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Ok. So you annimated your undead. You constructed your golem. Now what?

The various sources state you can command them to do "stuff." What language do you have to use? Can you use sign language? Can you use ancient Osirion even if the guy you just animated was a Tengu who only spoke "bird"?

And then, of course, can you command them to deliver messages to people, even though they have no language? (The only mindless creature in the first three beastiary books that even has a language entry is a flesh golem, and it states: none)

if you command a creature with no language to use a command word item, can they repeat the command word? Skeletons can get up and walk around without muscle, but not repeat a message? Remember, they don't have a 0 int. They have NO int. Two drastically different things. In fact NO int behaves statistically like an int of 10 (insofar as it gives a +0 bonus, not a -5)

you can command them to enter deadly combat and fight effectively, but they can't repeat a command word? Is that right? Or are they your puppet? And you can make them dance and sing for your amusement?(granted, very poorly)

my only hint is with clockworks that are mindless, but still talk in some modules... But the one I'm recalling (RotRL) was semi- sentient... Anyone know of other examples of clockwork that talk? A solid example of a mindless talker would be what I'm looking for.

I really want more information from Geb!!!

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Kraken Caller is apparently pfs legal.
My current 122 crit at 2nd level build character (scythe barb alc) was viable and fine. Dealt nice damage and is now 4th. I am going to make him even worse via Kraken Caller 8 levels + Shaping focus, for the druid spells and 6 tentacle attacks + Claw claw bite and unarmed strikes for regular attacks, but the question I asked myself was, can I do better at making a monster?

I have an Aasimar boon. I'm considering using that to take an angel blooded small alc2 barb1 druid8 rogue1 for 3 primary nat attacks, 6 tentacle, +9 bab (so 2 IUS) and, of course, when flanking, 2d6 extra Sneak Attack.

Using my other 12th level character as a reference, I ended up with about 100k gp. So spending wise a +5 amulet of mighty fists is kind of out. A +4 would also be cash taxing. So a +1, with two elemental d6s is probably where its at.

Using the aasimar small, I can take a rogue talent that lets me treat foes as flat footed by sharing their square. Thus ensuring the SA on each strike (most of the time).

And at 13th level add two wing attacks.

So I'm.looking at bab +14 at 20th, with a +2 trait bonus, +1 race bonus (I think), and a bonus from wildblood barbarian archetype. So +18 bab basically. Now, add a +6 Str belt, and rock the rage and mutagens for 36 Str. +13 damage bonus.

So 3 IUS at +18/+13/+8, 3 primary nat at +18, 8 secondary for +13.

Could it be better? Legally? I don't have a payroll boon, and trading one tail for two wing attacks doesn't seem that decent. Most of the damage is coming from # of attacks, after all.

1d3/1d4/1d6 +14 or +7, +2d6 SA, +2d6 elemental times 14. Though I realize at 20th I'll probably be getting the +5 amulet and another 2d6 elemental per whack. As well as 5d6 SA.

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Just had this question come up regarding the third option:

It has five check boxes and states: "Restorative Wand: you gain a wand of cure light wounds with 5 charges." Value 0gp, use with a healer for no UMD check (paraphrased).

The way it was explained to me by my VL was one check per wand. 25 charges.

Online discussing it in a FB page, they claimed the checks were to keep track of the 5 charges.

I can easily see it either way, given the nature of boon sheets.

So is it a 1PP boon (half a normal wand) or a 1/5 PP boon. 5 total charges.

Any official take on it?

Not game breaking either way, just curious.

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First question: do chronicle boons bonuses affect your day job? I know this seems silly to ask, but they aren't listed on page 36 under the permanent bonuses that count. I presume they must (otherwise what's the point of chronicle sheet boons).

One shot boon bonuses that specifically say they affect day jobs probably also ignore this lack of listing?

Second(ish) question: if I get a bonus in the Grand Lodge of Absalom, and it happens to affect a skill that I can use for a day job because of a chronicle or vanity, can I ignore the role playing "in Absalom" part, in effect, to get the boon bonus. Or rather, does it matter where I take my day job? Can I take wherever I want (in Absalom where I get my bonus)?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

Additional question: do books count as permanent bonuses if used for day jobs? They are circumstance bonuses, but you could always use them...

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Ok, so I've read the threads back and forth regarding spell storing and whether they take a touch attack roll. I'm off the opinion they do. Not only because a "free hit" seems bogus, ignores the crit chance for touch spells, and basically breaks the game, BUT ALSO because "what about SR?"

I mean you still have to penetrate SR. So if you already hit, you roll to hit SR. So NOW it takes another roll?

No, it was always as if the wielder had cast the spell. Their touch attack. Their SR penetration. The items spell. I don't see why that's so hard to grasp.

Thoughts? Anyone have a link to a FAQ on this?

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Just curious what everyone's favorite, actually used, shenanigans have been. We were trying to out shenanigans the rogue/sorcerer/monk build in our last session and my magus/sorcerer hit up on the following (after a 10d6+20 lightning bolt): cast true strike and move to provoke. Take the hit. True strike his spell storing armor's 10d6+20 shocking grasp (acid damage). With the 5% chance of auto confirming the crit (because its +31 vs touch at his level). I really need to get improved critical for shocking grasp, but that's another day. I thought it was a cute way to get two spells off without a quickened rod. What have you done in game?

Ps. Another of my favorite true strike shenanigans is to use it to ignore mirror images. "I close my eyes." Grants them 50% concealment, which true strike ignores, but ignores the mirror images because a visual figment.

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So I did some number crunching and I'm pretty sure you can get to level 19 with only playing Phantom Phenomena, Silverhex Chronicles (1 hour each, because meh) and either Beyond the Halflight Path or From the Crypt of the Righteous Repose (at level 7.2).

If you play through (or GM) Rise of the Rune Lords, Curse of the Crimson Throne, and King Maker in "campaign mode" sessions (without following any rules from society, actually) you can get a chronicle for each section. All total, the only level it leaves out is level 7 to 8, which, as I eluded to above, is filled in with those three scenarios.

So for 6 hours of PFS time, and taking your time at home, you can obtain a level 19 character and retire...

Are there limits that I am missing when you run all parts of an AP in order with non-PFS rules? And you could do it in PFS as well, of course.

My only question regarding this is if we need a legal table to play through all of it? Or if society rules don't apply, can 2 players play 2 characters each? How much "homebrew" can you do and still obtain the chronicle sheets?

Also, is there anything that gets a character to level 20? In PFS?

level 1: silverhex, phantom --> 1.2
CotCT 1.2-->2.2
KM 2.2-->3.2
RotR 3.2--/-->5.2
KM 5.2-->6.2
CotCT 6.2-->7.2
1/2LP or ftToRR 7.2-->8
RotR 8-->9
CotCT 9-->10
KM 10--/-->12
CotCT 12-->13
RotRL 13-->14
CotCT 14-->15
KM 15-->16
RotRL 16-->18
CotCT 18-->19

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I know this was "decided" on 2011, but was there any good reason for Accelerated Drinker to not work on extracts already held in the hand of an alchemist.

