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There are so many good simple RPGs around these days I'm not sure why you'd decide to stick with D&D if that's what you were into, so 5e confuses me a bit.

Nobody can possibly like Forgotten Realms enough to stick with it just for the setting....right?

David C Smith wrote:

This is an extremely common houserule. And while I see your point and would allow you to do it, your DM is well within his rights to houserule it, as long as you are aware of the houserule ahead of time.

Actually it's PFS, so misused houserules are objectively not within his rights.

LazarX wrote:

Bunching mooks together has been a time honored tradition since First Edition. (in fact the sample combat in the original DMG did just that.) In all my decades of running and playing you are literally the First person I know to have a cow over this.

No matter how many threads you spawn on this topic, you're not going to get this changed.

Are you against acting between that bunching of mooks though? In all my years of playing I've never heard of denying a character a delayed turn because of grouped initiatives.

That seems like a heavy time investment to play a character I don't necessarily want to play.

But if your players are cool with running pregens it seems like a neat idea.

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Establish a cohesive kingdom in Sargava, fending off pirates and tribesmen (or maybe be a tribe that takes over) all while attempting to predict whether Cheliax will bother coming to stop you.

walter mcwilliams wrote:
Reading these posts is crazy! How do GM's who perpetrate this type of insanity keep players in their groups!

It's like being a healer in an MMO. He can be a complete idiot, but you need a healer so what else are you going to do?

If you live in a small city, it may be a choice between a bad GM or no gaming at all. I realized at one point that no gaming at all was better, as I was getting soured on the hobby.

The only solution was to start GMing myself, and I ended up liking it.

They can definitely do it.

Then Iomedae channels Lana from Archer and goes "Nnnnoooooope"

Then their character becomes an NPC.


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I would never roll 6 different initiatives for 6 monsters, but players can delay and interrupt whenever they want, that's the whole point of delay.

But character creation isn't imagination, it's mechanical RAW.

"Program won't let me cheat" isn't a fault with the program.

LuxuriantOak wrote:
How do you guys justify traps in corridors guards walk down reguarly?

Lock out lever, just like in an industrial setting. If you're walking/working by dangerous equipment you throw the lever and deactivate the trap. When the patrol is clear it gets thrown back on, trap activates.

Yeah, sounds like GM burnout. I can't go 6 straight months without a break or I get into the "f#+* it..whatever" mode too. It's a lot of effort to put in week after week.

And I like DMing more than playing. If you'd rather play in the first place I don't know how you'd last.

I can tell you when I was landscaping for 5-6 years I was much stronger without weightlifting than I am now, having an office job and hitting the gym every day.

There's no replacement for a hard working life of exercising 12 hours a day when it comes to strength and endurance. The only thing holding people back in the "medieval" age would have been nutrition. Otherwise I'd easily estimate the average guy's strength would be 1.5x today's.

I don't buy a lot of books, but I'd get a First World book for sure. It's an interesting "realm" that never seems to get much attention.

I'd considered something like Rogue level + Dex to CMB instead of BAB + Str for certain maneuvers. I've played enough sports to know you don't have to be strong to clip a guy's heel and take him down for a trip.

I don't expect a rogue to bullrush a knight, but trip or disarm? Sure.

My idea of a rogue (over the other 4) is a guy that throws sand in your face, pushes you over a railing and stabs you in the groin while you're down, then runs away.

There isn't a very mechanically useful way to convey that in Pathfinder.

I'd just make feinting way easier. Make it a swift class ability you can use once per enemy or something. It can get better as levels go higher.

Then it's something your character is actively doing to set up a sneak attack, you're in full control.

It won't work against everything, but nothing should.

Even the pit entrance to the test is randomized. Flight works for some, others fall to their death immediately. Teleporting might be blocked or it might not be, mundane ropes might work, you won't find out until you're safe or you're dead.

It's a neat thought process, but actually running a group through it would be pure DM handwaving.

Oh, vivisectionists are banned? That's kind of weird.

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I like the attempt to make a single class (w/archetypes) valuable.

I always hated the insane class dipping of 3.5.

Maybe a summoner that's just as buff as his eidolon.

LuxuriantOak wrote:

I just recently came back to Gm'ing last year and have played one campaign, set in the same world as Steven Eriksons 'Malazan book of the Fallen'.

I just finished this series like..yesterday. I was wondering how to go about making a setting out of it.

What kinds of things were done in that game if you don't mind me asking?

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A pacifist bard who would hide behind everyone else, but not sing either, lest he give away his position and draw attention to himself.

While I hate players meta-gaming knowledge/perception based on the numbers on the dice, I think this would just lead to a lot of confusion.

The only solution I've found for that stuff is to have knowledges rolled, but not tell them what kind it is. I keep a tally of their bonuses and apply them accordingly. So they might know they failed, but they can't be like "Oh well it was a lizard and knowledge:arcana, so obviously it was.."

EDIT: forgot how I actually did it

I'd put Karl Urban in it and have Native Americans fighting Vikings.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
If you're first level thats an average lock. If you're 10th level thats some insanely calibrated clockworth deathtrap with mercury switches.

So your players never see an evolution of their skills?

A lock is a lock, why would the lock to the governor's mansion suddenly be some epic contraption just because my character went up a few levels?

I should be able to come back to a lock like that and pass it with no effort because that's how far my character has advanced his skills. I've obviously made it a point to pump lockpicking..what's wrong with being able to pick tough locks easily?

Well if you're going to play Rappan Athuk, it doesn't hurt to roll stats like that.

