Mini-APs / Module Series?


So, after 3+ years of intermittent play, my group is finally starting Chapter 6 of Crimson Throne, and I'm starting to think of what comes next.

We could start another AP, but they're a huge commitment since we only play once a month or so. Is there something in between a stand-alone module and the APs? A trilogy of beefy modules, perhaps, like mini-APs that let you use the same characters in an ongoing story but not quite as extensive? I haven't found any easy way to search for connected modules so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

PF1 doesn't have 3 part AP's, but PF2 just finished Abomination Vault (Level 1-10, 3 part AP) and is going to start Strength of a Thousand (Level 11-20, 3 part AP) very soon.

Early in PF1 there was sort of a mini campaign with Darkmoon Valey modules, IIRC.

But, playing once a month, maybe look into Pathfinder Society Scenarios? You should be able to finish one per session. For PF1 they are available up to level 15 I think. There is less of an ongoing story though.

Pathfinder (2) Adventures (new name for the modules-line, stand-alone adventures) are usually 3 levels of play (like 1-4, or 5-8), yet there are no mini-campaigns (one Adventure leading to another).

Franz Lunzer wrote:

...and is going to start Strength of a Thousand Fists of the Ruby Phoenix (Level 11-20, 3 part AP) very soon.


Whoops, got my AP names crossed.

You can always use the PF1 "deluxe" adventures, like Dragons Demand, Tears at bitter manor, and so on.

You can also use the darkmoon vale serie : Falcon's Hollow last hope, Crown of the kobold king, Return of the kobold king, Hungry are the dead and Carnival of tears. You can also add Tower of the last baron and treasure of chimera cove.

Lots of dungeon crawl, but also a well made "base town" with lots of interisting NPCs.

With that, you have a mini-campaign who goes from level 1 to 8 at least.

There is also the "price of immortality" mini-campaign : Crypt of the everflame, Mask of the living god and City of golden death.

The first module is a dungeon crawl, the second one as a lot of RP potential with the PC infiltrating the Razmir cult, and the last one is a wilderness/dungeon crawl adventure.

Thanks for the tips - I'll check them out!

If you surf through the PFS 1ed Seasons, you will find two and three module linked adventures.

Like in Season 6, there is a three part that has you looking for the local Venture Captain, who is looking for the Sky Key.

There's now two released three-part APs for Pathfinder 2e (Abomination Vaults is a levels 1-10 megadungeon; Fists of the Ruby Phoenix is a levels 11-20 martial arts tournament), while the next few months are going to see the release of two more 1-10 three-parters (Quest for the Frozen Flame is a "caveman" wilderness survival story, Outlaws of Alkenstar is about being a gang of steampunk gunsligners) - you've got options!

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