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How It Should Have Ended

If it is following the Batwoman comic, in the Elegy story the main antagonist is a character named Alice who is not connected to the Hatter, and looks a lot like this Alice. I am a little reluctant to post spoilers but I will in the spoiler tags.

That Alice is Kate's long thought dead sister, Beth.

I strongly suspect this is who Alice is.

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Yeah, I did really feel like despite the big three headliners that Ant Man and Black Widow were the real lead protagonists of the movie. And I think Natasha got a really short stick all around. As someone up thread mentioned, she has brought up redeeming herself a lot and this was an almost too good chance to explore that.

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I made a post elsewhere that I will paste here also.

I mostly enjoyed the movie, and it had a lot of "YES!" moments for me. I tend to like the solo films more than the group ones and this didn't change my mind. There were some things that bummed me out a little. A couple minor ones, and a couple more significant ones.

1. I wanted a lot more Captain Marvel. I didn't realize this when I went into the theater but I guess her scenes in this movie were filmed before the Captain Marvel movie and that is why she isn't in this too much.

2. It seems like maybe I interpreted this differently than other folks did, but I was really uncomfortable with the "guy is struggling to deal with PTSD and survivors guilt and as a result has gained weight. It's hilarious!" thing in Thor's arc. Maybe I interpreted it differently than intended.

3. Natasha doesn't get a funeral with everyone or anything like that? Not even a wreath floating out with Tony's? Come on, she's a tremendously important character in these movies and without her sacrifice none of this happens.

4. I liked that there were a lot of cameos from supporting characters in other movies and even Jarvis from Agent Carter. But ones I would have really liked to have seen didn't make the cut. It would have been neat to have the cast from Agents of Shield come through a portal and participate in the big fight, and given what heavy hitters Yo-Yo and Quake are would have made a lot of sense. But the biggest omission for me was Luis. When I heard the van horn I thought the camera was going to pan to the van speeding towards the battle, driven by Luis. But it was just a FOB activate horn =0(

Yeah, my whole theater cheered for the part DeathQuaker is talking about too. the guy sitting next to me leaned forward and whispered really intensely "YES". For my part I really liked it.

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End credit thing that may be a thing:
It’s the sound of a hammer on metal. I interpreted it as a call back to the first Iron Man movie.

Does Anya Corazon appear in it at all?

IDW is a comic publisher, like Marvel and DC. They're mostly known for big name licensed comics (Transformers, Ninja Turtles, Star Trek, Ghostbusters, GI Joe, etc). In more recent years they have branched out to board games as well.

Ninja Division/Sodapop are a separate company. In this case IDW has partnered with Ninja Division for these 2 projects. It sounds like Ninja Division will create the sculpts but IDW will be producing their own miniatures. Basically they are hiring Ninja Division to make the 'pattern' for the minis.

EDITED to add a Wikipedia link for IDW.

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Dragon78 wrote:
I hope it is the last X-men movie.

The neat thing about movies is that if it is something you aren't interested in you can just not go watch it. Some folks may enjoy franchises you don't and that's ok. Instead of pissing on that maybe your time is better spent concentrating on franchises you do enjoy.

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As a huge X-Men fan I am always hoping the movies will be great. I think this looks a lot more promising that Apocalypse did when I saw it's first trailer. So I am optimistic!

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When you see listings like that it's worth remembering that because something is listed on a site for a certain amount does not mean that it is selling for that amount, or even that anyone is buying it. Many sites do not charge listing fees so sellers can list an item at whatever dollar amount they want and hope that someone bites. If the listing expires they are out nothing, and can just relist it.

In my years of collecting action figures I have seen the same listings from the same sellers with very large price tags for years at a time. It costs them nothing to list it and maybe one day someone who either doesn't know better, has the money and doesn't mind the price, or is desperate for the item will buy it for that ridiculous price.

It is expected (though no announcement has been made)to debut during the Superbowl on Sunday, with the full length trailer on Monday.

I am still really surprised the teaser trailer didn't show with The Last Jedi.

Since it was almost exactly 6 months out I was kind of expecting to see the first Solo trailer opening for The Last Jedi, and was surprised it didn't. Looking forward to seeing this!

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

I just want to mention that the qualifications say, "College degree or the equivalent in professional experience (2-4 years)". 23 years in retail would cover the 2-4 years of professional experience.

