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I really enjoyed reading this and can't wait to play it out. The only thing I wished they'd have flushed out is

the geopolitical impact of Sorshen declaring herself queen of New Thassilon. I'd be really interested in reading about how Cheliax, Andoran, Taldor, etc would react to Sorshen and this new kingdom. I'd really like to see just how she got Magnimar and Korvosa on board

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Does anyone know if they plan on listing stats for Sorshen, Zutha, and Xanderghul at their full power? Maybe in the continuing the campaign section in the last adventure path.

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Evan Riggs wrote:
Tangent101 wrote:

I mean, I'd buy them. I suspect a lot of folk would. But you could always do a Kickstarter or the like on that to gauge preorders and how much of these should be printed and adapted to 2nd Edition.
i hope the people at do a suitable Maptools framework for pathfinder 2.0 or im out cause the bestiary is to much of a hassle for me as a DM. i dont understand the removal of the attributes, didnt like it in Starfinder either.

I think it's a little to early to say that Sorshen is "redeemed"

the background info from the Runelord Legacy article says that she's more cautious and that her cruelty has softened. It does not say that she's all butterflys and rainbows. I'm sure she's still a ruthless machiavellian level schemer and political opportunist.

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I'm super excited about Strange Aeons because I'm a big fan of Call of Cthulhu.

No CoC adventure can ever be complete without an appearance of the Crawling Chaos.

Will we get to see Nyarlahotep in the adventure path (or at least one of his many "masks") and/or an article about his "faith" and his relationship with the other deities of Golarian. Similar to what you've done with the various Demon Lords and Archdevils?

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A Steampunk themed AP set in Alkenstar and the Mana Wastes would be awesome.

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There are two Mythic level AP's I'd love to see:

1. The final chapter of the Runelords "trilogy" of RotRL and SS. A mythic level adventure in which the characters have to combat the remaining newly revived Runelords. We finally get to fight Sorshen, Xanderghul, Belimarius, Zutha, and Alaznist.

2. A Mythic Distant Worlds AP in which various interstellar characters have to band together to defeat a full scale invasion of The Dominion of the Black. A real Star Wars inspired adventure path.

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I always make my characters run characters thematically appropriate for the adventure path. My current group is composed of:

An Android Sorcerer with the Nanite bloodline. I've given Androids a homebrew rule that gives them +2 CHA in regards to spells when they take the Nanite Bloodline (Like Tiefling's and the Infernal Bloodline).

A Kellid Barbarian/Fighter who uses an Energy Sword.

A Dwarf Gunslinger who uses plasma pistols.

a Female Human Cleric of Brigh from Alkenstar.

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Dreaming Psion wrote:

A few more 8-Bit Theater characters:

Berserker Axinhead- CN male dwarf aristocrat/barbarian with multiple personality disorder

Black Belt: LN male human qingong monk (with most of his qingong monk powers reflecting misunderstandings of reality rather than actual mystical powers)

Fighter McWarrior: CG male human barbarian (invulnerable rager, follows two-weapon fighting feat chain)

Kary, Fiend of Fire- CE female fire-infused marilith

King Steve- CN male middle-aged human aristocrat 2 (Wis is dump stat)

Princess Sara: NE female human aristocrat 1/rogue 7

Red Mage Statcowski: CN male human gestalt magus/cleric built on a 25 point buy (alternate- fighter/wizard with healing domain [rules variant from Unearthed Arcana 3.X]/eldritch knight built on a 25 point buy)

Sarda the Sage: LE male human wizard 20 (that's all you really need)

Thief: NE male elf ninja/shadowdancer (with Leadership and max ranks in Bluff, Diplomacy, Knowledge (local, nobility), Profession: Barrister, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth)

White Mage: NG female human cleric (feats include Bludgeoner, Martial Weapon Proficiency: Earthbreaker, and Power Attack)

No Black Mage :-(

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I'd like to see more of Radovan and Varian. I've always wanted Dave to do a prequel novel that shows how they first met. Some other ideas that I had are:

Radovan and Varian travel to the Mwangi Expanse to capture a former member of the Pathfinder society that has gone insane and unified several local tribes as his/her own personal army. Heart of Darkness Pathfinder style.

