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Jason Daugherty wrote:

I made the full character sheets for the Drake and Pegasus tiers that are in the SFS guide. Feel free to use them if you want.

Spaceship Character sheets

Thanks for these. I have been using them for the past year now.

Any chance on getting the updated Drake from 1.1?

Just ran this yesterday for our group. Did you ever figure out if you used dispel magic properly. My group did the same thing but failed the DC and started to wonder about the viability of the spell.

Also with the new dying rules

An "UNBREAKABLE", GRAY MAIDEN with the DIEHARD feat can still hit dying 5. Which would result in Slow 5........

I think that UNBREAKABLE and/or DIEHARD also need an update.

MuddyVolcano wrote:
Naoki00 wrote:

It feels less like the paladin is there defending his allies and being a menace and more like the DM is catering to the paladin's singularly determined role. This ability doesn't give the player any real feedback for them to feel accomplished beyond telling themselves they did good by standing still and waiting for something to go and hit them or their friend, and that's not enough input for most people.

This also brings up a rather odd mentality and play loop of "Stand there and hope my friend gets attacked so I can do something".

Yeah. :/ Thank you for saying this so well.

I get what your saying. I purposefully built a reach paladin to take advantage of the reaction affect and followed close to the person i knew was going to get attacked. I normally got a reaction in every round and the GM did not do it for me and was having a problem keeping the NPC's that were attacking us safe from me, aka we drew them in to melee.

Unfortunately the new class was built more for reach builds which works but does not feel like hero of justice.

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Tineke Bolleman wrote:

How to people sign up? Do they sign up well in advance?

If you know who is going to come, and they can give a lvl preference, you could use to see what options are available for players.

Anywhere from 1 week to the same day, or not at all.... I try to have the scheduled out a month in advance, and ask for feedback.

But When I ask people what they would like to do. I get told whatever is fine, or your doing a good job. So I'm left to my own devices. is nice thanks for telling me about it. Now if only I could get all my players to register there numbers on Paizo like I have asked. lol

We advertise events on meetup and our facebook page.

** Venture-Agent, Michigan—Traverse City aka morairtym

BigNorseWolf wrote:
At some point, you almost need two tables so that new people can come in but your old guard can start to grow.

You mean 3, lol.

We currently run two tables 8-12 players a session. Normally we just run the same scenario at both and split them up by level for High and low tier.

I think for now we will do some 1-5 scenarios from season 4, and rotate in ever greens as we add new players.

** Venture-Agent, Michigan—Traverse City aka morairtym

We started up a group back in October. We have been going through season 6 and are just about done with all of the tier 1-5 scenarios. Some players are level 5 and others have started a second character and are only lvl 2.

We have scheduled to start running tier 3-7 content for our higher level players. I also want to have something available to new players on those nights as well. Any suggestions on how to plan things out so that people don't feel like they are missing out scenes content can only be played once? I have not reran anything but evergreens so far.

What do you do to offer a verity of content to players with out them missing out?

FYI, We are also hosting part of a convention in about 2-3 months so I have been saving season 8 and 9 for that.

W E Ray wrote:
Ifrits, the published version at least, are Chaotic.

Hmm, the way it read to be was more or less true neutral. The bestiary also list them as so. So in that regards I saw them that way, but like all races there are always those who live out side the norm.

Lady-J wrote:

Thing is the abilities they have are based around having a human parent so your going to need to change some of them

Yep I, have made adjustments with two of my players for that. By reviewing the patents race traits and and making adjustments case by case.

Lady-J wrote:
also how exactly are you condemning races to be "evil" and unplayable

There are a few things I used to determine this but normally I used the Society, Relations, and Alignment/Religion sections for each race. If they did not have one to go by I looked at there bestiary. To simplify things I gave them a pre-approved list about a month ago for playable races I would allow. If it was not on the list they just needed to run it by me first. I even ended up adding back in Suli and Aasimar which are out side the RP limit I set, but they were not picked.

Lady-J wrote:
how are you going to change things like half orcs, half elves and half giants as well as all other things that are predominantly half human?

Depends on the race. Most half/ext just don't exist, where others are adapted and I let the play pick there patent/host race, with in reason of course

First of thank you for your input.

They have different levels of expirance, with our DM having the most, But my friend playing the Dhampir helps the most by being creative. The Tiefling has the second most expiration with no backstory.... or goals.