It's a neat idea, and I'm a fan of low-magic settings, but like others have said you'll need to throw martials a bone somehow. If the wizard gets to keep all his spells, but I lose my +3 sword, I'm not sure why I'd ever play a melee character.

Playing primarily levels 2-10, I have more problems with Druids than any other class. Just one of their main class features would be powerful, but they get spell-casting AND wildshape AND a dire tiger.

It's utterly ridiculous.

Eh, I like the minis for combat. The rest of the game is all done through imagination, so I'm all right with combat being a bit of a change of pace. You can only BS so much flavor into combat in the first place, I find it more interesting as a tactical board game.

Still get to use my imagination to solve literally everything in a dungeon, town or wilderness aside from combat.

My friend, having grown up in southern Sweden, knew 5 languages before she came to Canada in her mid-twenties. She didn't specialize in languages or anything.

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Pit of Gorumz goes into overdrive, releasing multiple Spawns of Rovagug at once. Contact with Casmaron ceases.

Have them fight some weakish salamanders on a shifting/exploding lava field or something, while the red dragon looks on in judgement, or does a couple weak fly-by breaths to mess with the players. Then if they beat his salamanders he grants them the item? It's still fire themed and could be pretty fun.

It's kind of hard to shoehorn a red dragon into a low level campaign, either you ruin the dragon by making him a joke, or the dragon instantly kills everyone.

Unless you want to pull a Demons Souls and have them run around avoiding the dragon until they can reach a magical ballista or something.

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Any American city.

I jest..or do I?

MrSin wrote:
Claxon wrote:
Personally I see anyone using the variant Aasimars or Tieflings as power gaming, they gave far too good of stat variations and abilities to the variants of both to the point that I've banned them.
Oh no! Stat variations that allow for flexible character cration without worrying that you chose the wrong race! Truly a vile thing that must be banned!

Honestly I'd ban tieflings because every tiefling I've seen played is invariably one of two characters.

"Like I'm a tiefling..but I'm good cause I'm trying to deny/fix/ignore my demonic heritage! Isn't that awesome?"

or just the stereotypical grim-dark badass

It gets tiresome.

Is there a way to make feint better?

Having it use up a standard or even a move action seems like an utter fail.

Is the only option homebrew?

nosig wrote:
mephnick wrote:

Yes, there are a lot of horrible DMs.

I once had a guy make me make a perception check to see my party, sitting at a table, in the centre of an empty bar.

but what was the DC? this would be no problem (normally) if the DC was 0 or less and you could take 10 right?

Pretty sure he was just making stuff up as he went along and had no idea. He was not willing to listen to complaints. It was one session and I could type an essay on it. This was the last PUG I played in.

Hence, why I've resigned myself to GMing 100% of the time.

Yes, there are a lot of horrible DMs.

I once had a guy make me make a perception check to see my party, sitting at a table, in the centre of an empty bar.

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Rynjin wrote:

Unless you worship "The God Of Sex For Procreation Only" it's not going to be an issue.

Welp..found my next campaign's antagonist.

Always wanted to play a paladin of Milani. Just seems like great fun.

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First round:

"Sorry Jake and Chris, Magus targets you, you die. Roll new characters."

Second round:

Players swarm Magus, Magus dies. Victory?

I think he just created my next eidolon.

I won't even have to fight, all the enemies will just **** their pants.

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This is great, I was driving home from work today all like "Man I sure hope there's another alignment debate on the forums today!"

So if there's an illusionary floor do you just automatically fall through it?

Zilfrel Findadur wrote:
One question, and why he wouldn't be able to do Sneak Attack with Splash weapons? as long as a i know, if you throw an acid bottle in the eye, hurts more than in the leg.

You're trying to do precision damage with an item that is specifically designed to NOT do precision damage.

I believe I had a player use ghost sound to drive away some lions/dire lion by placing the sound of a T-Rex further into the forest. (in a survival/exploration campaign where they'd already seen a T-Rex)

Not sure if that was legit, but the noise rules seemed close enough.

A couple questions:

The wiki gives a few details about the test, saying it is actually a dungeon crawl to the centre of Absolom, wherein lies the Starstone, and that the dungeon entails monsters, puzzles and traps. It starts by trying to cross the bottomless pit into the Starstone Cathedral without a bridge (no big deal), but I can't find any info on what comes after. Is there a source of information for this?

Secondly, if you were to design such a dungeon that rewards you with divinity, what would you include? It must be extremely tough if only 3 people have done it, but I'm not sure if any of them were very high level when taking the test..

If I'm mistaken, let me know.

It's not that much of a stretch to me.

I work out a lot harder if I can listen to some loud rock, or study better with slow classical. Even without the magical component it has a basis in real life to a certain extent.

MattR1986 wrote:
It would be a quick path to disaster and failure to start trying to put realism expectations into a D&D game.

And yet people keep trying to do it!

Yeah that's the other thing, I'm not sure eX lends itself to long spanning campaigns. I wouldn't want to play the same e6 character for 2 years, because after awhile feats can only do so much. But it's a great idea for a bunch of mid-length campaigns that insert new characters and lore into the world through the actions of your characters, since hitting level 6 almost assures that you'll be famous and a major shaker with a little effort.

The purpose of E6 for me is capping the power of NPCs in the world, so the fact that I'd have to gestalt all my more powerful NPCs to match the PCs seems like too much work to me.

But it's an interesting idea. I have a few players that might prefer it to straight E6.

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