Radovan and Varian have a Raiders of the Lost Ark style adventure through Osirian.

As for any non Radovan and Varian related material. I'd really like to see a lovecraft heavy gothic horror novel. Possibly set in Carrion Hill.

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Richard B. Riddick
CN Male Advanced Human Rogue (Knife Fighter) 10/Fighter (Unarmed) 4/Ranger 4

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The Big Bad Wolf CR 18/MR 6
NE Male Awakened Giant Dire Wolf Ranger (Skirmisher) 6/Druid 5

Has the Wind Subdomain to mimic his huffing and puffing ability.

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In honor of true detective.

Rust Cohle
CG Male Human Rogue (Investigator) 3

Marty Hart
LG Male Human Rogue (Investigator) 2

Errol Childress
CE Male Human Commoner 2/Cleric of Hastur 3

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Surprised no one has done Game of Thrones yet.

Tyrion Lannister
CG Male Halfling Aristocrat 4/Rogue (Charlatan) 8/Fighter 1

Joffrey Lannister
CE Male Young Human Aristocrat 2

Cersi Lannister
LE Female Aristocrat 5/Rogue (Spy) 2

Jaime Lannister
LN Male Human Aristocrat 1/Cavalier (Cockatrice) 5/Fighter 10

Tyren Lannister
LE Male Old Human Aristocrat 6/Cavalier 6 (Cockatrice)

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Chernobog (Arch-Devil) CR 28
LE Gargantuan Outsider

formerarch-devil of darkness, undead, fire, and destruction. Exiled and imprisoned to a shadowy mountain range of the Shadow Plane after a failed attempt at usurping the throne of Hell.

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Gandalf The White CR 18
LG Male Human Half-Celestial Oracle of Flame (Ancient Lorekeeper) 15

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An undead heavy return to Ustalav. The Whispering Way cult has found a way to free The Whispering Tyrant and the PC's have to stop them.

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I want a Mythic AP dealing with the surviving Runelords. An unofficial sequel to Rise of the Runelords and Shattered Star.

Basically the surviving runelords wake up and they're polarized into two factions, One led by Sorshen and the other by Xanderghul, with the PC's caught in the middle.

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The 1995 film Casino

Sam "Ace" Rothstein
LN Male Human Expert 5/Rogue (Thug) 2

Nicholas "Nicky" Santoro
CE Male Rogue 8 (Thug)

Ginger McKenna
CN Female Rogue (Charlatan) 5

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Dr. Stephen Strange CR 25
LG Male Old Human Wizard 20/Archmage 10

Dr. Victor Von Doom CR 24
LE Male Human Alchemist 5/Wizard 15/Archmage 8

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Big Trouble in Little China.

Lo Pan CR 20
LE Unique Ghost Wizard (Void Elementalist) 18

Thunder CR 15
LE Male Human Monk 10/Barbarian 5

Rain CR 15
LE Male Human Monk (Weapon Adept) 15

Lightning CR 16
LE Male Human Monk 8/Sorcerer 8

Egg Shen CR 16
CG Male Human Wizard 16/Archmage 2*

Wang Chi CR 12
NG Male Human Monk 12/Champion 2*

Jack Burton CR 5
NG Male Human Rogue 5/Trickster 2*

*The heroes unlock their mythic potential when they drink Egg's "medicine" and gain another when they defeat Lo Pan and the army. Had Lo Pan lifted his curse he would have become mythic.