Law of Plot-Train Avoidance.

Lol, one of my friends who is not good at planing, and has DMed in the past once or twice thought that I would do that. I have several idea in my head about ways to go depending on what they pick, I plan on typing up a lot of stuff tonight and tomorrow.

Knowing how quick the group is at going through content so far I have 2-4 sessions worth of stuff to get them going.

Going through the cultures is something I have started to do to help me come up with ideas.

The Ifrit's were not raise by Ifrit's so I'm not sure how much of there culture they would have. So at this point I'm just trying to think of a contract or a way to get them involved.

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So I was introduced to pathfinder just over a year and a half ago by my friends. We get together once a week on Saturdays and play. To give back to our GM, and let him play I started to work on a campaign two months ago.

Normally characters are limited to the core races. So to spice things up a bit and hopefully get a bit more personality out of some of the players I opened it up to all non-evil races 13RP and under, and said there would be no humans in the campaign. This presented me with two problems. First I did not know anything about the other races. Second, how do I populate a map if the most common race is gone?

So I started reading and drawing up a map. It was the first map I have ever made and still have a lot to add, but I have there starting area kind of prepped. Preview here. So to link all the nations together I created a trade society to link them together that was founded by the Kitsune, Halflings, Dwarfs, and Elfs. With the Drow having taken to the surface in the North West in an area shrouded in darkness.

So I have a party of 6 lvl 4 PC’s
LN Ifrit Sorcerer
LN Ifrit Inquisitor
LN Dhampir/Elf: Bard (Archaeologist)
LN Tiefling/Samsarans: Fighter (Archer)
NG Samsarans: Druid
?? Tengu: Rogue

What they gave me to work with: Traits were used as rewards for those who gave me backstory’s and goals.
The two Ifrits are orphaned brother and sister that ow a debt to the followers of Asmodeus and now work for them collecting, making, or enforcing contracts. They want to buy their freedom or bring down the organization and don’t care too much about who get hurt along the way so they have LE tendency’s on that matter.
The Dampir made a living as a guide to adventures, but came home one day to a burned down house, and the severed hand of his wife and spent a few years hunting down her killers before returning to his home, a bit less sane now. He now spends his down time raising funds doing his old job or looking for ways to bring her back.
The others gave me little or nothing to work with so far and we start this weekend.

So to get them working together, my master plot is to leverage the Samsarans culture. I plan to have their reincarnation ability be a gift from Tsukiyo. I want to make it a national treasure that causes there reincarnation to happen. While out on a quest with different motives they finally make their way to a Drow that the Ifrits need to collect on. Where they learn of plot by the drow to steal the artifact and now have to stop them.

The Samsarans should have interest just because of their heritage. The Dhampir wants to use it to bring back his wife. I want to tie the Ifrits into this by having the followers of Asmodeus being involved. The Tengu is not sure about yet.

Does this seem like a good starting point? And does anyone have any plans as of how to tie Asmodeus/the Ifrits freedom into all this?

I’m not very good with spontaneous things and am a logical thinking Introvert. So I’m trying to have as much prepared as possible.

Kalindlara wrote:

1) Deflection bonuses don't stack. A ring of protection won't do you much good.

2) As written, you lose that part of the ability, since it doesn't include the spelleater's caveat text. That said, in a home game, I'd probably rule that it works the same way.

Well Damn, That is what I though as well...

Kinda makes Blood Deflection worthless for the most part, giving up DR for the chance to burn a spell slot and avoid damage that would not stack with ring of protection...

RoP is just such a great inexpensive melee ring.

Starting to see why most people stick with core/Primalist.

Here's hoping that at one point they adjust it in the future.

Steelblood gives up damage reduction for Blood Deflection:

PRD wrote:
At 7th level, as an immediate action, a steelblood can sacrifice a bloodrager spell slot to gain a deflection bonus to AC equal to the level of the spell slot used. The deflection bonus lasts until the start of his next turn. This ability can be applied after an attack roll is made against the steelblood, allowing the steelblood to convert a hit into a miss if the deflection bonus is high enough. This ability replaces damage reduction.

So does Blood Deflection deflection bonus stack with that of ring of protection?

Also how would that interact with the Aberrant bloodline's Aberrant Form ability.