The text reads "An extract is “cast” by drinking it, as if imbibing a potion—the effects of an extract exactly duplicate the spell upon which its formula is based, save that the spell always affects only the drinking alchemist."

I mean, ok, it takes a standard action to "activate" it? I guess? But a potion of the exact same spell only takes a move action to "activate"? I just makes little to absolutely no sense given the text.

Thoughts (ps. This isn't a "I want it to work that way" thread, it is a "it literally says its activated just like a potion so why did they decide 8 years ago it isn't the same????" Thread)

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Ok so there is a rogue talent ability that lets you make bombs.
And there is a 4th level alchemist ability that lets you strap bombs on a piece of ammunition.

The bombs made by the rogue are equal to his sneak attack.
The bombs made by the bomb class feature are alchemist level.

So if they can make a 7d6 sneak attack bomb and throw it, but instead use the discovery that lets them strap it to ammo, and are firing from hiding (invisible or whatever) can they sneak attack/bomb for 14d6 total?

Now 9d6 (dip in snakebite striker brawler for 16th level 9th SA d6) and 4 levels alchemist is about as good as this would get, so 18d6 total to one crossbow bolt (with snippet goggles, from 1200 feet).

If it would work. I'm not sure you have to get rid of those bombs when you pick up alchemist, but I am sure you need to keep the bomb class feature to pick up that discovery.


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Ok. I understand that it is a class that can work well. What I am looking at is the elemental overflow numbers.

Burn: take character level x2 temporary HP (thp) per turn you have burn. Ok. Doesn't seem that bad. Most kineticist players will max con, and put favored class HP here.

But it does mean you'd never want to multiclass. Like, ever.

On to level 3, where things start to really go down hill. You need 1 burn, at level 3 (6 thp per turn). You get a +1 to hit and 2 damage, you have 36 HP. Meaning you can keep this "bonus" up for 6 turns. Fair enough.

At level 6, this all starts to break down. If you have 3 points of burn, you are taking 36 thp per turn. You only have 69+6(from the bonus this gives), or just over two turns worth before you start killing yourself with burn.

But at level 11, if you have 5 burn, that's 110 thp a turn. You have 124 from leveling and 22 more from this ability. So you knock yourself out in the second round (220 thp, meaning no and doing yourself 220-146=74 HP).

The level 16 is right out, delivering 32x7 or 224 thp to a character who only has 179 +48(from the ability). Leaving yourself 3 thp. Of course you probably took burn getting to 7 total? A second turn will probably completely kill you (if you take away the 48 HP boost and then apply the remaining thp to HP conversion (217 real HP).

Does anyone else find this completely broken? Or is it just me? Am I missing something? Burn does 2 tHP per character level per burn per round, right? Because PFS uses average HP progression this makes every high level high burn kineticist a useless suicide king our queen.

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So my holy Vindicator level 4 is considering picking up better armor. Going from +1 to 3+stanching. This would prevent 3 bleed damage. Stigmata would cause 2 at 4th level, and make you immune to any other. Now stigmata says it can't be healed/stopped by healing magic. But stanching doesn't heal or stop it, just prevents it. So would the HV be able to now run around with this bonus all the time? RAW, Rai , or just your opinion. An playing in a pfs game, so don't want to be illegal. But pfs is raw heavy, so if it doesn't say heal or stop....

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Ok, so sometime or another I worked on my alchemist and he took the following:

Accelerated Drinker Feat: "You may drink a potion as a move action instead of a standard action as long as you start your turn with the potion in your hand."

Explosive Missile Discovery: As a standard action, the alchemist can infuse a single arrow, crossbow bolt, or one-handed firearm bullet with the power of his bomb, load the ammunition, and shoot the ranged weapon. He must be proficient with the weapon in order to accomplish this. When the infused ammunition hits its target, it deals damage normally and detonates as if the alchemist had thrown the bomb at the target. If the explosive missile misses, it does not detonate.

Now, obviously, we're at 20+ int (24 with mindchemist). We also apply a Targeted Bomb Admixture to each bomb we make (duration 4+ rounds, since we have to have a 4th to do the explosive missile).

Adventurer's Sash, spring loaded sheath or whatever you can do to get the next potion in you hand as a free action in the same round... can you...

So the hypothetical question is: Drink the potion (elixir) of True Strike as a move action, then make the bomb, strap it on a bolt, load and fire the Heavy Crossbow (at a +20 now)... and repeat this each round for which you have a True Strike elixir prepped?

Compared to reloading a heavy crossbow? What, once a round, as a full round action?

So that would be a +20 to hit, 2d6+10-14 damage, on top of the bolt damage. And more on crits? Not bad for a 4th level murder hobo, eh?

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OK. So I am looking into an Underground Chemist Sniper Rogue... because, hey, after looking into it: Why not?!

By 4th Level they get 2d6 Sneak attack, which they can add to splash weapons (yeh, UC grants this) and take 1/2 range penalties (Sniper). And you get +10 feet of Sneak Attack range, so you can throw 4 range increments with a -3 penalty, against touch AC for the 1d6 (usually) damage + 2d6 Sneak Attack damage. Plus your Int Bonus (if you have one).

All said, it looks like a pretty neat combination, and in this case I am combining it with a Ninja with Vanishing Trick and Blossoming Light Cleric - all eventually.

So what we're looking at at 10th level is a 5d6 SA rogue with Sap Adept, Sap Master who uses Vanishing Trick to go invisible and heal for up to 4 rounds and then come out swinging with SA, either lethal (5d6) or not (10d6+10). Or throw a splash weapon with SA for +5d6 SA on it.

The beautiful thing this does is allow a HOLY WATER to be thrown and do 2d4 + 5d6 versus undead and evil outsiders. Pitch that vial right down their throats, as it were, and watch their heads explode!

What I am wondering about is what kind of damage Splash Weapons which don't do damage do do. There are 20ish splash weapons:

Alch Fire, Oil, Pox Burster, Stink Oil, Sting Grenade, Acid flask, Marker Dye (bag), Alkali Flask, Brewed Reek, Defoliant (vs plants), Elemental Flux, Impact Foam, Liquid Ice, Plague Powder (evil), Insomnia Powder, Itching Powder, Sneezing Powder, Powder Ball, Shadowcloy, holy water

Some do acid, cold, fire, random energy type, and holy damage. My question is: do the ones that force a save do the save + SA damage with this class? Or how exactly does this work. And if they do the save, and it isn't lethal (like sneezing) does the SA damage count as nonlethal? And if it does, does that allow Sap Adept and Sap Master to apply? The whole thing SEEMS SILLY, but it is PFS legal, as far as I can tell, which just adds to the humorousness of it all.

So please, if you can point out any FAQ for damage type from "non-damaging attacks" that would be great. Alternately, would you, as a GM consider a water balloon to be a nonlethal alternate to a normal splash weapon (improvised weapon, splash, nonlethal?). Is that reasonable? Because RAW improvised weapons can be "made" in game. I probably should check to see what KINDS can be made, but am posting this hear for the damage type question regarding non-damaging splash attacks more than for the nonlethal BOOM BAGS.

