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First question: do chronicle boons bonuses affect your day job? I know this seems silly to ask, but they aren't listed on page 36 under the permanent bonuses that count. I presume they must (otherwise what's the point of chronicle sheet boons).

One shot boon bonuses that specifically say they affect day jobs probably also ignore this lack of listing?

Second(ish) question: if I get a bonus in the Grand Lodge of Absalom, and it happens to affect a skill that I can use for a day job because of a chronicle or vanity, can I ignore the role playing "in Absalom" part, in effect, to get the boon bonus. Or rather, does it matter where I take my day job? Can I take wherever I want (in Absalom where I get my bonus)?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

Additional question: do books count as permanent bonuses if used for day jobs? They are circumstance bonuses, but you could always use them...

This thread belongs in the PFS specific forums.

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It is also a double post.

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Most bonuses with limitations are not applicable to day jobs.

That includes things like only in absalom, or only for lying etc.

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If a boon is usable for day jobs it generally will say that it is.

Using spoilers, what specific boons are you asking about?

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