PRD wrote:
Aberrant Form (Su): At 20th level, your body becomes truly unnatural. You are immune to critical hits and sneak attacks. In addition, you gain blindsight with a range of 60 feet and your bloodrager damage reduction increases by 1. You have these benefits constantly, even while not bloodraging.

Would the deflection bonus go up by one, do you gain a point of DR, or do you loose that part of the ability?

Spelleater archetype actually explains what they do here.

PRD wrote:
Blood of Life (Su): A spelleater's blood empowers him to slowly recover from his wounds. At 2nd level, while bloodraging, a spelleater gains fast healing 1 (Bestiary 300). At 7th level and every 3 levels thereafter, this increases by 1 (to a maximum of fast healing 6 at 19th level). Additionally, if the spelleater gains an increase to damage reduction from a bloodline, feat, or other ability, he is considered to have an effective damage reduction of 0, and the increase is added to this effective damage reduction. This ability replaces uncanny dodge and damage reduction.

So I am attempting to create Darkness from Konosuba. For those who are not familiar with the series she is the epitome of the masochistic tank. Wiki on her here Darkness
I'm going to have to tone her back to PG-13 and not total tank her ability to hit.

My question for you is what Class/Archetype seams the best for her, and what feats would play to her fighting style?

Here is what I have came up with.

I'm leaning towards Paladin over the Cleric(Crusader) because she has not used spells yet (finished anime & reading light novel for more reference martial), and none of the core class ability's/bonus feats from Crusader, seam like a good fit for Darkness over that of the Paladin.

Archetypes - order by personality/usefulness
(Sword of Valor: Not surprised, Bonus to initiative, Temp HP buff & Just give up smite, but no bonus to saves) -- Seems like a good fit for darkness
(Divine Defender: More Def to go around & bond armor, but lose mercy) -- Seems right up her alley
(Core Paladin: detect evil,smite evil, LOH, ect...)
(Hospitaler: Free Channel Positive Energy & Aura of Healing, but lose Some uses of Smite Evil) -- When Darkness is around others hurt les, sounds like her
(Enlightened Paladin: +Cha to dodge & Free Improved Unarmed Strike, but lose med/heavy armor, detect evil, smite evil) -- Not so much darkness only light armor seams wrong
(Holy Tactician: Teamwork Feats & give them to others) -- Darkness is not much of a Tactician

Using a standard 25 point buy this is what I have come up with.
Human Female (LG)
Str: 15
Dex: 12
Con: (17)15+2
Int: 13
Wis: 7
Cha: 16

The main feats I am going for is Archon Style and that eats up a few feats and leaves lvl 7 open along with (11-19)
H: Combat Expertise
1: Improved Unarmed Strike
3: Archon Style
5: -Archon Diversion
9: --Archon Justice

Mainly she will run up with the rest of her group and provided cover to her allies. Wielding a Longsword in one hand and keeping the other free for "Archon Diversion"

Here are some of the things I was think of to fill out the rest of the feats
Fast Healer: Endurance>Diehard>Fast Healer
Ultimate Mercy: Greater Mercy>Ultimate Mercy
Osyluth Guile: Dodge>Osyluth Guile
Selective Channeling
Extra Channel
Extra Lay on Hands
Power Attack

H: Combat Expertise
1: Improved Unarmed Strike
3: Archon Style
5: -Archon Diversion
7: Endurance
9: --Archon Justice
11: -Diehard
13: --Fast Healer
15: Greater Mercy
17: -Ultimate Mercy
19: ??

H: Combat Expertise
1: Improved Unarmed Strike
3: Archon Style
5: -Archon Diversion
7: Dodge
9: --Archon Justice
11: Osyluth Guile
13: Extra Channel
15: Selective Channeling
17: Greater Mercy
19: -Ultimate Mercy

Just finished up our latest session late last night.
I was able to change up a few thing, as we just arrived at one of the largest towns in the empire. I have gotten armor spikes added to may armor, and it costed me a pretty penny to do so.

I traded in my Masterwork Heavy Flail for a Masterwork Lucerne Hammer the 1D12 damage range on it is nice plus being that its a polarm it will beadle to take advantage of weapon training with it.