Thanks for your time and opinions/answers!

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I know this isn't the "best" fighter ever, but dang, it comes in at the top of the heap I think.

Picture this: a Level 20 Mutated Defender who took TENTACLE every time. So that is a FULL +20 BAB with 10 Tentacle attacks as secondary attacks (which all become primary if it is their only attack, so FULL StrB and BAB to all of them). (Or 9 and raise it up to d6).

Add in a Amulet of Mighty Fists +1 with Ice, Fire, Acid and Electric and you have a 45d6+9x1 1/2 StrB(+1), +20 to hit monster zapping out squiggly death!

Alternately you could go full 50d6 + 10d4 + 15x StrB ... whichever works best. (if there is a 5th d6 damage type that can added to the Mighty Fists Amulet, sonic?)

I realize this archetype will NEVER be PFS legal now that I have suggested this build, but oh was it fun coming up with it.

I know there's a bunch of stuff you could do to add to the mess which is a Vigilante taking 10 1 point evolutions from the eidelon tree. What do you think would add to this.

Remember, the character would still get 10-11 Feats... so maybe throw in some cleaving or lunging or what not to get a nice range?

Attacking with melee weapons and these would result in a +20/+15x11/+10/+5 attack situation. I don't know if you would care to waste the strength and attack bonus on four melee attacks (when you get it on 10 instead). +6 StrB, for instance would be 60 damage instead of 90, so right there you dropped 30 damage. Unless you can make up for that in the 4 attacks it wouldn't be worth it. You also lost 5 from all the attacks, so unless you are "sure" to hit the AC it might not be "cost effective". 430 damage cap is pretty nice for a single round of combat. Great Sword you are doing 2d6 more x8 (if all hit) 16d6 more +4x9 = 36, 132 more, so 562 damage cap (with a chance to lose some versus AC).

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Beast Shape spell states you get xyz if the ANIMAL has xyz. What if the creature has xyz+10? Like a Fly of 40 instead of 30? What if its fly speed is a different maneuverability than average?

Is this one of those "this or less" situations? Or is it one of those "up to this" situation? If they have Fly 40(good) does that give you Fly 30 (average) when transformed? If they have Climb 20, do you still get Climb 30? Or do you get no climb at all?

Looking for a FAQ or solid answer, as there are no ANIMALS in the original Beastiary with FLY 30 (Average - which I understand is not listed, so just Fly 30). They have Climb 30, and Fly 40, and Swim 30, etc... but no Fly 30 ANIMALS.

What other source might I look to to get a RAW correct ANIMAL for FLY 30? - and do I need to, or just tell the GM to stop being anal retentive about RAW? But it is "society play" so AR GMs are bound to pop up every once in a while at tables and I've rather not spend one minute having a semantic/RAI argument with a person if I can just point to exact verbiage that matches instead.

A FAQ would be nice as well. I know I can get the "anything less is included in" FAQ, but that doesn't mention this type of spell and may result in still having disagreements at a table. And the question remains about the "less than" side of it. If I transform into a snake, can I NOT climb 30, even if a regular snake can climb 20? So I get nothing from it?


(ps. list so far to cover is: Ape, Gorilla Scent, LLV and Climb 30, Elasmosaurus for Scent, LLV and Swim 30. But no animal in the Bestiary has Fly 30 (40, 50, 20, yes, no 30). (not concerned with Darkvision atm)

Dimorphodon Pterosaur in Bestiary 4 came up when I did a google search. So I guess there is one there.

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So here's the ability in question:

Magic Warrior’s Aspect (Su)

At 3rd level, a magic warrior can gain an aspect of an animal’s might. The animal must suit the magic warrior’s mask (and the animal changes if the magic warrior must create or obtain a new mask). As a standard action, the magic warrior gains one ability possessed by that animal from the list of abilities given in beast shape I (this ability does not allow her to change her size). The ability lasts for 1 minute per magus level.

This ability replaces the magus arcana gained at 3rd level.

Nowhere does it say "once per day" or anything like that. So is it just a SU unlimited use ability? The OTHER copy of the archetype also lacks any limit wording. Help? Any FAQs out there for this?

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The reason I ask what Spell Descriptors are is because they don't seem to be materially important to the damage type of a spell.

For instance, a Elemental Spell enhanced Metamagic spell going from Cold to Acid does not change it's Spell Descriptor. But it does Acid damage instead of Cold. So Cold immunity wouldn't matter because the damage is Acid.

Additionally, is there anything that changes the Spell Descriptors like Elemental Magic changes the damage type? This would be for Draconic bloodline or Rime Spell use, I'd imagine.

From what I can see so far, Draconic bloodline arcana would still apply to the dragon type, regardless of damage type because the descriptor doesn't change (with elemental metamagic).

Thoughts? It is kind of a weird thing that is just like "hinted at being in the background of every spell" but not really well explained. IMLHO, of course.

ps. Yes, I have read the "Descriptors" section of the magic section. It just doesn't really seem like the do "a lot" other than just generally define a spell.

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There should be an entire section for silly rules questions, IMHO.


Warding Weapon:

Focus of ANY melee weapon. Can I cast it on my left hand? Does it float off my body to defend me? Or is it still attached and defending above my head per RAW? And does it still count as a free / open hand since it has no weapon in it?

Bonus question: if I don't have IUS, does it still count as a "martially trained weapon" (per the spell) and thus grant me IUS with it? (no, because the spell doesn't do this, but you know, trying to munchkin it more)

What are some of your more silly questions, and hey, feel free to answer mine!

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If you wanted to grapple someone else while wearing the ring... wtf happens? Does the "All (ALL) combat maneuver checks made (maneuvers by anyone) to grapple (apply the grapple condition) the target (to the ring wearer) automatically fail (don't work)" apply to grapple attempts you make since they give you the grappled condition too?

Unusual question, I know. But if someone else can't give you the grappled condition, why can you give it to yourself? SELFHUGS! Does the object of the attack get grappled and the ring wearer not get the condition? How's it work if so?

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Does the Fame limit for purchasing items include or exclude any discounts from a chronicle sheet?

If I have a Fame of 36, limit 23,000 gp, and a 10% discount on a Chronicle, can I buy an item that is normally 25,000 gp for 22,500 gp? Is there any FAQ explaining this. Because "max item cost" would be under the 23,000 limit. And the phrase "You can purchase items of less than full value only if they appear that way on a Chronicle sheet" does not imply that a discount makes the item cost more just because "normally" it does. So I don't see anything in the PFS rules that say you can't do this. Does anyone know of a FAQ or rule that explains this better somewhere?

(Specifically, Chronicle sheets are made to be "exceptions" to the general rules (normal limits) so I find this to be "doable" unless otherwise cited).


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Have a quick question regarding Brawler Archetypes:
Can you take Snakebite Striker and Strangler together? They both alter class skills, but one simply adds to it and the other changes skills not affected by the other change.

Curious how this works RAW versus "RAI" - did they mean to mess up the overlap by giving away a free class skill? Or does this not count as a class feature?