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Dr. Bruce Banner CR 20
LN Male Human Alchemist 7/Barbarian 5/Master Chymist 8

Edward Kenway CR 18
CG Male Human Rogue 18 (Pirate)

Leonardo Da Vinci CR 17
LG Male Old Human Expert 2/Wizard 10/Alchemist 6

Arthas Menethil CR 20
LE Male Human Antipaladin (Knight of the Sepulcher) 20

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Huckster (Wizard Archetype)
Prerequisite A Wizard must be a Universalist before he can take this archetype. Other types of school specializations are not suited to this archetype’s focus

Class Features
Class Skills Bluff, Perception, and Sleight of Hand are considered class skills for a Huckster.

Rogue Talents A Huckster can choose to learn a Rogue talent in place of a wizard's bonus feat every 5 levels. He must meet any Prerequisites for the talent.

Weak Magic A Huckster can prepare and cast one less spell per level than normally possible and cannot form an Arcane Bond.

Spell Gamble While a huckster can memorize and cast spells like a normal wizard, he can also choose to gamble with darker forces and "cheat" his way around the limitations of wizardry. When a Huckster chooses this option a player can draw 1d4+5 playing cards from a standard 54 card poker deck (leave the Jokers in) and make the best poker hand possible. Any unused cards are discarded except for the Jokers (which have to be used, see below) Depending on which hand he chooses to play, he can apply the following effects to his spells:

Pair (Two cards of same numerical value): Cast any 1st level spell or lower without expanding spell slot
Jacks or Better (A pair of Jacks or better): Cast any 2nd level spell or lower without expanding spell slot
Two Pair (Two sets of two Cards): Cast any 3rd level spell or lower without expanding spell slot
Three of a kind (Three cards of same numerical value): Cast any 4th level spell or lower without expanding spell slot
Straight (Five sequential cards): Cast any 5th level spell or lower without expanding spell slot
Flush (Five cards of same suit): Cast any 6th level spell or lower without expanding spell slot
Full House (Three cards of same value, two of another): Cast any 7th level spell or lower without expanding spell slot
Four of a kind (Four cards of same value): Cast any 8th level spell or lower without expanding spell slot
Five of a Kind (Five cards of same value): Cast any 9th level spell or lower without expanding spell slot
Straight Flus (Five sequential cards of same suit): Can cast any one spell the character has prepared and cast it as if were empowered, maximized, and quickened. The character does not need to know these feats and the spell is expanded when this ability is used.
A Huckster can use this ability equal to half her character level (rounded down) plus her intelligence modifier per day. This replaces the universalist wizards Metamagic Mastery.

Joker's Wild Mark one Joker as red and one as black in the Huckster deck. If the player draws a joker he must use it in his hand. If he draws both jokers he has to play the black joker and discard the red joker. The red joker can be used to complete a hand without any adverse effect, but the black joker represents the darker forces getting back at the Huckster for his cheating ways. Role on the following table if a character pulls a black joker:
1d20 effect
1-4 The spell is not cast and the Wizard loses the prepared spell
5-9 The character takes 10d6 points of damage and the spell is lost. This damage bypasses any protection the character might have
9-12 the character gains 1d4 temporary negative levels. These levels return after a 12 hour period and can be restored by a restoration or greater restoration spell
13-16 The character is possessed by an evil force. His alignment changes to Chaotic Evil and he becomes
an NPC under the game masters control. Such a character usually attacks other members of his
group or wanders off to do something truely evil. The player regains control of his character after
a 24 hour period is up or if he's targeted by a dismissal or banishment spell.
17-20 The Wizard must make a DC 20 Fort check or explode if a ball of green fire as if targeted by a
destruction spell. Only a wish, miracle, or true resurrection spell can bring this character back from
the dead.

New Feats

Old Hand
The character has been dealing with the devil for along time. It's hard for ol' scratch to pull one over on him.
Prerequisites Must be a Universalist (Huckster). Must be 12th level.
Benefits The Character roles d6's when drawing cards to cast a spell. Furthermore he can choose to draw cards one at a time. Stopping when he had reached his desired hand

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Anyone ever make Pathfinder versions of famous characters? I'll get the ball rolling.