Also got talked into getting a fancy new masterwork bag to carry my weapons in. A regulation sized polearm golfclub bag, holds 14 polearms (and apparently my longswords), plus a maintenance kit. The polearm golfclub bag is kinda nice because I can both draw sheath and draw a weapon as a standard move action no need to drop it or spend a feat for quick draw now.

Also got the ok to retrain Dodge at lvl 5.

1:Power Attack
1:Furious Focus
H:Combat Reflexes
4:Improved Initiative
5:Improved Trip Retrain:(Dodge > Dirty Fighting)
--5:Weapon Training (Polearms)
6:Greater Trip
7:(Iron Will/Fury's Fall)
8:Exotice Wepon Proficency (Fauchard)
9:Tripping Strike "Keen Fauchard"
--9:Weapon Training (Weapon Specialist)
10:Critical Focus
11:Critical Versatility
12:(Iron Will/Fury's Fall)
13:Surge of Success
--13:Weapon Training (Armed Bravery)
14:Critical Mastery
15:"A Critical feat"
16:Improved Iron Will
--17:Weapon Training (Defensive Weapon Training)
20:Weapon Mastery (Fauchard)

So our latest adventures we fought a huge sized troll, lets just say that it was an interesting experience, and pushed our part to the limit.

Most of the group front line fighter were down to 1/2 or fewer hp after 2 lightning attacks I got lucky and manged my saving throws to shake most of the damage and look lost only 13 hp, others were down 25 points. If it were not for the fact that our summoners pet was there to take a full attack, followed up by the summoner casting slow on the damn thing, and our DM not wanting me dead dead my character would be no more. A bite attack crit me for max damage doing 46 points of damage. Having only 41 points of health and already taking 13 points it was fatal. Our DM made the call and put me at -13 giving one of our healers and chance to save me. Lucky it was almost dead at that point and our swashbuckler who has been rolling ones and twos rolled another 2 then at the dms call changed dice rolled again and managed to take it down.

After a few healing potions, a few more heal spells, a lesser restoration spell, and 3 nights to recover I was back to my old self again. Now I just need to pay for the loner breast plate that literally got eaten, apparently I am going to work off the cost scene I'm going to be gone for 2 weeks it works for me, maybe I'll manage to get another polearm out of it as well.

Wow sorry must have missed Dazing Assault on the first read through neat feat. Not sure about the -5 on a trip build. Seams like it would be more effective with cleave or dare I say Whirlwind Attack.

Know as far as Pushing Assault goes I'm not sure how I feel about it. Pushing things back and making them come back to me in a rush provoking an AoO if they only have a 5ft reach is nice but it would eat up my power attack bonus 6 points now 9 point at lvl 8, 12 points at lvl 12, and then ill be taking a -2,3,4 on those AoO plus, I'm not sure were I would fit it in.

Doing something fun like that is all great but at the end of the day your useless if you cant hit the damn thing.

Also will need to add the
Dragoncatch Guisarme to that list of golfclubs for flying mobs.

Also Polearms to fill my "Golfclub bag" with lol
Note-able ones are bold let me know if Im missing something.

Polearms without reach
Monk’s Spade:B/P/S 1d6/1d6×2
Nodachi:P/S Brace 1d10(18-20)x2
Halberd:P/S Brace/Trip 1d10(20)x3

Polarms with Reach
Hammer, lucerne:B/P Brace/(+2 sunder M/H armor) 1d12(20)×2
Bec de Corbin:B/P Brace/(+2 sunder M/H armor) 1d10(20)×3
Guisarme:S Trip 2d4(20)x3 Main Once Trip
Bill:S Brace/Disarm/(+1 ac fight defensively) 1d8(20)x3
Bardiche:S Brace 1d10(19-20)x2 Main Current
Fauchard:S Trip 1d10(18-20)x2 Main once am proficient

Just a Mort wrote:

I never played with stamina rules, sorry, I can't help.

Yea I'm not sure if many people know how the stamina system works lol.

Just a Mort wrote:

Armor spikes fixes the threaten at 5 ft issue.

Will need to get some added at the next town right now I just have a extra 1H weapons to use.

How do attacks/damage work with them is it considered an unarmed attack, normally the best bet would still be to change to a polearm without reach or take a 5 foot step my self if they some how got that close correct?

Also polearms are normally P/S damage so my dm recommended a flail. Wouldn't Penetrating Strike and Greater or weapon enhancements take care of that anyhow.