In any event strangler / steal breaker (edit, just read the archetype and it too alters skills, though it is not on the master list as doing so) or strangler / shield champion would be viable per RAW, right?

meh, seems RAW is no go on the strangler snakebite striker... thanks anyways...

"Free skill keeps you from stacking the archetype." Seems really silly. Definitely not something I'm going to use in houserules. (I mean, if it made you pick or chose which one to get rid of, ie. actually replaced class skills, that would be completely different, imho).

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OK, there are a few classes which can be "stacked" in archetypes.

As I understand the typical multi-class situation, when you gain a second (or more) class, you get the BAB and saving throw modifiers from that class added, as well as all the other class features.

So, for instance, if you were a Paladin 2, Monk 2, with a 14 CHA, you would get the +2 BAB, 3 0 3 base saves of the Paladin, plus divine grace for +2 to all saves, plus the +1 BAB for the 2nd Level monk and 3 3 3 saves. Adding it all up you get +3 BAB and 8 5 8 for saves.

My question is this: what happens when you take the same class, but it is an archetype of one you already have? Do you get the first level bonuses? Or do you continue as if you progressed a level for BAB and saves?

For instance, let's say there are three monk archetypes which all can be taken somehow (two is easily doable, as I understand it). Can you be a 3rd level monk with +0 BAB and 6 6 6 for saves? Or do you come out as a +2 BAB and 3 3 3 for saves? Is it "true multi-classing" or simply taking archetypes of the same class, and the class progresses as normal, and if so, what effective level is used for the various archetypes (are they all level 3 monks now? or is one archetype considered only level 2 and the other level 1?)?

What I've read states you pick the archetype at level 1... but then how do you get multiple archetypes for the same class? You do it all at level 1? And then ALL the archetypes progress as you level?

I'm just unsure how the archetypes stack, any pointers and directions for this would help, thanks.

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I'm planning on making a fourth PFS character and making them into a skill monkey. So far I have:

Str 10, Dex 10, Con 13, Int 20, Wis 10, Cha 10

Traits: Student of Philosophy

Human alternate racial feats: Focused Study (because it gives three feats (eventually) for the price of 1). Fast Learner? The other one that gives 2 languages per Linguistics? Thoughts?

Level 1: Empiricist Investigator 1
This gets a quick d6 to any skill 5 times a day, with Knowledge being free. I don't see much reason to up this class, as I don't expect to be making more than 5 or 6 rolls a day with other skills (and INT will go up, making this closer to 8 uses/day, which is plenty)

Level 2-3: Mindchemist Alchemist 2
This is needed for the double INT bonus on knowledge skills. Considering there are 10 such skills, this is a 50 skill point bonus. (80 eventually). At this point every skill has one rank in it (29, except maybe fly).

Level 4+: Archeologist Bard - completes the skill list, all skills except fly are now class skills.
They get a +1 to all rolls (not just knowledge) as well as Bardic Knowledge, so at level 4, this is just like having a straight 4th level Bard for 4 rounds a day, maybe a little better. They eventually get rogue talents, which means at 15th (PFS probably won't get here) I can take the advanced rogue talent that lets me take 10 on skills even under duress. In the meantime, I get Rogue talents which basically allow for pretty decent versatility when combined with Bard spells. Disable Device and Perception also get an additional half level boosts as well. Uncanny Dodge and Evasion? yes please.

The plan is to get an INT boosting item, and add level 4 and 8 to INT, then 12 to CON. Or some combination thereof.

Saves at level 4 will be:
Fort 3 Ref 7 Wil 4, BAB suffers a bit(+1), but with the additional +1 from the Archeologist, he can make a +2 attack (so slightly worse than a regular Bard in this respect at level 4). At level 5, it is "equivalent" to the normal +3 any of these classes would have.

Anything you would do different to make this a little better (if possible)? I don't see a d8 making a huge difference, not being able to add it to "every skill" as it will pretty much be added to most anyway (8 uses a day is plenty for PFS modules).

I will probably go back to Empiricist for a second level for the INT bonus to the other skills it substitutes out INT for. it doesn't get doubled (not knowledge) but still gets a beefy change from +0 to +5 (+8 eventual). 4 1/2 skills = 22.5 skill point difference (36 eventually).

Are there feats along the way I can take that change skills to int based? Or ones that do more than skill focus (+3 to one)? I am thinking that taking Traits is better than skill focus, in that they would give a +4 total bonus (+2 each). But that is limited by "kinds" and not being able to take more than one of the same kind of trait. Suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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Nothing says they don't work on each other, so do they stack?

Kind of important for Darkvision folks: if they get one, two, or three level reductions or not.

This lantern does not burn oil, but instead burns shadowcloy (see below). When shadowcloy is used as its fuel, this lantern creates a strange, hazy darkness that decreases the light level for 30 feet around it by one step . Unlike when shadowcloy is thrown at a single target, this haze does not decrease natural darkness to supernatural darkness. One flask of shadowcloy fuels a darklight lantern for 1 minute.

For that matter, do multiple Darkness spells that overlap cause additional drops in light levels?

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Improved Spell Recall from Magus gives

Improved Spell Recall (Su)

At 11th level, the magus’s ability to recall spells using his arcane pool becomes more efficient. Whenever he recalls a spell with spell recall, he expends a number of points from his arcane pool equal to 1/2 the spell’s level (minimum 1). Furthermore, instead of recalling a used spell, as a swift action the magus can prepare a spell of the same level that he has in his spellbook. He does so by expending a number of points from his arcane pool equal to the spell’s level (minimum 1). The magus cannot apply metamagic feats to a spell prepared in this way. The magus does not need to reference his spellbook to prepare a spell in this way.

The part I am curious about is: "Furthermore, instead of recalling a used spell, as a swift action the magus can prepare a spell of the same level that he has in his spellbook. He does so by expending a number of points from his arcane pool equal to the spell’s level (minimum 1)."

Does this take a spell slot/daily slot? Or just add one. I am presuming that since it doesn't say "this spell replaces one they already know" that it just allows them to cast an additional spell for APP. Is that the correct way that this runs? I am not planning on getting my Magus to 11th (sorc 1/magus7 then pick up sorc (more) or anarchist is the build so far). I am just curious more than anything. No rush on a reply, thanks.

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So, Long range is 400 feet + 40 per casting level. If someone has some sort of cover/concealment, that is a +44 or more bonus to stealth, right? So, effectively, what is the real range of most spells? 100 feet + 10 per casting level is still going to give a +11 bonus to people's duck and cover.

I suppose "out in the open" these ranges are ok. I was just trying to figure out a reasonable "snipe range" for a Sorcerer / Magus with a fully extended Shocking Grasp, while themselves invisible (+2, +3 if metal armor worn by victim, touch AC w/o Dex bonus). And there is no range increment so this is most likely to go off without a hitch.

Why aren't there more spellcasters in the assassination field? Is there some sort of "vision" that allows you to see through cover (feats, I expect that allow you to ignore it would cancel the person's ability to use stealth in the first place?).