Walter White CR 12
LE old male human Alchemist(Visionary Researcher) 12
former graduate of Lepidstadt University who uses stolen Numerian technology to manufacture an incredibly addictive drug know as "Azure Blue" that is spreading throughout his native Andoran.

Bruce Wayne CR 18
CG male human Ninja 6/Monk 6/Fighter (Unarmed Fighter) 6
Decadent Chelix nobleman by day, Demon Bat by night. Bruce Wayne has went all over the world learning the skills of the worlds greatest Assassins (Red Mantis, Assassin's guild of Daggerford, Ninja clans of Minkai) to overthrow the infernal government of Chelix and its criminal enterprises.

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I've always had there be an unofficial "Hero Cult" that the Jadwiga for Baba Yaga. That and given the fact that the Witch class seems to be the most favored class for the Jadwiga, and they can grant healing, the Jadwiga are no big on religion. I'm not saying that religion doesn't exist, I'm saying that churches aren't so powerful in Irrisan.

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Bachuan is based off North Korea
Minkai is based off Japan
Quan is based off rural China and on old Kung Fu films
Lingshen is based off Imperial China during the rule of the Qin dynasty
Hongal is Mongolia.
Zi Ha is based off Tibet
Goka is based off Hong Kong
Dtang Ma is based of Thailand.

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Anyone ever do a list of which countries serve as the basis for the countries/region on Golarian. So far I can see

Absalom=Great Britain
Andoran=United States
Linnorn Kings=Scandinavia
Irrisan=Russian/Prussia/Lion Witch Wardrobe
River Kingdoms=Germany/Holy Roman Empire
Ustalav=Romania with Victorian style cities.

Am I missing any others?

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I feel that they could have done the Drow differently. They could have made them "bad guys" without making them Demon worshiping sadists that are all naturally evil.

In my game I modeled them after Ancient Rome. They're still Imperialistic Xenophobes with a decadent and hedonistic nobility, and they still raid other settlements for slaves and plunder, but it's brought about by the scarcity of resources in the Darklands and their constant fight for survival against

Their animosity toward thier surface kin is do to the fact that the Drow are ruled by an Imperial family that claim lineage to the Elf monarchy that ruled before Earthfall. Their aggressive actions toward their surface cousins were attempts at "unification" for the Elf race.

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I'd also like to see an Oceans 11 style AP in which the characters plan, organize, and pull off the heist of the century by stealing the secret recipe for the sun orchid elixir.

The first 4 books would feature the characters gathering the supplies, info, contacts, and experience needed to break into the Citadel of the Alchemist, all the while dodging various agents from Thuvia who seek to stop them. The 5th book details the heist and presents various ways the characters could sneak in to get the recipe and than sneak out and the 6th book details how the characters are able to evade the various factions that go after them to recover the elixir and how they get away with it for good.

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Greylurker wrote:

I thought The Hierarchy was

Outer Gods - Azathoth, Shub-Niggurath and Yog-Sothoth
Great Old Ones

Rovagug would be a Great old one

The Outer Gods are equal in power to True Deities. Nyarlathotep is an Outer God so he is off equal power to Azathoth, Shub-Niggurath and Yog-Sothoth.

He's said to be a servent of Azathoth but Azathoth is the "blind idiot god" and is kinda stupid. In the d20 conversion of Call of Cthuhu he has Int 3.

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Interested in how people have used the crawling chaos in their game or what kind of metaplot you may have developed for him.

In my game he's the hated rival of Asmodeus. He constantly tries to steal the key to Rovagug's prison but The Prince of Lies is the only being that is able to match wits with him and has thus far foiled a lot of his schemes.

House Thrune and the Church of Asmodeus have a secret order of inquisitors and clerics whose purpose is to hunting down and destroying cults and artifacts of Nyarlahotep. Even saying his name is a punishable offense in Chelix. The church cuts a persons tongue out and chops off their fingers so they can never say or write it down

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Kinda like classical Transylvania mixed with New England. It's all about Gothic and Cosmic horror.