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yeah, I'm fairly regular on these boards, but last month was insane, and I just thought I'd share the kind of crazy that I've been dealing with.

On January 31st I go into work like any other day. Right as I'm walking through the door to my office, my phone is ringing. That's unusual, we usually don't start getting calls till around 9, but whatever. I answer it and it's my mother.

"Nathan, don't worry, deer are considered an act of god so your insurance should cover everything."

Now keep in mind, that's the first thing she says to me, and I have no idea what she's talking about. Turns out that my wife who was driving to my parents house to watch my grandmother while my parents work swerved to avoid a deer and ran head first into a power pole. The car was totaled, the engine compartment smashed all the way to the firewall and her momentum carried the vehicle into a ditch where it landed sideways. The road she was driving on was in the country so there were no lights and it was 6:30 in the morning. Miraculously she was completely unharmed in the wreck and got out of her vehicle so that she could flag down help in the road since she was worried that in the dark no one would see her vehicle in the ditch. When she got out of the car the power line that had been dislodged from the pole hit her arm and electrocuted her, knocking her across the ditch.

Amazingly she was okay. The emergency responders didn't even know she had been electrocuted, they thought the burns on her arm were road rash from the airbag. They checked her vitals and when she checked out okay they sent her home with my mother who came across the wreck when driving in to work. My mom took Tamiya (my wife) to her house and when she got there, she tried to clean up and that's when she discovered that the electricity had burned her feet, socks and shoes where it exited her body. At that point she decided to go to the hospital. They observed her overnight, but she was fine. They even tried to give her delotin (sp?) for the pain, but she refused because she wasn't having pain. She does have very bad third degree burns on her arm and her feet, but it's been a month in recovery and the most she's needed is IB profin for the pain. She talks daily about how blessed she is and I am so thankful to god for protecting her from something that doctor after doctor told horror stories about their experiences with electrocution deaths, and even injury which is always supposed to be a terribly painful recovery.

That was monday, then friday, my grandmother wound up in the hospital for a week with some stomach virus that was making it impossible for her to hold her waste. So for the first two weeks of February I was run ragged, exhausted daily trying to take care of my wife, while at the same time attending to my family and my normal responsibilities.

Thankfully the rest of February was a lot more manageable with my settlement for my accident coming through which ends my wife and I's financial worries at least for a while. We're a little stressed now because we're a one car household, and she is still in recovery (she lost half a toe to burns about three days after the accident she peeled off her toenail, but it's healing nicely, just slowly). My grandmother is also recovering, and I'm just posting all this to vent and get it out of my system.

Just want to add, god blessed us on January 31st in a way I cannot describe adequately nor express. The fact that I could have easily been a widow from not one but two separate incidents on the same day and instead have to nurse my wife's almost pain free recovery from 3rd degree burns which I've had before and can tell you hurt like a mother &#$#. I can't express how much joy I've been able to maintain despite the frantic mess this has been for me. Anywho, that's it for now, I'll post updates on her recovery here.

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Happy to hear that despite a number of... mishaps, everything is on the right track.

I am myself witness to a couple of very serious incidents involving electrocutions and the resulting burns, and I can attest that it's the stuff of nightmares.

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Wow! I'm glad to hear that your wife is okay, and is recovering. I hope your situation continues to improve.

Oh, and welcome back!

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Did you break any mirrors recently or something?

Glad to hear everything is ok.

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Dude, do you realize how much XP she could've gotten from killing that deer?! She could've gained, like 2 levels! Ah well, at least she remembered to cast her Protection from Electricity spell before she started driving.

Let her know everyone at Paizo is glad she's doing so well!

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What was going on that week? My wife sprained her ankle bad around then and has been on crutches since.

I'm glad things didn't turn out worse for you bro.

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Good luck. Glad to hear everyone is ok.

I am quite relieved to hear your wife is o.k. Hopefully, now that you got all that craziness out of your system, the rest of the year will be free from such things.

I wish you and your family well.

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I wish you and your family continued speedy recoveries. An amazing set of events that I am glad turned out much better than things could have!


Thank god you, your wife, and your grandmother are okay!!!!! I am so glad you all made it through your trials with a minimum of permanent damage!

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I am very happy to hear your wife is okay. What a harrowing experience. And while it was such a crazy time, there has been some good that came from it. The universe can be so mysterious at times.

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Hey guys thanks for the cheers and well wishes. Things are going well for us, Tamiya has a doctors appointment today to look over her burns, if you hear nothing else from me, then assume that everything is A-okay, her arm is healing nicely, and I think her feet are as well, but it's harder to tell with them, as some of the burns go so deep that I'm not sure if the white in the center is just skin burned white, some strange puss, or possibly even exposed bone in her foot. I pray for the best though and know god would't protect her through all that to have something horrible happen now, plus she's walking and doing incredible she even helped me paint the house yesterday, so I'm more worried about the person who dropped out of our play than the results of this check up, still you know there's always a tinge of doubt.

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I think the hardest part has been making ends meet while waiting for the settlement check. I know I've spent over $300 in bandages alone in the month of February and we were already living paycheck to paycheck. Luckily that will all be over in a day or two and we'll be ahead of our expenses, but dang, I swear I've been to CVS for something new every other day for a month.

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Well, doctor says she has to start leaving her feet open and unbandaged, it has been over a month and while the color has returned, they haven't really healed any. So he told her to keep them open so that they'll scab over. The problem is that this limits what she can do even more, and my wife is not the type to sit around doing nothing, like she probably should be doing. Even today she told me over the phone that they've gotten messed up a little while she was sweeping. Dear lord why was she sweeping, it's like if I'm not watching her 24/7 she'll start training for a marathon.

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