Just a Mort wrote:

Change Lv 9 feat to iron will. Get phalanx formation if the swashbuckler wants to stand in front of you.

I think I have a plan to get it a bit sooner, in a new layout.

Just a Mort wrote:

Not sure if you want to use a fauchard, because if you can use a dragoncatch guisarme, you can trip flying creatures(usually the bane of trippers). Also change lv 12 feat to dazing assault. Those taking your AOO have to make a fort save or get dazed(granted, DC isn't that great, but its better than nothing).

Fauchard is going to be my go to weapon for the most part, but my DM already made a comment about me and my polearms so im going to have a few with me at all times.

"You should work on fill out that Golf club bag of polearms"

Just a Mort wrote:

The problem with pushing assault is its size dependent and the opponent does not provoke twice for movement.

Lv 13 feat to staggering critical. Stunning critical is nice but only available at lv 17(most games don't get there). Its nice since even on a successful save, the poor sop is still stagggered for 1 round. Try to fit in wep focus and greater for more to hit/better trip(esp when you're combining with dazing assault).

Critical Versatility is to help me gauge what works and was thinking about taking something at lvl 13 or 15.

As far as wep focus and greater I was thinking of taking Weapon Specialist at lvl 8 which by my understanding would get me both of those and then Weapon Specialization and Greater latter on for all my pole arms.

Just a Mort wrote:

If space allows, ask the wizard to use permanency and enlarge person on you, so you have 20 ft reach.

Already done.

Just a Mort wrote:
Cleave line is a waste of feats since things have more hp then you can 1-shot, so you won't fulfil the requirements to use cleave.

I get what your saying. Only problem is so far one shooting things has been my MO, so it was hard not to look at it.

Just a Mort wrote:

Skip vital strike, if you want to take improved trip line, use dirty fighting to qualify.

So is vital strike not the whole line but that feat alone not worth it for when I can't take a full round, and its a mob that I just can't trip, or do I have other tools at my disposal I have yet to think of?

New questions/Ideas

Wanted to make sure of something here as far as triggering would happen for tripping strike with greater trip.

I attack and get a crit I could trigger tripping strike if that was a success then I would get an AoO correct?
Now hypothetically if I also had improved disarm/disarming strike
If that AoO was also a crit could I then trigger disarming strike?

So yea if I keep with a trip build after a bit of looking around I found Fury's Fall which at this point is a +3 to trip which I was planing to increase as I leveled, as well as with a belt of physical perfection.

Going to ask my DM if at lvl 5 I can retrain a fighter feat as it would have been something I could do at lvl 4 but we started at lvl 4.

1:Power Attack
1:Furious Focus
H:Combat Reflexes
4:Improved Initiative
5:Improved Trip Retrain:(Dodge > Dirty Fighting)
5:--Weapon Training (Polearms)
6:Fury's Fall
7:Iron Will
8:Exotice Wepon Proficency (Fauchard) Retrain:(Improved Initiative > Greater Trip)
9:Tripping Strike "Keen Fauchard"
9:Weapon Training (Weapon Specialist)
10:Critical Focus
11:Critical Versatility
12:Improved Iron Will
13:Surge of Success
--13:Weapon Training (Armed Bravery)
14:Critical Mastery
15:"A Critical feat"
16:Improved Iron Will
--17:Weapon Training (Defensive Weapon Training)
20:Weapon Mastery (Fauchard)

Still have these to toss in;
Quick Draw: at lvl 7 instead of iron will but so far have not needed Quick Draw.
Outflank: but will get the same bonus with Dirty Fighting just not sure they would stack.
Phalanx Formation: but so far there has not been anything standing long enough that it was a req, plus shes normally off some where else most of the time.

The other option is if I drop the notion of trip I could keep dodge, then pick up Mobility and Combat Patrol and setup Patrol in front of my party to catch those coming in, just cant stop them unless I could kill them with that hit, which like trip will just get harder latter on same with cleave, but Lunge (extra 5ft) with cleave line could also be fun just a mater of when it stops being helpfull.

The main interest I had in Polearm Master was so that I could use a reach weapon to threaten and attack at 5/10 feet thanks to Pole Fighting Skill. Unfortunately I have not found anything that comes close to that kin of flexibility. Quick Draw and/or Gauntlets of the Weaponmaster are the two thing i was planing on using to eliminate that problem one cost a feat an the other cost a lot of coin.