Also, can this stealth be negated by say a Clairaudience-Clairvoyance spell located near the hiding victim allowing you to see the "other side" of the cover they are using? And thus still able to use touch attack spells - with say truestrike to ignore the concealment miss chance. Would that bypass the cover as well? Or does CC not provide line of sight past the cover (only concealment).

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OK, I was looking into creating an "uberAC" character and it turns out there is really no such thing. Which is to say, yes you can get a great AC, but so can the next guy.

So I compiled a list of things that help AC, and want to know if I am missing very much:

Trait - Defender of Society +1 in Medium or Heavy Armor
Feat - Dodge +1
Feat combinations for Fighting Defensively: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (or an ioun stone that makes it familiar, thus martial) Madu, Cautious Fighter (halfling), Cautious Warrior. Fight defensively for -1 attack, and +6 AC

Classes that grant AC bonuses of some sort (over DEX + Armor, see below)


Monk: +WIS Bonus to AC, +1 at 4th, +5 at 20th. Only while not wearing armor (thus "no" armor bonus, thus a complete wash IMHO with armor wearers, save it applies to touch AC). Monks generally could end up +8, except they lose 5 for enhancement. So they are only +3 over an armor wearer (total).

Stalwart defender: +1, get a bonus on fighting defensively if they don't move. There's a point to this, but honestly, at 20th level if you aren't moving you are getting hit or ignored in most combats.

Warpriest: same as monk. despite someone saying it "stacks" with monk, only the level stacks for the +1/4 effect. You don't get double WIS bonuses to AC.

Sorcerer; Dreamspun or Verdant bloodlines get a +1 to AC in some cases. Verdant would be replaced with NAV item, or used in it's place to get up to a +9 AC bonus (casting a 9th level spell), for 1d4 turns, so that is a total of +4 over a normal armor wearer - slightly better than a monk, for 1d4 rounds.

Cavalier and Inquisitors: Meh, yeh, get a +1 or so but they aren't any better than a normal armor wearer (everyone else) as level goes up.

Mouser Swashbuckler: Can give allies a +4AC (effectively) if their opponent misses and they move into the opponent's square.

Duelist: +1 per IntB / level to AC; max +10, reasonable is +5 for a str based fighter character. Again, not really better than a monk / sorcerer of the same level.

Magus: can add defending to a weapon with their arcane pool. So this is a wash with a normal armor wearer who just has the item.

OTHER AC Adders:
Armor - this tops out around +15. +10 total for armor and dex, sometimes +9, and then +5 enhancement bonus. It doesn't really matter what you are going to do, you are going to pick up something to fit your Dex bonus, and then enhance it.
Deflection: Personal shield type spell or magic aura?
Dodge: these can all stack, but everyone can get the ones I mentioned in the feat tree (pretty much). Does anyone know of a spell that grants a dodge bonus?
Enhancement: to AC, and NAC, shield so +15 total
Insight: Spell gives +4 AC (I think, double check).
Luck: +1, +2, ioun stones, spells(?).
Natural armor: NAC is usually limited to 8 from items, I believe.
Profane: +2 or +4 from spells, +more from anti-Paladin SMITE with high stats.
Sacred: +2 or +4 from spells, +more from Paladin SMITE with high stats.
Shield: +2, +4 generally.
Size: +1 small (or tiny for +2 I think)
Morale: boosts stats, so boosts AC if to Dex (and not capped on AC Dex limit).

Am I missing many things? Which/what? If you want to fill in specific spells or what not for the bonuses, feel free. If you know of something that grants more bonus somehow, please let me know that as well. Thanks!

By my calc, almost anyone can get 15 armor, 2 shield, 5 NAC, 15 enhancement, 2 luck, 1 size (reduce person), and then spell boosts to generally hit a 50+ AC. But it all seems to be the same after first level: quite item dependent.

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Ok, so you managed to get your characters to level 20ish. The Tarrasque is down to -1391 (just a calculation - see spoiler). Anyway, what do you do with it in the 35 rounds that it is KO'd? Is that long enough to asphyxiate it to death? Or otherwise kill it with things that (most people agree) avoid/overcome the whole regeneration thing? And if you do, does it just rise in 3 rounds instead of 35? So just keep hitting it over and over?

3 CL 16 sorcerers (Actual Level 12, cl 16 with Shocking Grasp), Ranged+3, Quicken +0 (Spell Perfection SG), Intensified (to 10d6+20), Then another maximized ranged, intensified (80) in the same round = 55+80 = (135/rnd * number of sorcerers) * .8 (80% get past SR) - 40/round. So they may need 5th level slots (5 or 6 depending on stats, let's say 6). Improved Invisible (avoid detection at all costs for safety's sake). Now, they could take their time and say 2 of them do 160 -40 a round, 120 * 5 rounds is -75 HP for poor T. Only 80% get through it's SR (36 vs modified CL of 16+15, sets min roll of 32, or 80% success), so you get 96*6rounds is more definite at 576 (-51 for T). Once it goes down, unload maximized intensified magus shocking grasps on it at point blank (CL 11, 55% success rate, but 80 damage a pop from all 3, so (240 * .55) -40 = 92/turn * 3 spells, plus all the 2nd level Sorcerer spells at CL 16, so (240 * .8)-40 = 152 * 7). All that mess leaves the T at -1391. Side note: The Spines it shoots: Range of 600 feet, not 1200 feet, right? Even with invisibility and a range of 1040 feet (continuous from 3rd spellcaster using Dimension Door to move/keep up with it) the +43 Perception is rough. +1/20 feet = 52 + 20 Invisible, or 72 at max range, but then he's going to knock 10 off that if he moves at you (200'), and then roll D20+43, so he's actually got a 10% chance of locating your square...

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Ok, so let's say I have a magus with a quickened metamagic rod or this build:

sorcerer 8, magus 7. 15th level feat is Spell Perfection Shocking Grasp, 13th level is Quicken Spell (so I can add quicken for free). 6th level Magus arcana is Broad Study Sorcerer so he can cast either kind of spell via his weapon. Also has Spontaneous Metafocus so sorcerer metamagic isn't slowing him down any, ok now on to the question:
Can they cast a quickened spell, use their Spell Strike weapon to hit with that "free attack" and then cast a second spell and Spell Strike with their weapon again to deliver the second spell? This seems like it should be how it is designed, but I just wanted to check. Thanks.

Even if their BAB is < +6? (ie. they wouldn't typically have 2 attacks in a round) - ie. is it an immediate/swift action for the first quickened spell and then the rest is just treated like normal? And I presume it takes up their swift/immediate action until the next turn. Thanks again.

And while we're at it, what happens if they get hasted? They get 30' added to movement and can't cast two spells... but if they did the quickened and a full attack they would get a second spell and an extra attack?


