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Luke Parry wrote:

To be fair, he did say the other PCs, not the players - I do find the idea of a barbarian wading into the dungeon supported by five statisticians/accountants moderately entertaining ;-)

And suddenly, while the stat's guys are cooking the numbers....


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Instead of pathfinder books, the five other PCs bring their statistics books and insist on calculating the Expected Value for every one of your rolls.

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Fans mistake your pathfinder's group with the Smashmouther's fan club and insist that everyone sing the song "all star" instead of playing...

Eventually you get a whole party of bards together.

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Everyone only brought d6s.

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Agreed. Drop the ITS.

I understand the logic of the system and appreciate Piazo's attempt at making the system more coherent, but I use a spreadsheet to track all of my purchases. Everything I buy is tracked to the copper. Expendables are marked off on my character sheet, and after the session, I refill, paying the cost.

BigNorseWolf sums up the problem for me perfectly. It is exhausting to make an additional notation on another sheet.

Really, it feels like the ITS is a poor trap to catch cheaters. In my opinion, if someone really wants to game the system, the ITS is no real hinderance. I haven't played with a single GM that really pays attention to how many wand charges a character expends or how many potions they drink. My GMs work really hard to make the game fun and vivid; I don't really want them to play traffic cop as well.

The reason I play pathfinder is to create a shared and imaginative -- but realistic --space. For me calculating weight or cost is a fun exercise in managing resources and strategy. I like it when I get to use that vermin repellant that I specifically added...and it is fun to smack myself for NOT adding that liquid ice I knew I wanted.

But of course there are players that want to make the mega-destructo barbarian of godly might at level one...

Piazo, you really want to catch these cheaters? Make an online, calculated character sheet. Have the GMs input the gold that they earn after every adventure (not really much more paper work for them since they already input the PPs.) Make the website intuitive and logical. Players without access to the internet then have to be that much more careful because they are more likely to get audited. Players with the Piazo online stamp are less suspicious.

Is this a reasonable suggestion?

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Diplomacy: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (20) + 10 = 30 Gentleman, lets settle this like adults. Rock, scissors, paper!

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The GM sits at the table with a crusty sledge hammer, whispers to it, points to you and says "roll initiative."