Deadlands setting for Pathfinder.


I posted a Huckster Archetype in an earlier thread and I was wondering if anyone has ever done a Deadlands campaign using Pathfinder.

The most I've done is converted Deadlands monsters (from the IMO lackluster D20 game) on my RPG blog. That said, I have tons of the Classic version, some d20, and most of the Savage Worlds books. So, if you're thinking of starting a deadlands project, keep me in the loop.

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I have thought about it a bit a few times but I have not sat down and really looked at it. I have the d20 pdfs and most of the Savage Worlds books for it (the Reloaded version).

For one thing the firarms rules need to be looked at more closely. I was thinking of waiting until the Technology book for Pathfinder is out and see what it brought to the table before I mess with rules of my own.

d20 Modern had some firearms rules but I would rather use the Pathfinder core instead of the Pathfinderized Modern that I have seen some people use. I never liked the first Modern. I think that it generified the game, and I felt that it took the good out of the d20 system -- if you want a more generified system play GURPS or Savage Worlds.

The Cartomancer class by Interjection games would be cool for the Huckster.

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