I've developed what I refer to as a "Quintessential Saver" build (for PFS) which is the following:

Stats str 10, dex 14, con 14, int 11, wis 14, cha 16

Paladin 2, Monk 2, Brawler 1, Slayer 1, Ranger 1, Gunslinger 1, Infiltrator 1, Shadowdancer 2, Swashbuckler 1, Bard 1, *Daredasher 1*, *Crimson Templar 1*, Champion of the Enlightened 1, Devoted Muse 1, Lantern Bearer 1, Student of Perfection 1,

Rogue 2, Justicator and Grand Marshal as perhaps the last two-four levels. As Daredasher and Crimson Templar take a different deity than Champion of the Enlightened.

Anyway, these combined with a Halfling, give ridiculous saves and a really versatile character with (hopefully) a +16 or better BAB. Throwing in Lucky Halfling and a few Lucky feats, as well as Twist Away and Iron Will or Lightning Reflexes (going to use Ref for Fort in times of need).

Also taking Lessons of Faith (to reroll failed save 1/day) and something to add +1 to Wil or Ref save for Traits.

Can anyone think of a class that I missed that would add nicely to this build? I was attempting not to sack BAB completely, and thus I realize it will have a slightly lower WIL save (24 w/o magic I think) in the end.

Monk bonus feats are dodge and combat reflexes. Looking to throw in toughness for HP boost (later). I think it worked out to a naked 15 AC or something low like that, but can armor up (obviously). I realize I could dump stat most of the other stats and go full CHA, but I didn't want to do that, and numerically it makes no difference to the saves (+5 total). So it eeks out some AC bonus from the monk and a few other things. 4 level points going into CHA and a CHA boost item, will send this to like 36,39,29 (feat dependent) saves. Reroll 1/day on fail, re-roll for friends within 30' 7/day, use dex as fort for evasion on fort saves.

Thoughts and advice on how I could improve this? If you need more information let me know. Things I am looking for are things that allow saves when you wouldn't otherwise get one, or that sort of thing - anything that might give SR? Does that allow a save even if SR fails to protect? Monster traits available to players?


A Stalker Vigilante can take an ability which deals hidden strike damage as non-lethal fear damage if they succeed on an intimidate check and make the opponent(s) shaken.

Does DR/- or DR/x apply to this? It is not direct weapon damage. And DR applies to direct weapon attacks.

Here's the skinny on what's happening:

Dazzling Display: While wielding the weapon in which you have Weapon Focus, you can perform a bewildering show of prowess as a full-round action. Make an Intimidate check to demoralize all foes within 30 feet who can see your display.

Intimidate: Demoralize - You can use this skill to cause an opponent to become shaken for a number of rounds. This shaken condition doesn’t stack with other shaken conditions to make an affected creature frightened. The DC of this check is equal to 10 + the target’s Hit Dice + the target’s Wisdom modifier.

Success: If you are successful, the target is shaken for one round. This duration increases by 1 round for every 5 by which you beat the DC. You can only threaten an opponent this way if it is within 30 feet and can clearly see and hear you. Using demoralize on the same creature only extends the duration; it does not create a stronger fear condition.

Fail: The opponent is not shaken.

Twisting Fear (Ex): Whenever the vigilante causes an opponent to gain the shaken, frightened, or panicked condition, that opponent takes an amount of nonlethal damage equal to the vigilante’s reduced hidden strike damage, as the stress wears upon its body. A creature can’t take damage from twisting fear more than once per round. Panicked creatures that take damage from twisting fear are too winded even to scream as they flee in terror. Only a stalker vigilante can select this talent.

So, does DR apply? You are not actually striking them, it is a mind-affecting effect (not a body one). So I wouldn't think so, even if the damage is "equal to" some damage their weapon does. And point of fact, you don't do weapon damage (thus wouldn't bypass DR/S,P,B, even if this was applied due to wielding a S,P,B weapon), just hidden strike damage. Thoughts?

(ps. the more I think about it the more absurd I think it would be to apply DR to a mind-affecting effect... like does it work against illusions? No. Then why would it work against this? Of course, the whole ability to damage people with intimidate and not hitting an AC is pretty absurd too, but also adding to not being weapon damage and subject to DR that way as well... sigh... )


Does the orc subtype from the sorcerer orc bloodline add the entire subtype - stat mods, weapons, etc.... Or just what is mentioned after "including"...


Ok. First I understand the verbiage of the item. While falling. Break and destroy. To get the benefits of feather fall and invisibility. As an immediate action.

My question is this;
Can a player use acrobatics to jump 10 feet vertically to be able to activate this item on their return (fall) to the ground?

The dc would be 40, 24 if you round up from 6 feet. But even 40 is relatively achievable. (40 with 10 feet of running start)


OK. So I am running a Gray Paladin. They don't have Channel Energy.
Currently the Character is GP 4, Ranger Guide 1.
I am planning on dipping into some sort of Cleric - for the Channel Energy ability so I meet the pre-req for Holy Vindicator.

The two abilities I am wondering about are the HV Channel Energy ability and the +1 level to divine spellcasting class.

Will the HV Channel Energy ability mean that in the end the "Cleric" side will be "CL 11 for Channel Energy = 6d6" - or does it just mean that their CL when trying to affect evil creatures (thus the DC of the save)? From my understanding it means the "you get 6d6 in the end." I want to clarify this before I dip in and wreck up the character.

That said, I am looking at the other side: namely that by the time I add +9 spellcasting class levels to the Paladin side, I can cast 4th level Paladin spells (in particular, Restoration). This, I think is pretty straight forward. As the two abilities are different, I don't think I HAVE TO put this on the Cleric side. This would mean 11th casting as a Cleric and only 6th level spells. Meh. Nevermind... it is only 7 levels of spellcasting boost total... So that would mean 11th pali. Which is only 3rd level for them. Better off going to 8th Cleric where they'd already have Restoration (at 7th caster level). So I will probably do that.

Well, if you can clarify the first part for me one way or the other, I'd appreciate it. I am hoping to have a "Joan of Arc" for Shelyn Gray Paladin Holy Vindicator when I get done. We will see how it goes, I guess.

(ps. 5th level she can already Raise Dead for free, so TPKs are not going to happen with her around)


OK. Is there a FAQ or something regarding Foe Collision? The threads that came up were from 2015.

My wife's Vigilante character currently is upgrading and I am starting to be aware of the potential of this class.

First RAW issue: Mundane identity doesn't suffer from Vigilante identity's chance to be discovered for using Vigilante talents. This seems like one of them thar "loopholes." She can now (that she picked up Many Guises) around without ever worrying about being discovered while looking like a normal person (maybe an adventurer?). Nothing says that her social traits disappear, so she can use both personality traits without repercussions.

Next RAW issue: Foe Collision does damage to adjacent foe. Pick one? 10 AC, 20 AC, 40AC? Doesn't care. It takes Bludgeoning Damage equal to all those pointy D4's you have (atm 3d4). OK. Doesn't seem like much. Or very powerful. Then she takes a FEAT. (and later dips into Rogue (Thug))

Now, my son is also playing a Vigilante, and he is not a Stalker like she is. So he is probably going BAB +5 = great cleave (half-orc caravan drover with a whip). But she is a stalker. So she can't take great cleave (yet) at 5th level. SO She takes "Enforcer (Combat)" instead, for her 5th level feat.