I was coming from 18 years of retail, and put in my resume on a whim thinking I would never hear back. The move was pretty expensive (but most of it can be claimed on taxes if it is a move for a job), and I do very much miss my family, and the friends I have back home. There are a lot of really neat folks here though, and the area is pretty great. I get homesick sometimes, but the folks I get to spend my time with here are worth it! Of course, I do want to point out for anyone interested that the cost of living here is very very high, so that is something to consider as well.

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I'm pretty excited about this! Looking forward to what they can dream up for us!

I wouldn't hold my breath for a live action version of any EU stuff though. I think we may see more of what Clone Wars and Rebels has done in nods to certain things, or revisions to old characters, but I think something like KotOR the TV Show! is unlikely.

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Gorbacz wrote:
Sale rankings are, and even those are semi-trustworthy because what's stopping Amazon (or Paizo) from listing something as a #1 bestseller when the publisher pays for that?

The bookstore chain I worked at for many many years had what they called 'Make Books'. They were called that because the company was going to make them best sellers. A publisher would pay the company to get a new release onto the company's make book list. The company would then push and sell the holy crap out of the book. Employees were expected to know about the make books, talk them up, recommend them, and sometimes even had a daily quota to sell. If there was ever anything that high-lit how meaningless sales rankings or being a bestseller are it was that.

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Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
La Llorona, from the American Southwest and Mexico.

Yes! That's my favorite part of the whole book!

I have been feeling a bit disconnected so I am rereading I am Aztlán.

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I hope Rey isn't related to anyone from the saga so far in any way. It's ok to have heroes who aren't related to other heroes. In fact having them all be related makes the universe feel tiny. One of my biggest annoyances with the prequel trilogy is 3PO being built by Anakin. What's wrong with him having been built in a droid factory like all the other protocol droids?

Customer Service Representative

I don't doubt there is a market for it. I'm one of the folks who would buy it in a heartbeat. I'm just saying there are always rumors about an unedited release, so don't get your hopes up too much.

It will be interesting to see what Disney determines they want to release. Star Wars has had some degree of editing for every single release. Those of us who didn't see it in a theater in 1977, or watch the 1977 VHS release haven't seen the original theatrical cut (this may be what Lucas is referring to when he insists there isn't an original unedited version anymore).

EDIT: Forgot to switch to my alias.

Not to be a buzzkill, but before everyone gets too excited, it's worth noting there were rumors that a blu ray release of unedited versions was coming when Disney bought LucasArts and again in the lead up to Force Awakens. It seems they crop up every time there is a Star Wars release, so take the rumors with a grain of salt.

Hello J.A.,

I can't speak to what Amazon will or won't do (alias because this is not an official Paizo answer). Having ordered tons of stuff from them over the years, the few times I have ordered something that took a really long time to ship out what happened was they eventually sent me an email saying they were still working on getting it. The email had a 'click on this to let us know you still want it' link. Clicking on that took me to an Amazon page letting me know they would leave the order active and continue trying. I had one order that took almost half a year to ship out and I got probably 3 of those emails in that time.

darth_borehd wrote:
But what about Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny? They all have "beginner box" and core rulebook. Which one is really the main core rulebook? I'm so confused.

Each has a different focus for the game. You can think of the relationship with the Beginner Games and the Core Rulebooks (CRB) as similar to the Pathfinder Beginner Box and CRB, the CRB is the 'main' book but the Beginner Games ease you to into the game and help you graduate up into the full game.

Edge of the Empire is a life under the Empire kind of game. This is the one you'll play if you're living in the Empire trying to get by. Classes like Smuggler, or Fringer. Think of a pre Star Wars Han Solo type movie.

Age of Rebellion focuses more on the galactic civil war. This is the one you would play if you wanted to be an active member of the Rebellion. Classes like Soldier. Think Rogue One.

Force and Destiny is the one you want if you want to be a Force user (the other 2 do not include Force users). It has classes like Jedi Guardian, and Force Adept.

Outside of a single mechanic they all work together, and that mechanic is more of a story mechanic for your character than a gameplay mechanic, so even that will work across the games.

thejeff wrote:
Belabras wrote:

The first rule of Secret Jedi club is that you don't talk about Secret Jedi.