SmiloDan wrote:

I think it's a composite long bow made for Str 20 (+5).

Thats correct just to take advantage of the str. Still new here but I assumed that +5 str Composite Longbow would be written as Composite +5 Longbow and that a +5 weapon would be written as +5 Composite Longbow.

The main goal is to maintain battle field control with reach and ether trip, disarm, or maybe bull rush. Then take advantage of the AOO that are gained from reach and now combat maneuvers. If this is a bad way at attempting to do so please let me know. Also the biggest complaint I have read about combat maneuvers is that they are not very affective at latter levels, so maybe it would make more sense to forgo them all together for something like the step up and strike chain or the Improved Cleaving Finish chain/Greater Cleave.

As stated would like to incorporate some of these feats just not sure the best place to do so but if that means replacing something on the list below so be it.
Cleave/Cleaving Finish/Improved Cleaving Finish, Bodyguard, Outflank (if i convince others to get), Step up/Following step/Step up and strike, Quick Draw.

So unless I can do a stamina build this is what I have come up with so far, and then Combat Stamina would replace Dirty Fighting. Also I don't quite get how the stamina system works and neater does my DM, so if I cant explain how it works I am kinda sol.

Things I don't get are when you gain stamina, how much do you gain, max stamina.

For example I am lvl 4 with +4 bab and 2 point of con. If i already had the Combat Stamina feat. I would get a stamina pool when I attack. Do I get 1 point added to a max of 7? Do I gain 7 to use with each attack? What about multiple attacks a turn ie +6 bab, dual weapons, or when taking AOO?

5:Dirty Fighting
--5:Weapon Training (Polearms)
6:Improved Trip/Disarm
7:(Greater Trip/Disarm)/(Improved Trip/Disarm)
8:Exotice Wepon Proficency (Fauchard)
9:Tripping/Disarming Strike "Keen Fauchard"
--9:Weapon Training (Armed Bravery)
10:Critical Focus
11:Iron Will
12:Critical Versatility
--13:Weapon Training (Defensive Weapon Training/Weapon Specialist)
14:Critical Mastery
15:"A Critical feat"
--17:Weapon Training (Defensive Weapon Training/Weapon Specialist)
20:Weapon Mastery (Fauchard)

Also already playing so lvl 1-4 and stats are more or less set.

Das Bier wrote:

You need the Advanced Weapon Training and Advanced Armor training feats. Armed Bravery, the one that lets you use magical effects off your gear, and the one that lets you use magical effects based on the metal of your armor.

Ask your DM if he will let your fighter use the stamina pool and rules.

Not sure how i could convince him to let me use the stamina pool rules at this point. Then again IE 2 weeks off I could come up with something.

Not sure what was wrong with me never read the part about Advanced Weapon Training. There are a lot of nifty stuff down there. Focused Weapon would be nice to take at lvl 17 if we get that far for 2d6. Then earlier there is always Armed Bravery to help out with will saves win there.

Would Combat Competence be able to replace Exotic Weapon Proficiency? so that by lvl 9 I could get my self the Fauchard only take a -2 and then get a +2 because its a polearm making it a net -4 at that point then at lvl 17 im just proficient with all polarms.

Weapon Specialist would be better then using up 4 feats and it would apply to all my polearms.

Trained Initiative would take care of quick draw and also put me higher up on the Initiative list another win.

So much to think about now. It definitely adds some options.

Just a Mort wrote:

Skip vital strike, if you want to take improved trip line, use dirty fighting to qualify. Wear armor spikes. Id find someplace to put iron will and improved iron will.

If you want to protect people, you will probably want combat reflexes, but it's hard to use if people in the party like to charge in. You might also want phalanx formation to ignore soft cover for reach weapons,

Diehard actually is more likely to get you killed.

Stuff below requires combat reflexes:

When dealing with a caster, you move right next to him, so he is threatened by your armor spikes. If he 5 ft back, he's still threatened by your fauchard. If he full withdraws, you trip him as he is moving out of your fauchard range. You have combat reflexes, so you can take an AOO should he decide to not cast defemsively as he is still in your fauchard reach.

Thanks did not see Dirty Fighting, that defiantly opens up the door to some other possibility to play around with.