Now, if I understand this correctly, she uses Close the Gap to run through the BBEG's AoO area without taking any AoO and get into flanking position on the trash mob adjacent to the boss. She slaps/whatever the trash mob, does the damage, including the 3d4 (he knows she's there, but she's flanking him) and knocks the trash mob into the boss. THEY COLLIDE. The boss takes 3d4 bludgeon non-lethal. She activates "Enforcer" and gets a free intimidate on the BBEG. Now, since she is a Vigilante, and has 20 Charisma, and has Social Grace giving her a +4 Intimidate, as well as 1/2 Orc, etc... bonuses at 5th level she has a +20 or so Intimidate. BBEG might be 7HD? 9HD? +5 WIS? (pretty wise) So that is a MAX DC of about 24? (but most likely 21 or less).

BBEG is now Shaken for 3d4 rounds (providing they are not immune to mind affecting effects). No save. No hit (other than a 4 or better on a D20, MAYBE). Nothing.

And when she dips THUG, she might be able to Frighten the BBEG instead? And the duration is now 3d4+1 rounds (guaranteed 4, so guaranteed Frightened)?

Does all this seem PFS legal? Because I'd really like to say it wasn't. But it looks like it is...

Sczarni 2/5

So, at the end of an adventure you can roll a Day Job roll.
Strength of the Sun "During the day, you gain a +1 trait bonus on all Charisma-based checks."

"Permanent bonuses from the following list affect your
Day Job check as they would any check for the rolled skill.
Temporary bonuses from sources other than crafter’s
fortune do not affect Day Job checks."

Question: Is this a permanent bonus or a Temporary one? You have it permanently, every day (presumably when you would be working most jobs). And it never needs to be recast and never goes away as long as you have the trait. (I feel like the guys from "Big Trouble" when I describe this... we're arriving at the airport, but we want to depart...)

Reason it comes up at all:
CHA 20 (+5), Preform Skill 1, (Class) +3, --- So do I get the +1 for the Strength of the Sun to make it a +10?

I can take 10, and get a 20 every time (20GP). I can roll and get a 30 (75GP).
While this may not seem like a lot, it could be the difference between having the money to retrain what I need to on this character or not. (esp. if I managed to miraculously roll 3 20's for 225GP total).

Generally it means at least a 30 GP difference. Which isn't a lot, granted. But obviously 225GP to a second level character is a good chunk of change. At second level I can just dip a second rank into it to round it out if it is needed (so it becomes less of a deal later on)

Thoughts? Comments? FAQs where it's pointed out?


Can you take adopted - by Gnomes - trait, and then take Extra Gnome Magic to get 3 uses of Gnome magic a day without normally having the ability to cast any of these as say a human? It says it adds three uses, so 0+3 is 3?


I was just messing around with various combos at lower level and pretty much think the following is a decent start for a "gunslinger" character at lower levels, but was wondering afterwards, "what is the highest number of feats could one get at level 20?"

My original was a techslinger 1 and far strike monk 1, which nets the following feats:
Level 1 Feat
Weapon Proficiency (Firearm) (usually an exotic feat)
Grit (can be taken as a feat)
Quick Draw
Precise shot (or one of the other two)
Improved unarmed strike

So, at level 2 you have 7 feats (basically). What can you get to by level 20? Is there a way to get 70 feats? So super uber duber class combination of level 1 classes that all give bonus feats?

I am curious, as this would make a neat character concept when combined with the "ultimate saving throws" character (that being a character who has +7BAB, +19 Fort, +16 Ref, +11 Wil saves at level 9... without magic... and all 26+ saves by level 20, again, without magic).


The description of the SPELLS class ability for this archetype states:


An eldritch scoundrel casts arcane spells drawn from the wizard spell list. An eldritch scoundrel must choose and prepare her spells ahead of time. She learns, prepares, and casts spells exactly as a wizard does, including adding new spells to her spellbook and gaining two additional spells known (of any level she can cast) each time she gains a rogue level with this archetype.

An eldritch scoundrel can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. Her base daily spell allotment is the same as the magus class."

Um. Wait. What? I can KNOW seventh level spells at level 13, but I can never cast them, ever? Even after I get to level 20? How is this supposed to work. Should one simply ignore the Magus BS at the end? I can know WISH, but hey, can't cast it... EDIT: I see what I did (thinking wise) - you get magus progression with the ability to learn any spell in the book instead of a set number of them. Still, one would think this should include 7+ level spells... but nope. OK.

Note also it is labeled "Spellcasting" and not "Spells" - so does this mean they don't actually have the "Spells" class feature?

Additionally, for saying "this is like an OP mage" - well, they don't get Cantrips or Craft Potion either... I guess.


The Reshape Bond feature of the Bonded Wizard states:

Reshape Bond (Sp)

At 10th level, a bonded wizard can repair her bonded item or turn it into another object once per day as a full-round action. Transforming it functions as polymorph any object, but does not alter the item’s magical properties (including its item slot), while repairing it functions as make whole. The wizard may also sacrifice a prepared spell in order to repair an additional 1d6 points of damage per level of the sacrificed spell. This replaces the wizard’s bonus feat normally gained at 10th level.

The spell PAO states, in part: "Magic items aren’t affected by this spell."

Bonded items: can be made magical as if the wizard had the feats to do so, when they come of level. So at 5th level, for instance, you can make a bonded dagger a +1 dagger (or what not).

So if a Bonded Wizard enhances his item, he can't transform it into something else? Without like destroying it, starting over with the replacement ritual, then replacing it, altering it, say from dagger to sword, then enhancing it?

The additional question I would have would be regarding starting a bonded wizard out with an advanced firearm or advanced tech item - though no "special materials" is listed, so advanced tech can be easily ruled out, advanced firearms don't really require any special metals. Would this be a way to easily, at first level, get an advanced firearm?

Once you found an advanced tech weapon, and bonded with it, you could transform it into any advanced tech weapon?



Can someone who has fast healing (1) drown? Additional "silly" question: does drowning mean you die (not RAW, at least as far as I've found)?

Is it case 1: you drop to 0 HP, wake up via fast heal to 1 HP, then drop to -1 HP, then fast heal to 0 HP, then drown then you are dead and fast healing doesn't help any more?

OR is it case 2: You drop to 0 HP, wake up via fast heal to 1 HP, choke another lung full of water, drop to 0 HP, heal to 1 HP, repeat ad nausea until you are rescued?

Bonus tied to the second "silly" question: a critter with regen drowns, does it die (and regen stops) or not?

Note: exactly zero HP is disabled, not unconscious, sorry. So case 2 is disabled, then able, then disabled, then able, etc...


I was just going over rope tricks, and one option is to throw it and entangle someone. Now, this would grant the limited movement version of entangled, where a person can move. Does the rope travel with them? Or does it stay in the location it was thrown (like a spell would)? Since it is NOT a grounded object (like the spell's roots or a web), wouldn't it move with them until escaped? Which leads to the next question, which would be - how would one escape the entangled condition (besides making a save versus the spell version?)? Attacking the rope is the only way I can see to do this. Anyone else want to weigh in on it? Thanks!