Which is to say, I don't have a problem with Obi-Wan lying to Luke about yet another thing to protect the other force users in the rebellion incase something happens to young Skywalker (like his dad turning him to the dark side.) Yoda didn't seem to have any problem backing up Kenobi's lies either.

But why are they pinning all their hopes on this untrained farm boy when they've got Jedi running around all over the place?

And why does the Rebellion also seem to have no idea about other Jedi - or Jedi at all really?

At some point it's also the writers lying to the audience more than it's Yoda & Kenobi lying to Luke. Or would be, except that they weren't lying when the original movies were made. No one planned on surviving Jedi & weird Force users all over the place. It's all awkwardly worked in retcons.

Because those Jedi would face Vader and the Emperor and die. Just like all the other Jedi. Luke has a chance to do what he does end up doing, making Vader think about what he is doing and reconsider. He can turn Vader back.

EDIT: What Belabrus said.

If you want to see terrible shooting watch Han try to fend off the stormtroopers in the hangar in Star Wars. He shoots THE CEILING several times. He's nowhere even close to hitting troopers.

I wonder if it will have any ties to Agents of SHIELD. Lots of crossover/lead-in potential.

I am also playing on Prince. The silliest one I have encountered was Egypt sending several battering rams (despite being in the modern era) but instead of attacking my city they parked them 2 tiles away and then sent Pikemen at me which I killed with my wall defenders. Never used the battering rams. Also the first time someone declared war on me because they didn't like that I had built some wonders, everyone else in the world denounced me as a warmonger even though I had not been in conflict with anyone until that point, and they declared war on me.

GreyWolfLord wrote:
littlediegito wrote:
No, he's at the battle of Hoth in Empire Strikes Back. The old EU had him surviving and eventually retiring, but in the movies he survives at least through Hoth.

I thought in the movies he died at Hoth.

Or at least, in the novelization I think he is wounded and then crashes his snowspeeder into an AT-AT taking it and General Veers out.

I think Veers may have survived that, but crippled for life. I would have thought that killed Hobbs.

The EU though may have had it handled differently.

Hmm, it could be he died at Hoth. I was under the impression the canon was he ejected from the speeder before it crashed into a walker (though I don't recall why I thought that so it could be something from the EU and not the canon).

Thomas Seitz wrote:


Some how I think Marvel wants to forget about that. If they do bring in another Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze, it won't be Nick Cage. Maybe Robert Pattinson?

Ghost Rider has been appearing on Agents of Shield this season. Robbie Reyes played by Gabriel Luna.

No, he's at the battle of Hoth in Empire Strikes Back. The old EU had him surviving and eventually retiring, but in the movies he survives at least through Hoth.

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Thomas Seitz wrote:
I blame Cosmo for the fact I'm STILL waiting for Metallica's next album. :p

November 18

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Deadmanwalking wrote:
I generally hold doors open for everyone regardless of things like gender. Never had a problem. I suppose if I did have an issue, I'd mention that I do it for everyone.

Yeah, I hold it for everyone. If someone has an issue I just go about my business. I did have one time when I was going to my apartments front office to pick up a package and the woman who worked there walked up a couple of steps behind me. I held the door for her and when she got my package she went pretty out of her way to roll her hand out in such a way that her wedding ring was very obvious. I think that is the only time anyone has ever interpreted it as me not just being polite though.

lazuilswc wrote:
The terms girl and woman are pretty interchangeable for me for females in my age bracket, below it and about up to my mother's age bracket. I'd refer to Venerable females, around my grandmother's age bracket, as women, but I imagine many of them, not all, would refer to themselves as girls.

This reminded me of a neat experience I had a few years ago. I often talk to the radio when no one else is around (I know, that's kind of weird...), so if a commercial says, "Did you know..." I will sometimes say out loud things like, "No, I didn't know that!" One morning I was stocking things at the store I worked out. The store had just unlocked the doors but I was still in it's early and we haven't opened yet mode. I don't remember what the radio said, something about girls, and I replied, "I'm not a girl anymore, I'm a woman now." There was an elderly woman on the other side of the table in the center of the isle that I hadn't seen because she was shorter that the items on the table. She peaked around the table and told me, "Honey, you stay a girl as long as you want to." That memory always makes me smile.

