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So in a few of the supplements and adventures they have npc's with 2 class grafts in their write ups, but I can't find any rules for if I wanna make my own dual class npcs? Can anyone tell me where I can find said rules?

Given the secretive nature of it's religious ceremonies and Pathfinder's love of all things cosmic horror, I believe that the "Peacock Spirit" is one of Nyarlahotep's many masks. I also believe that Xanderghul was the only one to know this fact and that the Crawling Chaos granted him his Mythic power.

Anyone else have any theories?

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I'm super excited about Strange Aeons because I'm a big fan of Call of Cthulhu.

No CoC adventure can ever be complete without an appearance of the Crawling Chaos.

Will we get to see Nyarlahotep in the adventure path (or at least one of his many "masks") and/or an article about his "faith" and his relationship with the other deities of Golarian. Similar to what you've done with the various Demon Lords and Archdevils?

Jatembe's skills have been bothering me because they are way to high for his level. When you subtract all his ability score modifiers and class skill modifiers, his skills look like this:

Bluff +24, Diplomacy +24, Fly +21, Handle Animal +24, Heal +21, Intimidate +24, Knowledge (arcana, dungeoneering, geography, history, nature, planes, religion) +21, Perception +21, Perform (oratory) +24, Sense Motive +22, Spellcraft +21, Stealth +2, Survival +21, Use Magic Device +24

That's 420 skill points, plus it's way more skill points then what his Hit Die allow.

Which one is the more powerful?

So I've re-read all of their novels as well as the short stories. Anyone know if anything new is in the works? Seriously some of my favorite fantasy novels.

I'd love to read a prequel novel about how the two of them met.

Anyone have any clue as to how big Divinity was as in actual measurements?

Have they ever released an offical mythic version of the Craft Construct feat?

I was kinda bummed about the fact that the people piloting the silver mount were human. I was hoping for some mysterious race of super aliens.

But if there were humans piloting the Silver Mount wouldn't there be human remains?

and her Dancing Hut is her Tardis!

I posted a Huckster Archetype in an earlier thread and I was wondering if anyone has ever done a Deadlands campaign using Pathfinder.

Were they trying to make her look like Megan Fox or was that a subconscious thing lol.

So it's pretty common knowledge that Baba Yaga

drains her daughters life force to maintain her power but does it make her younger? I can't remember where they said it but it was mentioned that she also drains their vitality. That plus the fact that it'd be impossible for a 102 year old woman to have children.

I've got a couple questions about Androids:

1. Does the Technic League have the ability to create new Androids or is that something that just happens randomly in the Silver Mount.
2. Are Androids considered slaves/second class citizen's in Numeria?
3. Are Androids completely organic or do they have mechanical parts?

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Anyone ever make Pathfinder versions of famous characters? I'll get the ball rolling.

Walter White CR 12
LE old male human Alchemist(Visionary Researcher) 12
former graduate of Lepidstadt University who uses stolen Numerian technology to manufacture an incredibly addictive drug know as "Azure Blue" that is spreading throughout his native Andoran.

Bruce Wayne CR 18
CG male human Ninja 6/Monk 6/Fighter (Unarmed Fighter) 6
Decadent Chelix nobleman by day, Demon Bat by night. Bruce Wayne has went all over the world learning the skills of the worlds greatest Assassins (Red Mantis, Assassin's guild of Daggerford, Ninja clans of Minkai) to overthrow the infernal government of Chelix and its criminal enterprises.

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Anyone ever do a list of which countries serve as the basis for the countries/region on Golarian. So far I can see

Absalom=Great Britain
Andoran=United States
Linnorn Kings=Scandinavia
Irrisan=Russian/Prussia/Lion Witch Wardrobe
River Kingdoms=Germany/Holy Roman Empire
Ustalav=Romania with Victorian style cities.

Am I missing any others?

Any info on the relationship between The Demon Lord of Hags and Witches and Baba Yaga? I'd think a Demon Lord known as the "Mother of Witches" would be pissed if there were a Mortal running around using the same title.

Unless of course Baba Yaga is more powerful than Mestama.

Anyone ever draw up stats for the Lich King? I'm up in the air about either making him a unique CR 30 Undead or giving him character classes.

Possibly something like LE Male Human Graveknight Antipaladin 10/Necromancer 15/Marshall 8

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Interested in how people have used the crawling chaos in their game or what kind of metaplot you may have developed for him.

In my game he's the hated rival of Asmodeus. He constantly tries to steal the key to Rovagug's prison but The Prince of Lies is the only being that is able to match wits with him and has thus far foiled a lot of his schemes.

House Thrune and the Church of Asmodeus have a secret order of inquisitors and clerics whose purpose is to hunting down and destroying cults and artifacts of Nyarlahotep. Even saying his name is a punishable offense in Chelix. The church cuts a persons tongue out and chops off their fingers so they can never say or write it down

So I'm sure you've probably been asked this before but do you ever plan on doing a novel about how Varian and Radovan first met?

So does Demogorgon officially exist in Pathfinder or not? Was there ever an official reason why he wasn't included or is Savage Tide cannon and he's dead?

What's the difference between the two? Are Great Old Ones Qlippoth that are stuck on the material plane or are they the same.

I always felt that making them separate entities was kind of redundant. Seeing as they both basically want the same thing.