OK. Now I know the common answer is probably "if it doesn't say, then it isn't so."

But here is my question: are unarmed strikes aligned?

I know a sword, beat metal/rock/wood, doesn't have an inherent alignment, and must be enchanted with one via magical forging. This is easily understandable. And it has a cost. And to do this, you also have to have the item be magic to begin with (+1 or better, then add holy or whatever).

My question is whether there is an "unmagic" aligned quality to people with an alignment? I mean, in theory, they "detect" as their alignment, thus they are aligned. So are their bodies aligned? And as such, can they bypass DR/alignment something has?

Are alignments magical enhancements only? Or are they inherent properties of aligned persons/entities? Does the DR/alignment only apply versus weapons, or against said alignment generally?

Scratching my head a little, because I don't see how a LG Paladin can hit with a neutral (non aligned, actually) fist, if otherwise his fist, alone, sticking through a door, would detect as LG.

If there is any actual FAQ on this, or some semblance of a reasonable explanation (like "weapons have to be magically enchanted to have alignments... even if those weapons are people who are aligned, but that alignment means nothing and doesn't count" isn't that reasonable, so please do explain)? (and do try to avoid the "no, simply no." argument as well)

"All creatures have an alignment and alignment determines the effectiveness of some spells and magic items."

"A creature with an alignment subtype (chaotic, evil, good, or lawful) can overcome this type of damage reduction with its natural weapons and weapons it wields as if the weapons or natural weapons had an alignment (or alignments) that matched the subtype(s) of the creature."

----this last quote (from UMR) indicates that characters, which have an alignment (subtype?), can use that alignment against DR/alignment with both natural and wielded weapons WITHOUT any enchantment. ------


OK. As I understand it, when using a regular firearm, you do "B and P" with a subnote of 2, meaning that it counts as BOTH B and P damage (and takes the path of least resistance). That is all well and good and explained with regular firearms.

My question is in the description of Mortars and 6 inch guns (and grenades and some bombs). In the description of these they say they do 6d6 or 8d6 of B, P, AND S damage to 30(ish) feet aoe. So my question becomes, since it is specifically described as doing 8d6 B, and 8d6 P, and 8d6 S (if you delineate it that way per proper English rules) - do these weapons actually do realistic damage (24d6 - which is a huge explosion - 1st level people are DEAD almost guaranteed at 24 damage). Or are they more "wimpy" at 8d6 (like a little "pop" which could potentially not even kill a 1st level person with any HD (seriously, 8 damage, what a dud).

I prefer to think the specific rule (and lack of a subnote 2 on these) means they do the more damage. However, I can see the argument for the "non-lethal" interpretation as well (but then why describe the damage in the description at all?). Thoughts? Clarification from the game designers would be nice. Not that I expect to run into a Numerian siege horde any time soon, but it could happen, I guess.

(ps. the reason I'm even looking at these is because of a Lucky Halfling, Wild Child Brawler, Holy Gun(2), Farstrike Monk(2), Technologist Gunslinger, Sniper Slayer who was considering strapping a mortar or gun to his platemail wearing turtle ... all to use explosives in melee and use the Lucky Halfling to give the turtle the save it needs to use the resonating wayfinder's evasion to both avoid all damage (base save for the combo of classes at level 7 is near 20)- yeh, silly, just having fun and came across a relatively serious question - oh yeh, did I mention the turtle was going to take Ally Shield so the Brawler could use a move action to use his 28 AC once in a while?).


Does an eidolon have to take all of its attacks in a full attack action?

Here's the scenario: 4th level summoner with a biped eidolon with an extra claw attack set (so "claws (4)"). It has reach, magic and a damage die step up as well (why not). So the Claws (4) are 1d6 each, considered magic, and have reach 10'. And it has +2 str (19). Yay eidolon monsters!

Now, this particular eidolon carries a big sword or something around for when it has to move in a round. If it moves, it uses the BFW to try a sunder attempt (because 2d6 + 6 for a greatsword, versus 1d6 +4 for a claw)

My understanding here is that the Claws (4) only works on a full attack action.

If the eidolon moves, it has to use a single claw attack (just like a player) as an attack action (versus full round action). Or a single weapon attack.

So the question is, when it doesn't need to move and gets "Claws (4)" or a combination of a melee attack and "Claws (3)"... can it instead take "Claws (3)" without dropping the weapon and not suffering the "all natural attacks become secondary attacks" (-2 and half strength damage? No thanks!). Or MUST a creature committed to a full attack action take all of it's possible attacks? (until it runs out of targets?)

I realize a weapon cord could probably solve this issue (can eidolons use weapon cords? well they have arms). Do weapons and cords and such return with them? Can of worms anyone?


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My adopted Ketsune wants to know: What Whips are Whips? The Half-Orcs who adopted her taught her how to drive a caravan, you see...

Caravan Drover (Half-orc)
With your hand on the lash, your caravans always arrive on time.
Benefit(s): You treat whips as martial weapons, and up to 10 animals and humanoids traveling with you can hustle or make a forced march for 1 hour longer than normal before taking nonlethal damage and becoming fatigued.

Now, I would normally say "well, this is just normal whips." But we all know Scorpion Whips can be used as a Whip. So, as a Fighter, she now becomes proficient with those as well, correct?

And then I have to ask about Nine-section Whips, whip swords, Flying blades and Flying Talons, and well, anything that basically Whips. Are they Whips too?

What, exactly, is a Whip? Just a Whip (no prefix) or is anything that is called xyz Whip also a Whip for the purpose of this Trait? Ghost & Spider whip? (immaterial as the spells grant proficiency)

(Also, Whip: S, Flying Talon: P (although?), Uber Scorpion Whip (ignore the inferior write-ups): S ----- So without the Nine-Section Whip, no B).

Whip, training? Whip, enraging?

If anyone knows of any other Whip weapons that might be Whips (regardless of what they are called) I'd appreciate a heads up on them. Various damage types would be nice, though just having the scorpion whip allows an option of materials (adamantine whip anyone? yes please!)


OK, so here is my question:

Tactician A grants Lookout to a party of four people, one of whom is invisible, hiding in plain sight, or otherwise obscured by not being seen.
They swing the door open and encounter the noisy monsters on the other side.

Say a 6th level party? So 6 rounds of "Shared" Lookout Ability.
The monsters, in reaction, see the person opening the door, and three other dungeon trawlers, but cannot see the HIPs/Invisible person. So that person gets a surprise round / action.

Since they are on Lookout, they all get one action in the surprise round is the way I am reading it. Is this correct? It seems to me what is intended (and relatively powerful if you think about it, as only one person needs to succeed on their hide / be invisible).

The only failing being that you all need to be adjacent to one another (but only one person needs to be adjacent to the invisible / HIPs person for this to work as long as they are in "line" or whatever).

The reason I am asking is for the Drill Sergeant Fighter Archetype... not necessarily for a Cavalier. Thanks and I appreciate your replies and opinions on this.

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