Customer Service Representative

The paperback version of The Force Awakens novelization released yesterday. The timeline in the front of the book has Tarkin taking place before A New Dawn and Rebels.

Customer Service Representative

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My parents house is in Espanola (La Mesilla) and that's where I grew up, but I went to school, had my first job, etc in Pojoaque so I usually tell people I am from Pojoaque. I went to UNM and stayed in Albuquerque until I came out here.

This is mostly off topic though, so it may be better to continue this somewhere else, possibly here.

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Bennybeck Wabbittracks wrote:
Diego Valdez wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
We don't currently have a significant Spanish culture analog in the world. There's some elements of it in Varisians, but not so much that it's obvious. That one's more subtle, and has a fair mix of eastern european in it as well (that element ended up being more obvious in the final product, but there's a fair amount of Spanish inspiration inside Varisans as well if you know where to look).
There is enough of it that my group, made up of northern New Mexican hispanics, immediately adopted the Varisians as the group of people that were like us. We have grown their culture to match ours more closely without having to remove anything that was already there. They are the group that nearly all of us default to in building characters now because we feel like we are playing our own people. So while the eastern European influences are there and we have made some additions, I wouldn't say that the Spanish is hard to find or that you have to look very hard to find it.
The litmus test then is this: Red or green?

"Or"? Christmas please.

I got a dry ice packed box of green from my mom in the mail today (living in WA now so my access to it is very limited now)!

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It's not unreasonable that cultures can meet and interact without violence. Intermingling and the exchange and embracing of ideas and cultural norms between the groups over generations can lead to a later culture made up of elements of both of those cultures further down the road. While the culture we have where I am from does have a very awful history that doesn't mean that a similar one in a fictional world has to get there the same way.

Customer Service Representative

I will have to read Lost Stars. I usually don't read YA novels myself so I hadn't picked it up.

It is canon though, so if anyone wants closure on her story it is the place to go.

Ventress is one of the lead characters in the new canon book Dark Disciple. It is based off of unproduced Clone Wars episodes for season 6. It wraps up her story, so it is unlikely we will see her in Rebels.

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I don't have a preferred class, but my characters are:

Kyras is gay. He is a cleric.

Sama is also gay. She is a kineticist.

Eshrin the wizard is asexual.

Anya is a swashbuckler and is bisexual.

I don't have a trans character yet, but I have been thinking of some new characters and one of them is trans.

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What you are doing in this post is deflecting from the issues marginalized people face and making their issues about you. The entire post is about how you should be specifically excluded when the marginalized group discusses the issues they face from other groups.

When someone refers to 'The Straights' it is done the same way women refer to men, or minorities refer to white people. It doesn't mean that every single member of that group is an awful horrible person out to get everyone from the other group. There are plenty of white people who are wonderful, compassionate, generous, kind people that aren't out to get the rest of us (in fact I very much believe that is true for the vast majority of white people). The same for men, and the same for straight people. It means that there is a problem with the way those groups as a whole interact with the other groups. This doesn't even mean active bigotry. There are plenty of small things we may not even notice that we say or do without realizing what they mean to marginalized groups. The society we grow up in, the people we grow up around influence us in ways that mean sometimes we think things are harmless, or don't think about things. I'm 100% certain I have said problematic things about LGBTQ people and women. Not a single one of us is perfect. When you or me are told we or our respective groups do these things that isn't a personal attack, they're trying to make the world a little better. You don't need to defend yourself, just listen and be better.

To expect a marginalized group to exclude specific individuals every time they discuss a group they are commonly marginalized by is ridiculous. Demanding that they acknowledge us as 'the good ones' any time they discuss the issue makes us not allies at all.

No one is asking you, or me, or anyone to change our identities or orientations or anything like that. We are being asked to listen, to empathize, and to be whatever force for change we are able to be however large or small that is. So instead of shouting 'Not all straights!' we should be saying, "I hear you. How can I help?"

Bioware also ran an identical contest for Dragon Age Inquisition. While it may indicate that the department is underfunded I suspect it is just a fun contest they like to do.

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Lilith wrote:
Green chile, or red?


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Rysky wrote:
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Misroi wrote:
Similarly, I believe that the Star Wars Saga Edition game was designed as a playtest for 4E rules.