Yeah, Diehard can get you killed if your not smart about it. It only works well if you use it so that you can heal backup or finish off the enemy before they get a chance to tack you again. If I was going to take it It would be latter in the line anyhow as there are other better things to get atm.

Did not know that adding armor spikes would also let me threaten 5/10 feet at the same time thats one of the things I have been looking at over coming, and part of the reason I kept the longsword's and was looking at taking quick draw. If we were not 6 games in I would see if there was a way to switch to the Polearm Master Archetype, hell I could still see if it was an option, but then I lose Armor Training but gain Steadfast Pike which would be nice for the AOO bonus.

Still I was hopping to use Mithral Full Plate which would still take advantage of all of my dex at this point. But there would be no point in putting another point into dex or getting a belt of physical perfection as I was intending to do so because of the extra -3 acp +3 dex bonus I could have at lvl 8 with a Sash of the War Champion.

Would a Sash of the War Champion also then raise Pole Fighting and Steadfast Pike, because those are the skills they replace?

If so I have 2 weeks where I wont be able to attend my weekly session. I could always ask to see If I could spend those 2 weeks learning to become a Polearm Master.

So a friend of mine got me playing pathfinder last year and after 2 months our new DM got to busy to continue. So a month or so back her fiance started up a new campaign. We were told to start at lvl 4, and I was roped into being a tank/front line fighter so I put a reach build together.

25 point buy (+2 stat points every 4 lvls house rule "Different stats")

So ended up with this
Human Fighter lvl 4 standard archetype
Str 20
Dex 16
Con 14
Wis 14
Int 9
Cha 7
Feats:Power Attack, Furious Focus, Endurance, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Initiative.
Main weapon: Masterwork Bardiche
Other Masterwork Heavy Flail, Composite +5 Longbow, Bill, Longsword (2), Daggers (6), Fiery +2 Bearded Axe (new drop)
Gear: Masterwork Agile Breast Plate, Ring of Protection +1, Amulet of natural armor (drop trade)
Also have a light horse (per our dm am allowed to ride into combat with) may get pick up a lance and a war trained horse though

We are a group of 6-8 adventures normally consisting of me and
"Cleric/Bard" Half Elf - support
"Swashbuckler" Elf Female - rushes in without thinking - has been below 0 hp twice (disguised: Pretends to be Human Male)
"Wizard" cast from afar
"Alchemist/Barbarian" uses bombs for range and fights when they get close
"Ranger/Rogue" Goblin with natural weapons sneak attack & bite (disguised: Pretends to be a gnome)

and on occasion
"Summoner" Last session was first session
"Cleric" - support - found out it was a bad idea to run up to the front lines when a troll one shot her with an Attack of Opportunity

Was trying to plan out the rest of my feats a bit did not think of the 13 int req for Combat Expertise so combat maneuvers are a bit harder to pull off, unless I dip a level into brawler. So with that in mind I focused on a reach/crit build.

So for the next few lvls I was thinking.
5:Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Fauchard)
5:Weapon Training (Polearms)
6:Weapon Focus (Fauchard)
7:Vital strike
8:Improved Critical (Fauchard) replace if get Keen weapon
9:Greater Weapon Focus (Fauchard)
9:Weapon Training (Bows)
10:Critical Focus
11:Critical Versatility
12:Surge of Success
13:Bleeding/Staggering/Sickening Critical (for next lvl to have something to stack with Critical Mastery using Critical Versatility)
13:Weapon Training (Flails, Hammers, Axes or Heavy Blades)
14:Critical Mastery
15:Weapon Specialization (Fauchard)
13:Weapon Training (Flails, Hammers, Axes or Heavy Blades)
20:Weapon Mastery (Fauchard)

Not sure if Weapon Focus is necessary or Vital strike will be useful, or if im going down the crit path a bit early.
Other feats I was considering are; Cleave/Cleaving Finish, Bodyguard, Outflank (if i convince others to get), Step up/Following step/Step up and strike, Quick Draw, Iron Will, Diehard.

I'm trying to be that front line guy that you have to get through to deal with the rest of the group, so far it works most of the time as long as no one charges in. I have been able to take out 2-4 lesser mobs on there approach and have received little damage taking this approach, and protected those behind/next to me at the same time.

Not sure where to put these in or leave them out all together. Does anyone have any thoughts on this build or something I may be overlooking?