certain monsters more power and fluff. Give gargoyles an extra edge. Give Nymphs their death attacks back. Make Stone giants, famous for throwing rocks, NOT suck at it. (Using capitals for lack of a bold button)

Monsters will likely seem power creep at the same level as characters, check out classic monsters revisted to show Paizo's commitment to fluff. Instant death effects suck bag, I find it much more preferential to allow a character a way out when they are in over their head, single roll death effects aren't dramatic, I've seen to many characters die off for a single bad roll.

7) Don't take away the human's multiclass ability. The way they have to choose it at the beginning instead of taking the one they have the most levels in is kind of a big nerf.

Since Pathfinder gives great bonuses for staying in a class, it only makes more sense to discourage multi-classing, it makes sense to keep it more limited.

8) Please don't use rage points, it turns barbarians into warriors and makes high level barbarians unable to maintain their rage for very long. I would prefer the old system where it always lasts rounds based on the new constitution modifier. "Increases to constitution do not increase rage points" is also equally ridiculous, no...

I love the rage points, one of the best new barbarian abilities.

I think that Paizo is making a great 3.P game, I find it vastly better than 3.5 and like the direction it is going, it is already on Pre-Order for me based on what I've seen. Simply put it polishes up a game that had too many problems, but had a very good base. It has impressed me far more than 4.0, I like it better than any previous 3.X iteration. In short Paizo has fixed the fixable, rather than throwing it all out to make another game that again will far short of expectations (a la Wizards).

Now that we have both voted. Others will make their opinion known as well, and since Paizo has a very good reputation for listening, the wants of the many will be what gets done in the end.

Taliesin Hoyle wrote:

An exciting, fun and immersive version of the planes.

An atlas. After five years or so.

large maps for miniatures, from the AP's.

A non-random plastic miniatures line, with a limited run, and the option to reprint.

This is not realistic, plastic is only cheap when done in really large runs, as making the molds for plastics are very expensive

A book of myths and legends, aphorisms and quotes. Super fluff.

A mythos sourcebook for Golarion.

Map folios done right.

A PDF character sheet. Make a contest, and solicit feedback.

A Neverwinter Nights or TOEE module for download, with PFRPG mods to make it Pathfinder specific.

Pathfinder fiction. Only do it if it is possible to do it well.

A GM screen that rivals White Wolf for quality.

More map packs for each AP.

A searchable database and hyperlinked file, like the D20SRD website, for rules queries and printing of sections.

These are good, except the plastic minis, This is not realistic, plastic is only cheap when done in really large runs, as making the molds for plastics are very expensive. Once you have that you can run them off cheap, but the initial investment is really expensive (damn near bankrupted Rackham this year)