I am one of the designers of Star Wars Saga Edition.

This is not the case.

Saga was the one with the long, instead of tall, books right?

Ooo, I had fun playing in those games, Thankies!

I still have the whole set of them. I really love Star Wars, and I really really enjoyed the Saga Edition.

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Having worked in a bookstore for many many years, several of those as the inventory manager, I feel comfortable saying that the number of FLGS that want to deal with this sort of thing is probably very small.

Claim codes for anything are a nightmare to deal with. If it's something inside a book or magazine you can expect half of them to be stolen or copied and used long before a legitimate consumer buys the book or magazine. The people who did buy it are going to come back very angry and you will lose more product having to pull the claim codes out of the good ones. Even if you can send the bad ones back for credit, you've just spent some of your limited, available space being storage for things you can't sell rather than things you can. Keeping them behind the register also has a whole set of problems.

If it requires someone to sign up for something, like creating an account on a website, explaining it every time a customer makes a purchase adds up to a lot of payroll hours. So does the time spent when customers have trouble doing it and come back or call, and many of them are not going to accept being told they need to contact the company that maintains the website. Returns/refunds are going to be problematic for the store for the same reason. Many of those customers are going to go to the store to do it, not to Paizo. They will either have to be redirected to Paizo, which they will not like, or they will have to be helped in the store. That means the store is going to have to maintain more paperwork to make sure Paizo knows who should no longer have access to what (more payroll hours).

There is very little benefit to participating in something like this to most stores, and the costs may even outweigh the benefits.

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Watch Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal. He is a terrifying badass in that.

Something that has always bothered me is how much Hollywood likes to make characters be related to each other. Characters being descendants of other characters and all that. It has always made the world the stories are set in feel very small to me. It's ok to have characters that aren't part of the bloodlines of other characters from previous stories. It's ok to have characters that don't fall in love with each other. It's ok for characters to not appear in other stories set in the same world that don't involve them. I get that audiences enjoy those kinds of connections, but to me it begins to be too much. I will be happy if no one in Rogue One is connected to anyone else, and I still hope that Rey's parentage will not be any name we know in the Star Wars universe. So I am glad to hear Snoke is not in Rogue One.

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Petrus222 wrote:
littlediegito wrote:
Rather, I think it suggests that dividing roles between the genders is destructive.

I get the argument, but there are certain roles and differences that are imposed by biology. Males don't menstruate. Women don't get prostate cancer. Men can't lactate without serious hormone treatments. Women can't impregnate other women without a lab and some serious science. Men have ~10x as much testosterone as women do which causes physical differences both good and bad.

Simply put differences exist between the genders. They don't have to lead to hate or devaluing people like Jessica's argument implies they must (particularly in a fantasy world where reality is pretty malleable.)

Whether they have to or not, more often than not they do. In a fantasy world where reality is pretty malleable those gender differences stand for even less as they can be minimized, our outright eliminated, with magic. In that case dividing roles between genders becomes even more likely to devolve into devaluation as it is being done purely for social and cultural reasons.

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Petrus222 wrote:

Your/Jessica's argument basically leads to the conclusion that because of inherent gender differences there will always be hatred between the genders. If so, you've basically made a strong case that men should be actively trying to oppress women in order to prevent being oppressed by women.

And maybe I'm an optimist, but I really don't think that's where you wanted to go with that.

The argument, if I am understanding Jessica's post correctly, is that when roles are divided up between different groups some of those roles will be perceived as less valuable eventually, or even at the time, and that perception often leads to that group being perceived as less valuable. The use of real world groups, in this case genders, demonstrates this. The roles that are viewed as the purview of women are globally viewed as less valuable than the roles that are viewed as the purview of men. When any group is viewed as less valuable than another group it becomes easier and easier for members of the group with the greater perceived value to dehumanize and abuse, intentionally or not, members of the other group. This doesn't automatically mean hate, in fact many of the people may not even realize they are doing it. None of that suggests that men should be worried about being oppressed by women if we don't oppress them first. Rather, I think it suggests that dividing roles between the genders is destructive.

* Customer Service Representative

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Congratulations Calthaer! What an amazing table!

Congratulations to lackoffocus, and Hawkmoon269 as well! Both of you had super cool mats!

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